Massage has long been known for its health benefits and calming influence. Having always been a fan of massage therapy, I was thrilled to recently be offered a chance to experience tantric massage.

If you are unaware of what this is, tantric massage is a form of extremely intimate full body massage designed to heighten sexual arousal. Often the masseuse uses their own body to perform parts of the massage leading to extremely heightened sensations.

Tantric Massage Origins

Tantric massage has been practised for over 9000 years and its origins have been traced back to India. Back then it was believed that sexual ritual led to liberation and a higher plane of ecstasy. Who am I to argue with this?

I went into the experience of receiving tantric massage with an open mind. I’m obviously quite broad minded sexually. I was also quite sceptical. Whilst it all sounded great I struggled with the idea of letting myself go that fully to a stranger. Despite a healthy quota of one-night stands this would be totally different. Would it feel awkward or staged?

Relaxing Environment

When I arrived at the location I was struck by how calming and relaxing the whole environment was. Very welcoming and homely. There was incense burning and dimmed lights. The whole vibe was very chilled.

My masseur was called Steve and before we started I wanted to chat a little about his experience of working in tantric massage. Steve has been working as a tantric masseur for 9 years. He told me he has fallen in love with the practice and gets immense joy out of helping people get in touch with their sexual self.

Steve told me he massages people from all walks of life, genders and shapes and the only thing he is ever concerned with is the comfort level of the client. He is very relaxed and open as we talk and speaks honestly about his vocation. Taking his time to make sure I understand the implications of tantric massage and to check my comfort levels. Also explaining that if I’m uncomfortable at any time I only need to say, and everything stops.


My tantric massage starts with a little meditation. This is to help both parties empty their mind and prepare for the ritual. I’m not a huge lover of meditation and find it very hard to switch off. Call it the curse of a modern world. However, as much as I may feel daft sat crossed legged on the floor with my eyes closed. I soon find the heady incense and calming music have my breathing in a nice easy pattern and I’m feeling very at ease.

The massage itself is by nature very intimate. If you have issues with intimate contact or nudity this probably won’t be for you. Being full body, you are naked for the entire process and if you have some body confidence issues this may be a little prickly at first. I found I felt quite at ease and had no problems, however I do have normal massages quite regularly.

Stroking, Tickling Arousal

If you are used to standard massage this will be totally different. With tantric massage there is no kneading or working of the muscles. It’s much more about stroking tickling and arousing. It’s very relaxing and it’s easy to lose track of time as you lay there being almost worshipped.

Despite my initial scepticism I found myself very aroused quickly. There is no doubt that the art of tantric massage opens the flow of sexuality. As the massage became more intimate I felt no discomfort or awkwardness at all. Losing myself in the sensations coming from all directions.

Yoni Massage

Yoni massage is the practice of vaginal massage and this basically entails clitoral and internal massage to open the chakras (energy centres) and allow the recipient to get in touch with her sexual self. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this. I’m not very spiritual and would say I’m already in touch with my sexual self however I can see why this would benefit women that are not so lucky.

It’s impossible not to become extremely aroused as the process of Yoni Massage takes place. At no point did it feel disrespectful in fact quite the opposite, it really does feel like being worshipped. The whole focus of the ritual is you and your pleasure. However, you look at it, it’s quite unusual to be the sole focus of anyone’s attention for two hours. In a world where its frowned upon to be selfish here its totally expected.

Deep Orgasms

The time is broken up approximately an hour on each side of your body and during the two hours I experienced orgasms of varying types. Clitoral, G spot and blended. These were extremely deep, intense and satisfying. Its also worth mentioning that I didn’t expect this to happen. Such was my cynicism. When the ritual had finished I was so fully relaxed and fulfilled I began to drift off to sleep.

I imagine for women with little or no sexual outlet this would be invaluable. A service which doesn’t involve full sex but leaves them sexually fulfilled. Steve told me he has lots of returning clients, such is the power of tantric massage and I don’t struggle to believe this at all.

Calming and Satisfying

I found the whole experience to be very calming, satisfying and fulfilling. If you feel like tantric massage is something you’d like to explore I recommend it. It was definitely an experience and I’d do it again in a heart-beat. The booking process was very straight forward and discreet, which makes all the difference and Steve is very happy to discuss your needs and desired outcomes with you beforehand by phone or email.

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