I love dual stimulator vibrators. My longest and most committed toy relationship was to an Ann Summers Rampant Rabbit. Since those heady early days, I’ve always had a soft spot for them, so I craved trying the We-Vibe Nova. When Crimson Princess offered me the chance to try it I was elated.

This was one of those time where you pray something meets up to expectations. They say never meet your heroes well sometimes it feels a bit like that. You crave and anticipate a toy and then when you get it it’s a total flipping let down.

My We-Vibe Nova arrived in a nice modern looking box sporting a picture of the Nova on it. Pink and white in colour to echo the colour scheme of the toy. Inside the box the Nova was nestled in a foam housing looking like a temptress.

Crab Claw Shape

The shape of the We-Vibe Nova is a crab claw. This means the two arms curve in to meet each other in delicious anticipation of meeting all your hot spots. There is a large space between the clit arm and the main shaft. I like this and decide it will probably help the We-Vibe Nova fit more universally.

One of the most important things I look for in dual stimulators is a flexible clit arm. The reason for this is the fit of a dual stimulator can be touch and go. Often the shafts only reach either your G spot or your clit. And sometimes they meet neither. If you’ve just paid serious money for a vibrator this is a total let down.

Flexible Clit Arm

The flexibility in the clit arm is good. There’s a lot of movement and this pays dividends in usage. The clit arm measures 3 inches in length and has a deep curve. The shafts are made of body safe pink silicone. Its soft and matt, and yet not at all sticky.

The We-Vibe Nova is quite a long vibrator. Measuring 9 inches in total length it’s quite deceptive to look at. The internal shaft is just 4 inches long and 4.5 inches in circumstances. It’s not particularly large in either sense.

Striking Look

The pink and white body of the We-Vibe Nova is striking, the top shafts are pink leading down to a white handle. The controls sit on the base of the handle. These consist of 5 buttons. A centre button which controls the on/off function, there is a +/- button to control the intensity and arrow buttons to scroll through the modes.

There are ten modes to the We-Vibe Nova, these are a mix of steady speeds and pulse patterns. The vibrations are strong and rumbly. Despite my fears I’m not at all disappointed by the depth of them. Holding the handle, I’m impressed by the lack of travel, even though the We-Vibe Nova is super strong with the vibrations there is none of the dreaded finger tingle.


The We-Vibe Nova is rechargeable and comes with a USB charging cable. My first charge of the Nova was around two hours which is quite a long time for an impatient toy tester to wait. The charger connects magnetically, there are two small metal contact points at the top of the handle. The connection is secure and stays in place whilst the Nova charges.

Finally, time to try the We-Vibe Nova. I used a little water based lube with the Nova, mainly because the silicone is very matt. Because the We-Vibe Nova is made of silicone it’s not compatible with silicone or hybrid lubes, these will damage the surface of the shafts.

Sliding the We-Vibe Nova inside me I appreciate the deep curve on the internal shaft immediately. It brings the head of the delicious curve right up to meet my G Spot. Straight away I can see how beneficial the flexible clit arm is.

Easy Positioning

I can move it perfectly into position on my clit. I nestle the head alongside my clit, in the way I best enjoy clitoral stimulation. Pressing the on button the We-Vibe Nova bursts into life sending powerful rumbly vibrations straight to my G Spot. This feels so good.

The clitoral vibration is good and powerful, the patterns feel divine massaging and pulsing against my clit. One of the awesome thing about a crab claw stimulator is it’s basically hands free. Once the internal shaft is deep inside you and the clit arm is in place the We-Vibe Nova stays put beautifully. This allows you to use your hands elsewhere and lets your mind run wild.

Powerful Vibration

The We-Vibe Nova’s vibrations are strong and directly delivered enough to push me over the edge over and over in deliciously intense blended orgasms. My orgasms seem longer than usual, blurring into one long ecstatic moment and leave me shaking and breathe-less.

Another massive plus point is the We-Vibe Nova is ridiculously quiet, especially given how powerful it is. Even on the highest setting the We-Vibe Nova is totally discreet. You can easily use it in a busy house and you’ll be noisier than the Nova.

In Summary

The We-Vibe Nova is also Bluetooth compatible for both iPhones and Android devices. This means you can download the We-Vibe app and connect it to your Nova. This enables the Nova to be used remotely. If your device is above IOS8 or Android 4.3 it should connect no problem. This is great for long distance relationships or couples that are apart often.

Crimson Princess sell the We-Vibe Nova for £83.99.

Thank you so much to the fab people at Crimson Princess for sending me the We-Vibe Nova for review. I was sent this item free of charge and in exchange for an honest and impartial review.


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