The holy grail of butt plugs for me has always been a Crystal Delights Princess Plug. Crystal Delights are a US based company that specialises in hand blown glass toys. Their pieces are a thing of beauty.

They make some stunning coloured crystal-embellished plugs which are very customisable in size. I genuinely fear eventually caving and buying one of their stunning ponytail plugs. I know I’d be reluctant to ever take it out of my arse.

Taking The Plunge

I’ve spent hours perusing the site. Gazing at the gorgeous crystals and beautiful tail plugs with love hearts in my eyes. I really do love glass sex toys. For me glass plugs are the perfect bridge between the gap of silicone and metal.

I recently decided to finally take the plunge and splash out on one. After coveting them for so long I felt the time was right. I was lucky enough to find a UK Supplier in UberKinky  as the postage costs from the States are shocking.


UberKinky holds a small range of the most popular plugs including some tail plugs. I opted for a glass princess plug with a rose crystal in a large size. This set me back  £59.99 which I felt was reasonable even before I saw it.


UberKinky  were super quick with despatch and before I knew it a nice discreet parcel was sat on my table. The weight gave away the quality of its contents. Opening it up I found a pretty paper wrapped bundle with a large Crystal Delights sticker sealing it.


Gently unwrapping it I found a pretty black material roll case for safe keeping my plug in. A very comprehensive care leaflet was also included. And finally the piece de resistance itself, my Crystal Delights Glass Princess Plug.


Lost For Words

I’m rarely lost for words but no pictures prepared me for the beauty of the Crystal Delights Princess Plug.  The glass was heavy, colour-free, clear and flaw-less. It was weighty in my hand, not the heaviest plug I own but still considerable.

The rose-coloured Swarovski Crystal situated on the base catches and retracts the light. This is hypnotic and makes it hard to stop staring at it. It’s the deepest and most intense shade of pink I’ve ever seen in a plug. The multi facets almost give it the look of a kaleidoscope. No pictures I’ve taken will do this justice. It simply has to be seen to be believed.

Size Specificactions

The plug itself has a really long stem with a nice solid bulb of a decent size. The specification for my chosen plug was long stem/small bulb, but the bulb is far from insignificant. I wanted comfort over stretch when choosing my Crystal Delights Princess Plug. I want to be able to wear this gorgeous piece of jewellery often and without struggle.

UberKinky sell two different sizes of Crystal Delights Princess Plug. The small has an overall length of 3.4 inches and an insertable length of 2.7 inches, with a diameter of 1.2 inches. The large has an overall length of 4.1 inches and an insertable length of 3.3 inches, with a diameter of 1 inch.

I opted for large as I’m used to wearing plugs and enjoy the weight or stretch. For a beginner the small would be perfect. The price difference is negligible really with the large costing £59.99 and the small £55.99. UberKinky sell The Crystal Delights Glass Princess Plug in 4 colour crystal’s, rose, blue, clear and multi.

Comfort and Confidence

What sets my Crystal Delights Princess Plug apart from the rest of my plugs is that gorgeous long stem. There’s a real difference in length between base and bulb compared with normal plugs.

I also love the wide flared base. It gives me total confidence to wear without any safety issues arising.


Wearing My Plug

I wanted to try my Crystal Delights Princess Plug straight away but work and life got in the way. When I opened my bedside drawer a week later to retrieve the pretty black wrap I was very excited.

I usually don’t require much lube with glass and The Crystal Delights Princess Plug was no exception. The tiniest bit enabling a smooth glide in with no painful friction.

Long Stem

Here’s the best bit. Due to that long stem there was no sudden pull as the bulb slid home. It was a dream to insert and once in it was supremely comfortable. There was enough weight to know I was wearing it but not to be self-conscious.

The main complaint I hear about wide based plugs is the base is uncomfortable for long periods of wear. Digging into your arse cheeks over time. However The Crystal Delights Princess Plug base is made of a rounded deep glass. This doesn’t cut in at all. It’s easily the most comfortable plug I own.

No Travelling

I can move around freely without the fear of the Crystal Delights Princess Plug coming out. The bulb ensures it sits very securely, nestled deep inside me. I could relax knowing the long stem and wide base meant there was no chance of it vanishing up inside me. It really is a joy to wear.


Looking After Your Plug

Caring for Crystal Delights Butt Plugs couldn’t be easier. Glass is easily washed and as long as you don’t drop it or smash it about is unlikely to ever chip or shatter. Although you can use Crystal Delights products for temperature play they advise against extremes of temperature as this may damage the glass.

Crystal Delights Glass Butt Plugs are totally body safe which is another sweet bonus. The little storage case is a lovely touch to help keep your plug in mint condition.


Increased Orgasm Intensity

My favourite aspect of using my Crystal Delights Princess Plug is the amazing way it increases the intensity of my climax when wearing it. Feeling my muscles tightening around it prolongs and strengthens it ten fold.

It also has the delicious added advantage of making everything tighter when wearing it during sex. Giving both of us an added dimension far-reaching beyond just the aesthetic beauty of it seated between my cheeks.


In Summary

I absolutely love my Crystal Delights Princess Plug. I wish I hadn’t waited for so long to splurge and will definitely be looking to add more to my toy box.

This is without doubt my favourite plug of all time and I can well see why they are so popular. I give The Crystal Delights Princess Plug a solid 10/10 it’s set the bar really high for any plugs to come.

You can find The Crystal Delights Princess Plug at UberKinky  or on Crystal Delights



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