If you were to ask me what my favourite toy of the last couple of years was I’d be likely to tell you it’s a Womanizer. I fully love my Womanizer Pro40. It never leaves my bedside drawer and is the most regularly charged of all my toys. I recently reviewed the awesome Womanizer 2Go and fell in love with this more compact version of my favourite technology.

I was curious about the stunning Womanizer W500 so when Orion offered me the chance to review one I jumped at the chance. The Womanizer is a touch-free orgasm delivery system. Using air pulse technology, the Womanizer nozzle kind of blows and sucks your clit at the same time. Delivering little pulses of air waves which feel divine against a clit.

An Array of Styles

The Womanizer W500 comes in a dazzling array of styles and colours. In fact, choosing a variation was one of the hardest sex toy choices I’ve ever made. The gorgeous lilacs, pinks and greens are delicious to look at and the overlay lace design makes the Womanizer W500 look super glamourous. I opted for a deep red with a rose over print.

When the Womanizer W500 arrived, I was struck by how high end the product looked even in its packaging. Opening the box, I was so excited to try the Womanizer W500 I literally put it straight on charge.

Added Accessories

A USB charging cable and European plug are included within the box. I was also happy to notice a storage bag. This is something that was missing with the other Womanizer models I reviewed. I believe should be included with all quality vibrators and sex toys.

Like all Womanizers the W500 comes with a choice of two nozzle heads, a large and an XL. I love this choice and find the difference between the two is substantial enough to make the inclusion important.

We All Love a Bit of Bling

The Womanizer W500 is oval shaped with the nozzle underneath. The large round body is attractive to look at and comfortable to hold. The controls are on the top of the unit. This consists of a chrome +/- intensity control and a power button made of a Swarovski Crystal. I adore this bit of bling. It may be unnecessary but it brings out the magpie in me.

There are eight intensity settings to the Womanizer W500. These start with a gentle chugging sensation and build to a mind-blowing intensity. The ability to change the setting up or down is so welcome. This means when I’m using my Womanizer W500 for multiple orgasms I can dial the intensity up or down as I need it.

Using this type of toy always benefits from a little water based lube to help create a seal around the clit. Remember that the Womanizer W500 has a body safe silicone nozzle. So, avoid using silicone lubes with it as they will damage the nozzle. Smearing a small amount of lube across my clit I placed the nozzle over it and switched the Womanizer W500 on.

Indescribable Feelings

The feeling the Womanizer W500 creates is almost indescribable. Even on the bottom setting the sensation on my clit is divine. Hovering on the lower settings for a little while I quickly find the stimulation is too much and my first strong orgasm crashes over me.

Whilst still in the throes of my first orgasm I dialled the Womanizer W500 up to the medium settings and found myself shaking with the intensity. The sensations travelled all through my abdomen and within record time I found myself moaning into my second orgasm within 5 minutes.

Eye Rolling Bliss

Pushing the Womanizer W500 up to the top settings I actually felt my eyes roll in bliss. The Womanizer W500 does not mess about and as rapidly as the first I was pushed over the edge into my third orgasm. Each was delicious and intense in their own way.

I was left on the bed panting and shaking. Wondering if I would ever be able to drag myself from the bedroom now I had this addictive plaything. I enjoy direct clitoral stimulation from these kinds of toys but I’m aware some people find them too intense.

Intense Orgasms in a Beautiful Package

If you dislike strong clitoral attention then the W500 isn’t the Womanizer for you. I found of the three models I’ve reviewed the Womanizer Pro40 was the least intense and the W500 the most. However, if like me you crave the quick strong thrills delivered by the Womanizer brand then the W500 has this in spades. And it comes in a beautiful package as well.

I don’t even want to store my Womanizer W500 away I think it’s that pretty. I’ve genuinely been sending pictures of it to people to show it off! The red colour and rose print are extremely sexy and the whole unit screams sass.

In Summary

Cleaning up the Womanizer W500 is so easy. The nozzle pops off for cleaning and being silicone, you can just wash it in the sink in warm water using anti-bacterial soap. Another major plus point for me for the Womanizer W500 is the ridiculously low volume. I’ve always found all my Womanizers very useable even with a full house. The volume is low anyway. But when sealed around your clit this reduces the noise level to the point you can’t hear it outside a door.

Orion sell the Womanizer W500 for 189.00€ this may sound expensive but in my humble opinion this is absolute value for money. For me Womanizer represents a guaranteed orgasm. I know I will use the Womanizer W500 at least a few times a week. This purchase is an investment. If you want my honest opinion on the Womanizer W500?… I bloody love it.

Thank you to the amazing people at Orion for sending me the Womanizer W500 for review. I was sent this item free of charge and in exchange for an honest and impartial review.


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