How often do you wish you and your partner could get it on right there and then, but there are people around? It’s time you discovered the pleasures of a secret sex toy.  Enjoy explosive orgasms anywhere; in the restaurant, bar, library or on the tube.

With public play sex toys, you can pleasure yourself or your partner in public and nobody would ever know. These silent sex toys will work discreetly. The only thing people around will notice is the smile on your face.

Which Type of Sex Toys are Best for Public Sex?

  • Vibrating panties – These are worn like normal panties but have a vibrator which rests against your clit.  These are discreet enough to wear anywhere. Vibrating panties are ideal for beginners of wearable sex toys. They are light enough to wear the whole day.
  • Remote control vibrator – This is a vibrator that can be controlled remotely using a remote control or app. Some models are controllable over the internet, allowing you to deliver orgasms across the world.  These are great for long distance couples or those separated often for work.
  • Quiet vibrator – what better way to have your secret fun than with a silent vibrator that is so quiet that no one will hear a thing? This is one of the easiest secret sex toys for public play. Your partner can seat close by and play with you even in a place as quiet as a library.
  • Lipstick vibrator – This is a disguised vibrator that you can place on the table and no one would ever notice. Its designed to look like a lipstick and is ideal for quick clit stimulation. You can travel with it, easily popping it in your purse. Use it for quick pleasure in the restroom, or a dark pub corner and no one will ever know.
  • Bullet vibrator – This is probably the most popular secret sex toy. It is the smallest but designed for direct delivery stimulation for explosive orgasms. Easy to hide, easy to use and coming in a wide range of prices and options, the bullet is a winner for secret play.  

     Top 4 Best Secret Sex Toys

  1. Ohmibod Club Vibe 2.0 Oh!

The Ohmibod Club Vibe 2.0 OH is designed to be worn in your underwear on a night out. It’s a remote-control vibe and comes with a custom fit black thong.

While I did find the underwear a bit uncomfortable, I think that may be personal preference. The actual toy is very powerful and does exactly what I was hoping for – it made me hit the roof!

Very strong and hits the spot, for sure. One of the best sets I’ve used for a nice public toy that makes me walk around town with a secret smile.

Pros and Cons

Very good quality of sensitivity. ´       Uncomfortable underwear.
Multiple control methods provided.
4-hour battery life.
Sound syncing for extra dance moves!



The Womanizer 2GO is a portable way to enjoy the Womanizer Air Pulse sensations. It’s nice and strong, providing a deep and lasting sense of satisfaction. Whilst you would need to find somewhere to use the Womanizer 2GO it’s certainly worth the effort.

This smaller version of the Womanizer is perfect for use on the go as the name suggests, it’s a great toy to tuck in your bag for a play date.

Pros and Cons

Very good quality of sensitivity. ´       Maybe a little small.
Works underwater. ´       Definitely needs the lube.
Discrete in nature
Pleasure air tech is lots of fun!


  1. LELO LYLA 2

For anyone who is looking for a top-quality secret sex toy that gets you jumping around in public when on a night out, start here. I’ll be honest; I use the LYLA2 every time I go out clubbing with the girls. It certainly puts in a flirty, fun mood so that anyone I meet is sure to have a wonderful time with me! The Lyla 2 is an egg style vibrator which can be enjoyed externally or internally.

It certainly makes an interesting conversation topic when we get back to someone’ house and they find out why I’ve been so frisky all night. A fun choice, if a little pricey. If you have the money, though, it’s magic!

Pros and Cons

Fully waterproof.

Fits perfectly

´       Maybe a bit more expensive than you had aimed to spend.
Very quiet.
Easy to recharge and responsive control.


  1. Crave Duet Vibrator

The Duet is perfect for discreet public stimulation. Quiet and palm sized this little vibe offers secret clit stim in a slick looking package. My only con is the metal can be slippery during use. The two-prong shaft allows you to place your clitoris between the prongs for enveloping sensations.

The Duet cleverly charges like a USB stick, plugging into the side of your laptop or PC.

Pros and Cons

Very impressed double-sided fun. ´       Hard to grip at times.
Four vibration modes and power levels.
Relatively quiet and discrete.

In Summary

A secret sex toy is wild fun if you are looking for new sexual experiences. You can have your secret little pleasures anywhere you and your partner get in the mood for some kinky play.

This was a sponsored guest post by All About Vibrators.


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