I recently wrote about VR Porn for YNotCam and it got me so curious. How good is VR Porn? So, when the SenseMax VR Headset arrived for review from MEO I was so intrigued.

The SenseMax VR Headset looks every bit a gadget whores dream come true, classic black and white in colour and looking very space age. The box is simple and from its outside appearance you’d have no idea the contents was intended for adult entertainment.

Inside the box sits the SenseMax headset, the strapping for it and a lens cleaner. There is no putting together the SenseMax VR Headset, you literally attach the straps and you’re ready to go. I love this simplicity.

Attach Your Phone and Watch

To use the SenseMax VR Headset you need your phone. This requires a screen size of 4.7 – 6.0 inches. Operating systems aren’t an issue using the SenseMax, Android or iPhone are both compatible. Unusually, compared with other VR headsets I’ve used the SenseMax VR Headset holds the phone on the outside of the eye mask. This prevents overheating.

On the back of the mask there is a spring-loaded plate, this is used to hold your phone in place and project the images into the lenses. I found my phone fitted perfectly despite having a pop socket on the back. There are two pads to cushion the phone and these sat perfectly either side of my pop socket.

In the centre of the front plate of the SenseMax VR Headset mask is a line which comes in handy AF for lining up the split screen on the VR. I would never have thought about this but it does take the guess work out of it. The lenses are inside the facemask. Two large round glass lenses covered by plastic (which needs to be removed). I found giving the lenses a clean before use made the experience much clearer and better.

Comfortable and Well Fitting

The mask is trimmed with deep black foam. This has two benefits. Firstly, it makes it extremely comfortable to wear. The foam cushions the plastic of the mask and stops it from cutting in when it’s pressed against you. Secondly it prevents the light from penetrating the mask, this is totally vital to the experience.

Wearing the mask is a joy, it’s lightweight and whilst watching the videos you almost forget you’re wearing it. The straps are wide and well fitting, you can adjust them for a perfect fit and they hold the mask against you well. On top of the mask is a dial which is how you focus the lenses, this works well and I could use it to sharpen the view perfectly.

Using the SenseMax VR Headset is a very surreal experience. Once you get the hang of how to work it the immersion is freakily good. I used Pornhub to find VR clips and there was a decent selection. Although I was disappointed to see they were aimed mainly at straight males. For fucks sake Pornhub VR isn’t a hetero male medium. There was a little variety but you had to search for it.

Penis Envy

Due to the lack of content and my curiosity getting the better of me I began using the SenseMax with a Male PoV video and this was so peculiar.  Placing the SenseMax on my face as the video played I could look around and see the surroundings from within. Watching the attractive woman on the video caress me I looked down and was fully bemused to see I had a cock.

I won’t even lie watching the VR woman suck my imaginary dick was so hot. This left me very turned on and with total penis envy. I can only imagine how exciting that must feel when using the SenseMax VR headset in tandem with the SenseMax toys.

The SenseMax Sense Tube connects to the SenseMax headset via the Sense Lovers app and adds stimulation to the VR experience. As you move the toy so the characters on screen move accordingly. Having experienced how good the ordinary VR porn is with the SenseMax Headset I can imagine this must be amazing.

Immersive Play

Having played with the SenseMax VR Headset a little I decided to seek out some decent female PoV VR Porn to use it properly. I managed to locate some in the many pages of Pornhub and settled down to play.

To give you some idea of how good the SenseMax experience is. I placed the headset on and started watching. Quickly realising I may want a toy I tried to get up to go to my bedside drawer and realised I was trying to open the VR drawer on the video not my own bedside drawer. I did giggle, whilst admiring how immersive the VR on the SenseMax is.

I can’t fault the SenseMax, it really changed the way porn felt for me. And what I found interesting was despite going to the trouble of getting a dildo I never used it! For the first time in forever I got myself off without the assistance of a toy. I can only put this down to how horny the VR experience made me.

In Summary

I strongly recommend the SenseMax VR Headset. VR porn changes the game for anyone who watches a lot of porn (like me) and has got to a point of saturation with the standard offerings. The experience is fun and surreal and I think the SenseMax VR Headset would be great fun to use with a partner or on your own.

MEO sell the SenseMax VR Headset for 69,00€ and the accompanying SenseTube Vibrating Masturbator is 149,00€. For a brand, new porn experience the SenseMax must be tried to be believed.

Thank you to the great people at MEO for sending me the SenseMax VR Headset for review. I was sent this item free of charge and in exchange for an impartial and honest review.


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