When I’m choosing everyday lingerie, I look for cute, fun and comfortable. Tutti Rouge are the Queens of this type of lingerie and a prime example of this is Fifi Rocks.

When I was perusing the Tutti Rouge website Fifi Rocks leapt out at me straight away. The gorgeous bright raspberry pink colour sang out that I needed Fifi in my life. Purchasing both Fifi Rocks Bra and matching thong I awaited their arrival.

Pure Sass

Fifi Rocks is pure sass. It reminds me of the lingerie equivalent of a night with your best friend on the cocktails. The detailing in all Tutti Rouge lingerie is what makes me adore it so much. For me these little touches make all the difference, on Fifi Rocks the detailing is beautiful.

Fifi is an unpadded bra. Fear not my big boobed sisters because I too shy away from the unpadded however Fifi is brave in the face of the larger boob. The support offered by Fifi is pretty amazing for a non-moulded, unpadded bra. My boobs fit perfectly in the super comfortable cups and it gives a great silhouette and killer cleavage.

Raspberry Pink Polka Dots

The cups are semi sheer raspberry pink mesh covered in polka dots. A vertical seam runs up the centre of the cup and the top third of the cup is lace overlaid, adding to the pretty look of Fifi. The semi sheer nature of the cup offers a tantalising peak of what’s beneath and is a perfect tease. The underwires are encased in pink meshing and do a great job of adding lift to Fifi.

Fifi Rocks is a balconette bra and the fit is close to perfect. I experience no rubbing or pinching when wearing it, the back strap is tight enough to support but not uncomfortable. The straps are generous and wide. I love the pretty little gold heart adjustable sliders.

Girly Lace and Bows

Along the bottom of Fifi Rocks sits a trim of beautiful frothy pink lace. This is neither scratchy or irritating as some lace can be. I adore the trim, it’s unashamedly girly and feminine. The fastener is three rows of double hook and eye fasteners, offering space to adjust the back strap for comfort. I love the company branding printed over the fastener, again the cute little details matter.

Between the cups sits a tiny little animal print bow trimmed with a little pink rosebud and yellow tails. On the shoulders where the straps sit are similar little animal print bows. This adds a real air of rebellion to the girly look. It’s cheeky and I love it!

Frilly Fifi Thong

The matching Fifi Rocks Thong is made from the same raspberry pink polka dot sheer mesh. Frilly lace trims the sides ramping up the femininity of this set even more. In the centre of the waistband sits a tiny animal print bow with yellow tails. This is particularly eye catching on the thong as there isn’t as much detail as the bra.

Very comfortable to wear, the back of the Fifi Rocks thong is a sheer, polka dotty thong. I forget I’m wearing it to be truthful. There is another little bow adorning the back of the thong, in a lovely little “the back matters too” detail.

Comfort and Style

Tutti Rouge sizes run from a D to a J cup. I can’t stress how much I love them for this. Also, being able to purchase the bottoms separately sized enables you to find a set which fits perfectly for you. I often need bigger lingerie than I want just to fit my boobs in it.

In terms of comfort Tutti Rouge Fifi Rocks is perfect for everyday wear. It’s comfortable and spicy enough that it puts that little spring in my step that comes when I have a secret nobody knows. And it’s under my clothes. Should I be in the position where I needed to be in a state of undress I can do so knowing I’ve got stunning underwear on. That makes me feel good.

Suspender Belt Wishes

It’s hard to find pretty, affordable matching everyday lingerie past an E cup. Especially of such a good quality and fit. I was so taken by Fifi Rocks I went on to order a few different sets of Tutti Rouge lingerie after its arrival.

If I was to have one small complaint it would be I’d like to see more suspender options with Tutti Rouge sets. Some do, some don’t and I wear stockings all the time and like the belts to match my lingerie. Only a small issue but it would be nice to see an expansion on this. Or removable suspenders on the knickers.

You can buy Tutti Rouge Fifi Rocks bra for £34.50 and the matching knickers for £19.50 for the brief or £15.00 for the thong. There are lots of different distributors for Tutti Rouge but I bought mine through their Big Cartel store link on their Instagram page.

I’m so impressed with the beautiful standards of Tutti Rouge that I think they will be my go to for everyday lingerie now.



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