Sometimes appearances can be deceptive. This was the case with the SenseMax SenseVibe. I was sent this clever vibrator by the awesome people at MEO after reviewing the SenseMax VR Headset (which is awesome BTW!)

The box for the SenseMax SenseVibe looked very clinical, blue and black and very to the point. The picture of the SenseVibe on the front of the box doesn’t inspire me with excitement. A black hook looking thing it reminds me of medical equipment.

Opening the SenseVibe I find it nestled snugly in its own hard topped storage case. I’m impressed buy this. One of my common laments is storage should be included with high end sex toys. On closer inspection I’m excited to learn the storage case doubles as a charger!

Charging Case

The SenseVibe is black in colour sat inside the bright blue interior of the charger case it doesn’t look very exciting. When I initially looked at the charging case I couldn’t figure out at all how I was meant to charge the SenseVibe.

You’re supplied with a USB charging cable which plugs into the back of the case but that’s as far as it tells you. Am I meant to leave the case open to charge it? Am I meant to shut it? Who knows because I could find no instructions included to help me out. I opted to leave the case shut and plug it in to see what happened.

There’s no charge light, so you have no idea if it is charging or not. Has it finished charging yet? It’s hard to tell without a helpful blinking LED to help me out. I never realised how much I rely on the light during charging until using the SenseVibe. How long did the charge take? I’ve no idea, it could have been 5 minutes or the full hour it was left shut.

The Missing Light

When I removed the SenseVibe from the charging case it was hot in my hand, I took this an indictor that it had indeed charged. Maybe I should have left the case open. Maybe SenseMax could have made this clearer.

The SenseVibe is made from very soft black silicone. The surface is very matt and quite grabby. It attracts every hair around it. The silicone is extremely touchable. It feels silky soft under my fingers and it took me by surprise how much I liked this. Measuring 6.3 inches in length it’s larger than it seems.

Ostensibly the SenseVibe is a dual stimulator. As I held the shallow hook like shaft in my hand I felt like there was no way this was going to work with my body. The clitoral arm is very short and not hugely flexible meaning there is no scope for anatomical differences. The internal shaft curves back in on itself slightly but the curve doesn’t look deep enough to be promising. It’s fair to say I was frowning at this point.

Travel Lock

The controls for the SenseVibe sit on the front of the clitoral arm. There are three buttons, a +, – and circle button. I assumed the centre circular button was a power button. I pressed it. Nothing. I pressed it for a bit longer. Nothing. I then decided to consult the box and discovered two important things.

Firstly, the SenseVibe has a travel lock, this needs to be deactivated by pressing and holding the + and – buttons together for a few seconds. Secondly, the circular button is a mode button, to turn the unit on you press the + button. Armed with this additional info I applied it and the SenseVibe burst into life. Hooray!

Powerful Vibration

Now I was surprised. Scrolling through the 8 settings I was stunned to feel some seriously powerful vibrations. One setting was so powerful it made me tell the SenseVibe to calm down. There are dual motors in the SenseVibe and this is evident in some of the patterns which switch between the internal and external motors. The patterns are nicely varied, and I found myself curious as to how some of them will feel. There is a depth and strength to both areas of stimulation which I really wasn’t expecting.

Given how matt the surface of the SenseVibe is I recommend using lube with it. Because SenseVibe is made of silicone please be sure to only use water based lubes with it. Anything else will damage the surface.

A Direct Hit

Despite being pleasantly surprised by the vibes from the SenseVibe I still wasn’t expecting much from play, simply because of the shape. Sliding it inside me I was proved wrong within seconds. As the internal shaft slid inside me I was stunned to feel the vibrations pressing straight onto my G Spot, directly. This was so unexpected it made me exclaim “oh wow!” It felt amazing and as I adjusted the position slightly to my utter delight I found the external arm slid perfectly into place on my clit.

This could have been a fluke of my anatomy, but I wasn’t going to complain because it felt so damn good. The internal vibes are strong and pulsey and my G Spot responded immediately, flooding waves of pleasure through me which were very addictive. I found changing setting very easy during use and flicked through all the patterns. As each pattern changed I found myself making corresponding moans and sighs.

Super Quiet

I had the SenseVibe on the top power setting and it was still ridiculously quiet. I was stunned how little noise it made. The clitoral vibrations feel slightly less powerful than the internal ones. This is a mistake, so many dual stimulators make. Folks honestly, we love the clitoral vibes! Make them equal! But even saying this I can honestly say the SenseVibes clit vibrations were still delicious.

I was amazed how quickly and easily I came with the SenseVibe. Oh, you poor little harshly judged vibe you! I reached a glorious blended orgasm in double quick time and by switching the setting I managed to reach a couple more before I was done playing.

In Summary

I’ve since found myself returning to the SenseVibe over and over. It’s whisper quiet volume and strong vibes make it a perfect toy for my house. Despite my initial concerns the SenseVibe is brilliant, love it and using it with the SenseMax VR has become one of my favourite way to lose time.

MEO sell the SenseVibe for 169,00€. I’d love to see the SenseVibe linked to the SenseMax app the way the SenseTube does so it can be used interactively with the SenseMax VR Headset. Especially given the price.

Thank you to the fabulous folk at MEO for sending me the SenseVibe for review. I was sent this item free of charge and in exchange for an honest and impartial review.

SenseMax SenseVibe
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