There is a misconception amongst some quarters that lube is only used by women of a certain age. This is crazy and untrue; a good lube is essential to good sex and equally important to vaginal health. When sent me a tube of Yes WB personal lubricant I was very impressed by the fact it was gynaecologist recommended, especially since I’ve had a few gynae procedures this year myself.

The thing that immediately impressed me was that Yes WB personal lube is PH balanced for vaginal health. The vagina, despite taking a pounding, is a sensitive soul. Frequent use of heavily perfumed toiletries, or oil based lubes can easily upset the delicate PH balance and result in all kinds of irritants such as thrush or bacterial vaginosis. Due to my bubble bath addiction, I know all too well how hard it can be to address this balance if you knock it out of whack.

The Science Bit

I researched Yes WB after I received the lube and was stunned to realise there is a host of supporting medical testimonials to back up my initial impression. Yes WB is free from Parabens, Glycerine, Glycols, GSE and mineral oil. Being hypoallergenic Yes WB minimises the risk of allergies and any irritation after use. Yes WB is made from organic Aloe Vera {which is known for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties}, Flax extract {which supports the mucus membrane within the vagina} and three plant based gums which give a silky texture and smooth finish.

My Yes WB lubricant arrived fast from thanks to their excellent customer service and was packaged in a nice discrete parcel, in case your postman is particularly nosy. The packaging of Yes WB lube wouldn’t look out of place amongst the premium cosmetics in high-street pharmacies. The box has a teal and white design and carries the product name, none of this would give away that Yes WB was a personal lubricant so it could be left on the bedside table with no concern. Yes WB comes in a 50ml tube not unlike a toothpaste tube.20161029_175138

Using Yes WB

Yes WB is a thin, clear lube which is odourless, colourless and tasteless too. Squeezing some onto my hand I noticed there is a fair bit of viscosity to Yes WB, it runs down my hand as I move it around. Time to try it in action. Yes WB says it’s intended for “vaginal and penile application” and is safe for use with condoms. It doesn’t mention anal and I would say myself that Yes WB wouldn’t be a lube I’d use for anal, its not thick enough for my liking for an anal lube and is too viscous.

When applying Yes WB its very much a “Tale of Two Cities” applying it to him is very enjoyable, the delicious silky finish makes stroking it up his shaft a dream. However when applying it to myself I found the thin formulation of Yes WB makes it hard to keep it in place and it trickled down my thighs as well as across my vagina. Luckily I encountered no staining when using Yes WB, not on my bedding or my lingerie. Being water-based if it does trickle onto your sheets it will wash out no problem.

Yes WB is a clear, thin lube
Yes WB is a clear, thin lube

The great thing about Yes WB personal lubricant is even if it does go astray during application it absorbs into your skin with a little rubbing and leaves no sticky feeling, not even on your hands. In fact, after using Yes WB I’d be hard pushed to notice it at all. This is brilliant and I found it to be a massive selling point in terms of lube comparisons.

During sex, Yes WB did exactly what it said on the tube. It gave a smooth silky fluidity to sex allowing me to play much harder than without lube, without the fear of friction burns or soreness. My partner sometimes finds prolonged regular sessions of hard sex can leave him sore but Yes WB minimises this issue beautifully. Yes WB lasted much longer than I expected it to, it’s thin consistency made me judge it unfairly in this instance. The initial application melts into a kind of slippery layer which didn’t need re-applying at all.

I also liked how similar the texture was to my own vaginal lubricant texture, for some reason this made me feel sexier, like the lube become an extension of my own arousal. When giving oral sex, I couldn’t taste Yes WB at all, not even a slight chemical taste which often is present in lubes. This is fantastic and again adds to the very streamlined experience of using Yes WB. If you were a woman in menopause who was self-conscious of vaginal dryness you could easily use Yes WB without your partner realising.

I also used Yes WB for playing on my own and found it was just as good for solo play. I used metal, silicone and glass toys with it and it worked a dream with them all. Yes WB is safe for use with toys which makes it a great bedside drawer lube.

Likes and Dislikes

Yes WB is excellent value for money too, 50mls will set you back just £5.99 at the moment on there is also a 100ml option for £9.95. A little goes an awful long way too so either sized tube should last a considerable while.

I like the benefits that Yes WB offers, as someone who has had issues with personal PH balance in the past I know you can become very wary of using anything internally for fear of triggering irritation and problems. Yes WB would be an amazing lube for anyone looking for a lightweight lube which prioritises vaginal health.

Yes WB personal lubricant trickles when applied to skin
Yes WB personal lubricant trickles when applied to skin

My only real dislike when using Yes WB is the fact I don’t think its suitable for anal. Whilst I do use specific anal lubes, depending on my requirements at the given time, I do like a thick lube anyway. This is due to the rough nature of my sexual play and at times I require a lube that’s a good all-rounder. However, that said I’m so impressed with the sensitive nature of Yes WB that I’ve decided it needs to become a stock item in The Snatch bedroom. I like having the reassurance of knowing that I can use Yes WB and it won’t aggravate any existing issues or result in nasty side effects in a few days.

I rate Yes WB an 8/10 this is a great practical lube with some amazing intimate health benefits. A must for anyone who suffers with vaginal PH issues. You can buy Yes WB personal lubricant at

Yes WB personal lubricant was kindly sent to me by in exchange for an honest and impartial review. 20161028_132707


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