A Surprise Delivery

When I received a message from LoveYourselfOnline asking if I’d review some lingerie for them I was excited, I mean this is me and we all know how partial I am to pretty underwear. When I asked what it was they had in mind, they asked my size and said they would send me out a surprise. Double exciting! Very quickly I arrived home from work to find my surprise delivery waiting for me in a nice discrete outer wrapping.

As I unwrapped it I was so curious to see what the parcel contained, it’s not often I take a delivery I know nothing about. When I pulled the clear bag from inside the parcel I gasped. Inside was the most beautiful burlesque style bustier. It totally put me in mind of saloon girls and cowboys. I congratulated LoveYourselfOnline on an impeccable choice and prayed it fitted.

Saloon Girl Glamour

Checking the attached label, I was surprised to find out it was a company called Seven Til Midnight. I’ve never tried any of their lingerie but if the Victorian Lace Bustier in my hand was anything to go by I would be remedying this in the future.20161112_165654

The Seven Til Midnight Victorian Lace Bustier is a gorgeous deep ruby red in colour, not that bright shallow red that is sometimes associated with lingerie. This is overlaid with a black floral lace which adds a depth to the colour with a striking contrast. 20161112_165547

Running straight down the front, underneath the cups are two threaded red ribbons, streamlining the front of the bustier and running parallel to the light boning hidden within the material. This is very flattering when worn, drawing the eye.

Lace And Frills


Trimming the bottom of the Seven Til Midnight Victorian Lace Bustier is a gorgeous black lace ruffled hem with a delicate eyelash frill effect finish. This feels very luxurious and full, adding to the “saloon girl” effect I love so much about this bustier. 20161112_165516

Underneath the lace hem are 4 detachable black suspender straps with plastic and rubber fastenings. These could be a little wider as the back suspenders were a little fiddly to fasten however once they were on they stayed put nicely and didn’t ping off. The suspenders are fully adjustable to make them fit perfectly no matter your height. You can pair your Seven Til Midnight Victorian Lace Bustier with both stockings or hold ups thanks to the detachable suspenders, or indeed wear it without hosiery. 20161112_164816

The back of the Seven Til Midnight Victorian Lace Bustier is sheer with black boning running through it. It fastens with a standard hook and eye fastening, there are 3 rows of fastenings allowing a fair amount of adjustment within the sizing. I had no problems closing the hook and eyes unlike some lingerie I own, where this can be equivalent to a Crystal Maze challenge. 20161112_165224

These Cups Won’t Run Over

The cups are moulded and generous, this pleases me so much as many a beautiful piece of lingerie has been written off due to stingy cup sizing. Big boobs need large cups otherwise it totally spoils the line of the outfit. A small red ribbon nestles between the cups.20161112_165356

The underwiring on the Seven Til Midnight Victorian Lace Bustier is ample to support my large boobs with no problem, I was both surprised and impressed by the level of lift. A thin line of lace runs up the middle of the cups, which are again trimmed with threaded red ribbon finishing them off beautifully.

The Devil Is in The Detail

The straps to the Seven Til Midnight Victorian Lace Bustier are thinner than I would usually look for but as I’ve already established they are surprisingly supportive and not at all uncomfortable. The straps carry the same red threaded ribbon design trimmed with black lace and this is one of my favourite details on the Victorian Lace Bustier as you don’t often see such detail on the straps. Although the straps are fully removable why you would want to, when they’re so pretty is beyond me. 20161112_165422

Seven Til Midnight include one of the prettiest accompanying G Strings I’ve had with the Victorian Lace Bustier. Instead of the standard teeny tiny black thong they have continued the red and black lace onto the G String creating a quality look to my least favourite piece of any lingerie set. 20161112_165116

Sashaying Sex Kitten

Having fallen in love with the Seven Til Midnight Victorian Lace Bustier on sight I was praying it would fit, I needn’t have worried. The fit was perfect, clinging where it needed to, lifting and supporting where it should and flattering everywhere. I loved the lace hem so much and when worn with my heels and stockings I felt all I was missing was a feather in my hair and a piano to sit on.

It would be fair to say I took a fair bit of satisfaction in the reaction of Mr Snatch who wasn’t sure if he wanted me to keep it on or rip it off me. The Seven Til Midnight Victorian Lace Bustier is extremely comfortable to wear, I found no digging or cutting in and felt a total sex kitten sashaying around in my lacey burlesque bustier.

Jewel-Like Colours For Every Taste

To say I’m impressed with my first piece of Seven Til Midnight lingerie is an understatement. I immediately went and looked at the full range LoveYourselfOnline stock and was stunned by the beautiful ranges of colours and styles. Forget the standard lingerie colours, this range boasts teals, mint greens and even neon pink.

The Victorian Lace Bustier comes in a brilliant variety of colours itself, including the red you see in this review, a bright vibrant pink, a paler dusky pink, a stunning jewel-like teal and a pretty blue. Truly a colour for every taste. The size range is impressive too, ranging from a 6-8 to a 20-24. I love that this item spans both base sizes and plus size. 20161112_200404

Value For Money

 LoveYourselfOnline sell the Seven Til Midnight Victorian Lace Bustier for £34.99 currently and quite honestly I was stunned when I saw the price of this stunning item. If you want value for money you can’t go wrong with that.

The Victorian Lace Bustier is hand wash only but holds its shape really well after washing. Storing the bustier correctly is important too, you don’t want to warp the boning so make sure it’s either hung up safely or laid flat in a drawer.

A Perfect Ten

I love my Victorian Lace Bustier so much, it’s the epitome of glamour and feels very me, particularly because of the beautiful colour. I have already made a wish list of Seven Til Midnight sets to join it in my collection, Christmas is coming don’t you know. I can’t give the Victorian Lace Bustier anything less than a 10/10 as it simply took my breathe away.

My Seven Til Midnight Victorian Lace Bustier was sent to me by LoveYourselfOnline free of charge in exchange for an honest and impartial review.

 LoveYourselfOnline are an online sex accessories supplier offering a wide selection of sex toys, bondage gear and lingerie. Thank you so much to LoveYourselfOnline for this beautiful surprise.


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