Satisfyer Pro Vibration Review


I’m a huge Satisfyer fan girl, the original Satisfyer Pro 2 has never left my bedside since it arrived. It’s my go-to for a guaranteed, no messing orgasm. Since the success of the Satisfyer Pro 2, Satisfyer have launched several new toys. I was lucky enough to be sent a set of the latest wave. The first one to tempt me was the Satisfyer Pro Vibration.

Arriving in the now familiar Satisfyer box the Satisfyer Pro Vibration gives me thrills of anticipation before I can even get past the security seal. After all, I love the Satisfyer suction sensation. I can’t begin to imagine how good it will feel with additional vibration.

Boomerang Shaped

The Satisfyer Pro Vibration looks very different to the other Satisfyers. The body is almost like a boomerang shape. Measuring 4 inches by 4 inches in length it’s not overly large and fits nicely in my hand.

I immediately notice the Satisfyer rose gold is almost absent on the Satisfyer Pro Vibration. The body is completely made of white silicone with just rose gold buttons. It’s very sleek and sophisticated looking, and to me looks more like medical equipment than a sex toy.

There are 4 buttons on the Satisfyer Pro Vibration, one is a power button for switching the air pulse on. There is a plus/minus button to control the intensity of the air pulse. Below this sits a button which switches on the vibrations and scrolls through the different modes.

Lots of Choice

There is a lot of choice in setting with the Satisfyer Pro Vibration. The Air Pulse offers eleven levels of intensity and ten different vibration settings. The patterns are quite varied and offer lots of staccato and flickering style modes.

The vibration isn’t exceptionally strong, but it’s only meant to enhance the Air Pulse. I do wonder briefly after switching the vibration on in my hand, will the vibrations detract from the suction sensation. Sometimes too much going on can be overwhelming.

Sexy Suction

The suction is the same Satisfyer magic I’m so fond of. The lower intensities are a gentle, almost massaging sensation. This increases up to a full-blown suction feeling. It’s pretty-damn addictive and I’ve found since this kind of device came into my life normal vibration struggles to compare.

One thing which seems vastly improved on the Satisfyer Pro Vibration is the noise level. The original Satisfyer Pro 2 was very chuggy, even the second wave sounded a little like a lawn mower when idling. The Satisfyer Pro Vibration sounds much more refined and sleek. There’s much less volume in general and this is reduced to almost nothing once the nozzle is sealed.

Talking of the nozzle the Satisfyer Pro Vibration has a deep, wide nozzle for comfortable use and a stronger intensity. Well this is how it seems to me anyway. The Satisfyers with the wider deeper nozzles give me the best orgasms.

Whisper Quiet Vibration

The vibration adds next to nothing to the Satisfyer Pro Vibration in terms of volume. They’re whisper quiet. You can use the Satisfyer Pro Vibration with or without vibration, which is great because it increases the usage of the toy. We aren’t always in the mood for the same thing.

Like most of the Satisfyers the Pro Vibration is USB rechargeable and comes with a USB charging cable. This connects magnetically to contact points on the base of the handle. The connection is strong, and I have no problems about getting the unit to charge.

Create a Seal

Time to try the Satisfyer Pro Vibration, I’m so intrigued to know how it’s going to feel. Like all these touchless clit stimulators the Satisfyer Pro Vibration works best with a little lube slicked over your clit to create a good seal and cushion the sensation.

I know that sounds counter-productive, but this kind of stimulation can be very intense the first time you try it and for some women it can almost be uncomfortable. A little lube removes this and leaves just the mind-blowing sensations.

Because the nozzle is made of silicone be careful to avoid using silicone or hybrid lubes with your Satisfyer Pro Vibration. This could damage the surface of the nozzle. Just water based lubes with this baby.

Delicious Sensation

Slicking a little lube over my clit I place the wide nozzle directly over the area, enclosing my clit within the tunnel. Starting the air pulse on a low setting I settle into the familiar, delicious sensation of the Satisfyer Pro Vibration. The air pulse suction feels very similar to previous Satisfyers. And as I climb through the settings to a medium level I already know much like its previous variants. The Satisfyer Pro Vibration is going to make me climax quickly.

Adding the vibration at this point I was surprised to feel the gentle vibe travelling around my clit, kind of radiating into where the air pulse was working its magic. It really is very good. The vibration doesn’t touch your clit, but the surrounding areas. The sensation is almost delicate at first, exquisite. It feels like extremely good oral sex.

Ecstatic Peak

Ramping the intensity up higher I scroll through the vibrations until I find a waving type mode which has me moaning out loud. This is the point at which I stopped thinking about the Satisfyer Pro Vibration and became lost to the sensation. It’s so hard to describe the feeling. For me it was a gentler sensation than the original Satisfyers which could feel like they literally tore the orgasm from you.

This coaxes you to an ecstatic peak and gently sends you crashing over the edge into wave after wave of intense pleasure. I wasn’t expecting this kind of reaction simply from the addition of vibration. Maybe Satisfyer have changed something else in the air pulse technology but it feels incredibly similar, it just results in a very different outcome.

In Summary

I really am totally sold on the Satisfyer Pro Vibration. The orgasms are amazing, and the unit is more usable thanks to the lower volume. Its faultless for me and I wonder whether Satisfyer will consider adding the optional vibration with other products.

I like that I can play with or without the vibration, it allows me to add or remove the additional stimulation as I want it. I also found I liked the new shape better, the handle is more comfortable to hold, and the controls are better placed. It’s a total winner for me. It may even eclipse the original Satisfyer Pro 2.

The Satisfyer Pro Vibration costs £52.95 and can be bought from Satisfyer.

Thank you so much to the amazing team at Satisfyer for sending me the Satisfyer Pro Vibration to review. I was sent this item free of charge and in exchange for an honest and impartial review.


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