The adult toys industry has been constantly improving, refining and upgrading itself constantly. Reason? The demand for sex toys has been increased, so much so that exclusive escorts are looking for THE REAL STUFF to give the ULTIMATE PLEASURE THROUGH PAIN to their esteemed clients. Here is what the high-end exclusive escort owns and the rich and famous loves when the VIP escort uses it.


Add a new direction to male masturbation with this petting ring from Betony Vernon. The expensive, classy piece has to be adorned onto the index finger and thumb and the metal plate between them stimulates a simple touch. The famous celebrities, collectors and style icons are going gaga about this. Where are you?


Would you mind wearing Swarovski black diamond-studded crystals on an 18-carat plated yellow gold handcuff? If the answer is YES!, you surely can afford this sexy gear. The detachable chains make it a sexy piece of statement jewelry that you can flaunt effortlessly. Else, you know what to do with these in your bedroom.


Voila! True connoisseurs! Grab this c-ring for giving a buttery soft effect to your VIP client. This is three-in-one power packed sex toy that no discerning escort can miss out on. Sensuality, beauty, and art are what depict this silver cock ring. Wrapped in a beautiful lamb wool lined pouch and accented drawstring.


Everyone one of us fantasizes about trying different positions and one of them is swing. Now, only the 1% can spend a fortune on this compact love swing that is worth buying. Get ready to give maximum pleasure with minimum exertion. The seat is leather-cushioned covered to give you utmost comfort. You can use it as a chair position or as a swing. Venture out on something different from the bed, and give a truly exhilarating experience to your clients.


The Ben Wah Balls became truly a craze when Christian Grey inserted these in girlfriend Anastasia Steele’s vagina at the auction party. We have the balls right here for you. The one-of-a-kind kegel ball is one hand-crafted agate beaded piece that is soft and stimulating on the pelvic walls. They train and tone the muscles as the ball vibrates inside the vagina. Get a fulfilling orgasm without “doing the deed” with the ben wah balls.


Lube can cost a fortune if each time you go buy a single one, but hey, there’s one long-lasting lube that is surely a clever investment. The Sliquid Naturals Silver is long-lasting, a waterproof lubricant made using pharmaceutical-grade silicone. The 200-pcs pack is worth the investment because it is glycerin-free, non-toxic and most importantly, hypo-allergenic.


Yes! We agree, sensations are pure bliss for some people and they can even attain orgasm with just sensations. If you are one of those escorts, who love to give and receive the fulfilling O with mere sensations, then this 10-tool kit by Agent Noir Neon Wand is for you. The Power Tripper, Electro Whip, Neon Wand, Pinwheel, Handcuffs, Tongue, Mushroom and the Silver Attache Case to keep these things inside make you look the sexiest spy around.


Inevitably, roleplaying has always formed an innate part of the foreplay. Pretending someone, in reality, would’ve never been easy, but animal masks make this task a breeze. So, when you are at any masquerades or pet play, slip in your leather fox mask and rock the show.

Use it upon your discretion either as a full- or half-face mask. Its top section has elaborate leather ears while the lower end forms the nose and elongates into a wily fox. The head harness is swanked by 2 gold pins on either side of the eyes. If you haven’t bought it yet, it’s time now that you invest in this accessory to woo your clientele.

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