They say diamonds are a girls best friend and for me it’s definitely true that if it sparkles the magpie in me is gonna want it. So it was only a matter of time before I wanted a princess plug. For those of you that are less well versed in the terminology of things we stick in our arse, a princess plug is a butt plug adorned with a sparkly stone on the base. Basically jewellery for your backside. Princess plugs are usually metal and come in all sizes and prices from the more moderately priced ones on Bondara and Lovehoney  to the absolute beauty’s that Crystal Delights  sell.


For my first Princess Plug I decided to opt for pink, unsurprisingly, and the Stainless Steel Rosebud Butt Plug from Bondara  seemed like good value for money so I ordered one and excitedly awaited its arrival. When the parcel arrived I was shocked by the weight before I even opened it. The outer packaging was nothing to write home about but inside was what looked like a black velvet jewellery box, I was impressed by the presentation to be honest and it definitely gave the impression of a much more expensive product. Nestled inside the little box was probably the most beautiful plug i own. The plug was solid stainless steel and the highly polished surfaces reflected my own image back at me. Sitting in the base was a stunning rose-pink glittery stone.


Now I’ve already mentioned the weight but nothing prepared me for the intimidation I felt when I removed the plug from the box. It was very heavy and solid feeling and as I sat weighing it in my hand it wished I hadn’t been such a show off and had opted for the extra small. The Stainless Steel Rosebud Butt Plug comes in three sizes with varying degrees of expense. The extra small is 1 inch wide and 2.8 inches long. The small/medium is 1.25 inches wide and 3 inches long and the medium/large is 1.50 inches wide and 3.75 inches long. I opted for the small/medium as although I’m certainly no beginner to anal play and enjoy anal sex I’d never used a metal plug and was cautious. This set me back a very reasonable £24.99 the extra small is £19.99 and the larger one £29.99.

Thinking about it with hindsight it must have purely been the weight and the solid metal that made me nervous of the Rosebud Butt Plug as it’s not even that long but it is wide and much more unyielding than a cock or a silicone plug. Biting back my concerns I decided there was only one way to find out and reached for the lube.

Although I do own anal lube it’d be fair to say my approach to specific lube is slap dash and I usually just grab the one closest to me however this time I took the time to find the anal lube deciding I wanted as much assistance as possible in this experience. If I’m being honest I wouldn’t be able to get this plug inside me without lube. Sliding it inside me was a completely new experience compared to my existing plugs, the metal felt colder and more solid and as the bulb slid home there was a definite bite as I struggled to accommodate the widest part. I wouldn’t say it was unpleasant, in fact I quite enjoyed it but it was certainly more of a challenge than my silicone or glass plugs. Maybe they were kinder shapes. The difference between the bulb and the stem is quite sharp and pronounced and this can result in a sudden pull as your arse swallows the bulb, again not unpleasant but it could definitely be disconcerting to a beginner.


Once in place I absolutely loved it. The weight and stretch were divine and it was shockingly comfortable to wear and move around with in place. The base nestles nicely between my cheeks and doesn’t dig in or irritate at all, however it’s still nice and wide at the base which is something a lot of princess plugs lack and something I require from a butt plug for confident wear.

There is something so unashamedly girly about a princess plug. That cheeky glint and sparkle just tempting you to come play. I found it very hard to stop staring in the mirror and this plug is one my partner enjoys seeing me wear. He finds it as much of a turn on to see as I do to wear.

The very thing I found so scary about the Stainless Steel Rosebud Butt Plug is probably it’s best feature. That solid wide bulb. Wearing this plug during sex makes the experience mind-blowing. It’s so tightening and I often reach for this one even for solo play simply for the increase in sensation. It’s quite simply awesome.


The Stainless Steel Rosebud Butt Plug is completely body safe and easy to clean and look after. The fact that it comes with its own storage is a lovely touch. Being steel you can use the Rosebud Butt Plug for temperature play although I haven’t actually done this yet.

I am that in love with the Stainless Steel Rosebud Butt Plug that it has definitely motivated me to want more, in fact all the colours of the rainbow so my derriere can sparkle with the colour that reflects my mood of that day. I’d give the Rosebud Butt Plug a stunning 10/10 as I simply can’t find fault with it!

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