If you are like me the aesthetic of a toy is almost as important as the function. I won’t enjoy using something I find ugly and unattractive. The Queen of extravagant sex toy design is Shiri Zinn. Her website is packed with gorgeous luxurious looking toys. When I recently saw her Shiri Zinn Minx designer vibrator I knew it was destined to belong in the bedroom of a diva such as myself.

When the Shiri Zinn Minx arrived, opening it was almost as much of a thrill as holding it for the first time. Encased in a lipstick red snake skin box the Minx is packaged like something to cherish. It feels like opening a special present. Inside the box nestled into the red satin lining sits the Minx.


Opulent isn’t a word I’d often apply to a vibrator however the Minx is the height of decadence. The shaft of the Shiri Zinn Minx is a deep red with a metallic sheen to it. Highly polished and silky smooth to the touch it’s hard not to “oooh” when handling the Minx. Looking at the super glossy scarlet finish I’m put in mind of another extravagant red beauty, the Minx reminds me of a Ferrari. The Ferrari of vibrators maybe?

The weight of the shaft stunned me when I picked it up. There is something very solid about the Shiri Zinn Minx. Offering 6 inches of insertable length there is ample shaft to please even those that enjoy a deep penetration. The hefty girth of the Minx is one of my favourite aspects.

Serious Girth

At the tapered tip, you are starting off with a reasonable 3 1/2-inch diameter. This is perfect for giving you that “opened up feeling” however as you slide the minx deeper you are treated to a full 6 inches of girth. For me this is heaven. They say the Ferrari is often a penis substitute, if this is the case then the Shiri Zinn Minx is the crème de la crème of penis substitutes. Long and thick with plenty of sensation.

The shaft itself is slightly textured with some delicate waving. This feels great on insertion and really adds another dimension to the stretch as you accommodate that thick body. At the end of the shaft sits the battery cap. Yes, the Minx is battery powered and you will require two C Cell batteries. This gives the Minx more kick than your average battery powered vibe. Switching on is as easy as twisting the cap, the more you twist the harder the vibration. To open the battery compartment, you simply twist the opposite way and presto!

The dial gives you full control of the Minx’s settings. It’s incredibly easy to ramp the power up or down as you need it. This makes the dial much more fluid as a control than say a one button vibrator. It’s very thrilling to hear the low growl as the vibrations kick up a notch. Very reminiscent of the Ferrari engine!

Powerful Vibes

At full power, the Shiri Zinn Minx gives some seriously deep rumbly vibes. There is a bass to the vibration which travels nicely when inside me. Despite my initial concerns it is very easy to find the perfect setting for you using the twist control. One thing that jumped out to me was how well Shiri has isolated the vibration to the lower areas of the shaft. This means you don’t get that horrible tingling where all your vibration is in your hand and not in your vagina.

On top of the battery compartment sits the most indulgent décor a vibrator has ever seen. The stainless-steel cap houses 12 of the most delicately coloured Swarovski crystals. A very pale baby pink they add some gorgeous bling to an already beautiful vibrator. Atop this stunning detail is the Minx’s piece de resistance… the marabou tail.

The Feather Boa

Attached to the end of the Shiri Zinn Minx is its very own feather boa. This is only fitting for such a divalicious vibrator. Made up of the softest most fluffy red marabou the tail adds a whole new sensation when using the Minx. Feeling the silky feathers stroking against my inner thighs makes using the Minx a more sensuous experience. Once again, the extras make this racy vibe Ferrari-esque in nature.

The tail can be used outside of penetrative play as a tickler, I can confirm this is great fun. Adding a blindfold (red satin natch) into the mix and let your partner use the Minx to tease and titillate you till you’re begging for that glossy thick shaft.

Cleaning Up

The Shiri Zinn Minx is made of polycarbonate plastic, this means it’s non-porous and totally body safe. This is a must have for internal play. It also means you can use any lube you wish with no fear of damaging the surface of the shaft. Also, good news! Washing the shaft is as easy as wiping it down. Don’t submerge your Minx as it isn’t waterproof. However, given the finish you shouldn’t need to submerge it.

The Marabou tail is removable, this was the one thing which worried me when I opened the Shiri Zinn Minx. All that delicious girth and vibe means there is no way that beautiful explosion of fluff won’t get covered in my bodily fluids. To remove the tail, you need to hold the Minx horizontally and pinch the feathers as close to the base as possible and gently pull. To make this procedure easier you can apply a little silicone lube to the end before replacing the tail. Although you can’t clean the marabou making it removable means I can still use the Minx despite being a messy playmate. But I definitely prefer the tail on as it adds so much to the whole experience of foreplay.

Using The Shiri Zinn Minx

So, what is the Minx like in use? At the start of this review I likened the Shiri Zinn Minx to the Ferrari and I can confirm in use it is just as smooth and thrilling a ride. The vibrations are rumbly and feel amazing pressed against my clit. The smooth shiny surface is perfect to deliver the vibrations direct and I can use the wavy surface to get some great sensation when rubbed against my vulva.

Penetration with the Shiri Zinn Minx is a dream. All that delicious girth has my eyes rolling with the feeling of fullness. There’s a real stretch to using the Minx which is so good it’s almost addictive. The wavy shaft adds sensation to thrusting and the solid weight makes for great internal impact. When angled the right way the tip of the Minx seductively grazes against my G Spot just enough to send me crazy. Once I’ve achieved orgasm with the Minx I can change the intensity to the perfect level to keep going for prolonged play.


The high end feel to the Shiri Zinn Minx makes playing with it feel like an event. I feel like I should be wearing marabou slippers and a Catherine D’Lish gown reclined on a chaise lounge. It really is the vibrator for a Hollywood Starlet and has a wonderful film Noir feel to it. I’m such a sucker for anything retro so this pushes my buttons.

I love the Shiri Zinn Minx. This is the kind of vibrator you don’t want to hide away! And ironically Shiri Zinn sell a DIVA display stand should you feel the Minx’s beauty could rev up your bedroom vibe. The Shiri Zinn Minx is available from Shiri Zinn and sold for £89 excluding shipping, the stand is sold separately and retails at £12. Get it while stocks last!

Shiri Zinn Minx
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