I love sensation lubes; however, it has been to my cost in the past. Enter Sliquid Natural Sizzle Sensation lube to eradicate my sensation lube woes. Sizzle is Sliquid’s own sensation lube offering both cooling and warming sensations on contact and friction.

Ruby L’Ace of Knicker Rocker Glory recommended Sliquid to me whilst at one of her Afternoon Tease events. She did such a good job of selling Sizzle to me I left her house with a bottle. I owe Ruby a glass of fizz for this recommendation as it’s bloody brilliant!

Safe Sensations

Sliquid pride themselves on being kind to sensitive skin. Using only skin and body safe ingredients Sizzle is a great lube for anyone looking for a sensation lube without the fear of glycerine based problems. 20170116_192806

Packaged in a 125ml flip top bottle Sizzle is water based. This means it’s safe to be used with pretty much any toy. The sensation effect is created with food safe menthol, which makes it safe to ingest too. Sizzle is a clear lube so you have no worries about staining during use.

Sizzle has a lovely smooth texture, there is a density to the viscosity which creates a lot of slide and makes it very long lasting during use. A little goes a long way and you don’t need to over apply Sizzle. Sizzle has a nice consistency for pouring and dribbling. It’s not so loose it spills but it moves easily.

Cooling Kisses

Sizzle is a clear lube

The menthol used in Sizzle is apparent as soon as you open the bottle, however not in an overwhelming way. It’s a delicate smell of mint, pleasant and fresh. Sizzle has a delicate menthol taste to it as well. Once again this is in no way over powering and reminds me of kissing someone that’s just brushed their teeth. It leaves a gentle minty kiss on your lips. I like it.

Sizzle is suitable for oral as well as PiV sex and I can confirm neither of us had any nasty after effects.  So, what were the sensations like?

When you first apply Sliquid Sizzle it takes a moment for the sensations to kick in. At first I, didn’t think it was working. Gradually I felt a gentle cooling spread across my entire genital area. This quickly became a fresh tingly feeling and I can’t even put into words how thrilling this was.

Tingly Touching

My clit felt as though someone was blowing on it, and when touched I could feel the sensations increase even more. The sensations lasted all the way through play and left me feeling extremely sensitive during foreplay or when playing with myself. It was almost like applying the Sliquid Sizzle switched my arousal on and I found myself growing wetter purely from the sensation before he even touched me.

I found I orgasmed even easier whilst using Sliquid Naturals Sizzle lube. It heightens sensation to a point where I’m aching to be touched or to touch. My clitoral orgasm felt stronger and seemed to last longer too.

The smell and taste of Sizzle really was nice and made a change from fruity flavour lubes. However, I can’t say I felt any warming sensations. This is a shame but even with a considerable amount of friction the most I felt was a slight lift in the tingling. Not a warming sensation at any point and I’ve tested this lube considerably in many ways.

In Summary

Am I put off by this? Not at all. Sliquid Sizzle is now my favourite lube. I loved sensation lubes but could never risk using them too often due to the risks of PH imbalance etc. Sizzle makes sensation lube a regular experience and unfortunately nothing comes close to that minty tingle spreading across my skin.

Sizzle is a very multi-purpose friendly lube and its gentle nature makes it perfect for anyone wanting to experiment with sensation lubes for the first time. I think I’m slightly addicted to the feeling. 

Sliquid has a great reputation for making awesome lubes and my experience with Sizzle has totally fired a curiosity in me to try other Sliquid lubes.

You can buy Sliquid Natural Sizzle Stimulating Lube at Knicker Rocker Glory for £12.00 for 125ml. This may seem a lot but I can see this bottle will last easily six months, I’ve not even dented it despite using it regularly for weeks.


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