The air was thick with the threat of a storm as I ran from the pub towards the station. Why was I never dressed for the weather? The heels I struggled to walk in had seemed like such a good idea at the start of the evening. As the rain started I wished I’d worn a coat and not been such a slave to my vanity and the lines of my dress.

Trying to hasten my pace without breaking my neck, I hoped my train would be on time. The cold didn’t bother me as the warm fuzz of an evening full of alcohol radiated through me. A sudden crack of thunder made me jump and I cursed my bad luck as the heavens opened. Huge drops of rain soaking me as I hurried up the station steps and jumped straight on the waiting train.

Throwing myself into a seat I settled down for the long train ride home and lazily checked my social media to keep myself awake. The train was empty and the quiet motion was enough to lull me easily to a drunken sleep if I wasn’t careful.

Just as the doors began closing he ran into the carriage laughing at the rain. I looked up to see what the joke was. Tousled dark hair and piercing blue eyes met mine as he swung effortlessly into the group of seats where I sat.

He had the whole damn carriage why pick my seats? I was annoyed at this pretty stranger interrupting my solitude. I grumpily buried myself back into checking my friends Facebook statuses and hoped I was giving off “leave me alone” vibes.

“Did you have a good night?” Clearly he couldn’t read vibes. “Yes thanks” I replied frostily. I had no intention in conversing with this train bandit, however attractive he may be. I was drunk and wanted my bed, I didn’t feel particularly social.

He was staring at me. I could feel it even though I wasn’t looking at him. Finally, irritated, I dragged my eyes from my phone and gave him the death stare. Be gone stranger I am not in the mood.

My eyes met his and to my horror he held my gaze. This wasn’t right, this was the death stare! Suddenly I felt warm, intimidated, horribly vulnerable in the carriage on my own with this brave intruder.

I swallowed hard as he leant forward and swept a strand of damp hair out of my face.

“I won’t bite… unless you ask me to” he chuckled and something deep inside me woke up. The alcohol, the fact it had been a long time since I’d had sex, all added up to my body responding like Judas to this pushy man.istock-488220615

I couldn’t speak. Leaning back into my seat I turned my attention back to my phone. However, the damage was done. My desire had woken up and was demanding I feed her. I crossed my legs to try and cool the burning between my thighs and only succeeded in forcing my skirt further up my legs. He laughed again as I tried to tug the offending garment back over my suddenly obvious stocking tops.

Blush creeping up my face I actively tried not to look at him as he adjusted his position so his thigh was touching mine. I could feel the warmth of his body as he pressed his leg against me. I was trapped by the window, nowhere to go and honestly I wasn’t sure I even wanted to.

The train pulled into its first stop and I found myself praying nobody else got on. What the hell was wrong with me?

As the train pulled away jerkily he shunted forward in his seat and steadied himself with his hand on my thigh. A sudden shock passed through me as his fingers closed around my leg. Our eyes met for what felt like a lifetime as he waited for me to react.

Slowly he began to trace his fingers up my thigh. His touch was electric, soothing months of neglect. Moaning softly as the last of my resolve melted. He met the hem of my skirt and teased across it, please don’t stop I prayed. Creeping beneath the thin material of my dress he quickly found the top of my stockings and his fingers met my skin.

Suddenly brazen, wanton, filled with need for this rain soaked stranger I shifted in my seat and wriggled my skirt up higher. The alcohol loosening my inhibitions and I spread my legs wide apart, inviting him in. He smiled at my sudden cooperation and continued, all pretence now abandoned.

His fingers met the soaked lace of my thong and I moaned aloud as he began to stroke across my swollen clit. I closed my eyes in drunken pleasure, it had been so long since anyone had touched me intimately it was a rush I couldn’t resist.screenshot_20161210-174902_20161210175119257

I felt my orgasm begin to rise inside me. Tension tightening inside my abdomen as his fingers finally slipped under the wet lace and slid straight inside my aching cunt. I couldn’t hold back the lust bursting inside me anymore and I cried out loud as I came all over his fingers as he expertly teased my G spot.

Panting hard I watched as he withdrew his fingers and sucked them clean, moaning a low and animalistic noise as he tasted my cunt. I could see his hard cock through his jeans and needed it. I was so past caring who could see through the windows as the lit-up train sped by. I didn’t even care if anybody joined us in our carriage. I wanted him.

I dropped to my knees in front of him and stroked his cock through his jeans, he watched me through hungry eyes as I slowly released his hard length into my hand. God, it felt good to hold a cock again. Slowly stroking my hand up his shaft he closed his eyes as I circled my tongue around the head.

Closing my lips around the glistening tip I watched as he threw his head back against the seat. Putting his hands into my wet hair, pushing it away from my face and holding it as I began to greedily swallow his cock. Alcohol and sex fused together making me want to give him a show he’d never forget. I began to tease my tongue across his balls, licking the length of his shaft before slamming it down into the back of my throat over and over. Gagging on his size, mascara pouring down my face as the burning throb returned to my clit.

I needed fucking.

Just as I began to lose control he pulled my head back by my hair, stopping me in full flow. We sat there in a kind of pause, half dressed, both panting, eyes locked. Reaching forward he pushed the straps of my dress off my shoulders, sliding them down my arms. The front of my dress fell to my waist, exposing my hard nipples. Glad I’d decided to brave not wearing a bra I shivered as he began to stroke my tits.

More. I wanted more. He lifted me from my position on the floor of the train and onto his lap. His deprived cock immediately pressing into my soaked cunt. My thong struggling to prevent the inevitable. His lips closed around my aching nipples and the need inside me peaked. Reaching down to pull the black lace to one side I gasped as his rock-hard length slipped deep inside me

It had been far too long since I had a cock buried inside me and my long dormant urges crashed over me as I rode him hard. He held my wrists behind my back as he slammed into me again and again. Finally, the realisation hit me, I didn’t even know his name! My slutty behaviour shocked me, fucking a complete stranger in public. I came hard moaning into his shoulder as he continued to drive himself into my now drenched cunt. I felt him tense and tried to stop him but my wrists were pinned and he was too far gone. One final hard thrust and he came, shooting his load deep inside me.

As I opened my mouth to protest he kissed me deeply and my anger melted with the realisation that it was the first time we’d kissed. “Shhhhh” he said.


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