One of the first toys I reviewed as a reviewer was the Satisfyer Pro 2. It blew my mind, literally. I was hooked on the air pulse type of sensation and since that day the Satisfyer toys have continued to leave me breathless on my bed, satisfied and post orgasmic. So when I opened the Satisfyer Pro Traveler sent to me by Satisfyer I really hoped the smaller size wouldn’t impact the technology.

The Satisfyer Pro Traveler is a clever, petite little device intended to make taking your Satisfyer away with you easier. Measuring just 3.5 inches in length and 2 inches in height the Satisfyer Pro Traveler literally sits in your hand. It’s by far the smallest Satisfyer I’ve tried, and I wonder how this will affect the experience.

Stylish and Compact

My first impressions of the Satisfyer Pro Traveler are how stylish and compact it looks. You’d struggle to guess the true intention of the oblong like device if you spotted it in somebody’s bag. Unless of course you owned one yourself.

The Satisfyer Pro Traveler is predominantly an aubergine colour. It looks black in some lights but in natural light it’s a deep purple colour with gold trim. The Satisfyer Pro Traveler is actually encased, you gently pull the two halves apart to expose the device itself inside.

This encasing is magnetic, I hope it doesn’t start to fail with time. But as I have it in my hand today it clicks together and holds nicely.

Silicone Nozzle

Inside the Satisfyer Pro Traveler is a 2 cm wide silicone nozzle, similar to other Satisfyer devices. This makes the Pro Traveler body-safe, but it also means it’s only compatible with water-based lube. Anything else could damage your Satisfyer.  The entire inside of the Pro Traveler is made of silicone, with the outside of the case being ABS plastic.

The controls for the Satisfyer Pro Traveler are actually very hard to find at first. There is no raised button. Only an imprinted +/- into the white silicone beneath the nozzle. Further investigation reveals you can push these down and this kicks the Satisfyer Pro Traveler into life.

The + button switches the Satisfyer Pro Traveler both on and off, just press and hold it for a few seconds and it will burst into action. I was surprised when I realised there were eleven settings to the Satisfyer Pro Traveler. Because of it being a travel device, I was expecting maybe three or four. This impressed me greatly, well done Satisfyer for not reducing the settings.

Chuggy Noise

Equally I was stunned at the power the Satisfyer Pro Traveler still packs. Ok it’s not quite as strong as the full sized Satisfyers but it’s not that far off which is great. This also means it comes complete with chuggy tractor noise which we have come to associate with Satisfyer toys. When you first switch this on you might panic. Don’t. This is considerably reduced during use.

So how does a Satisfyer work? If you’ve not come across this type of toy before, waves of these touch free orgasm devices have been driving clits across the world crazy with pleasure. They work by placing a silicone nozzle directly over the clitoris, so nothing is touching the clit. The device then uses a form of air pulses to create a suction or massaging type sensation on the clit.

Best Oral Sex Ever

Every woman experiences them differently, for me there’s a definite sucking sensation the more aroused I get, although it begins as a massaging type feeling. As I approach orgasm it can only be likened to the best oral sex I’ve ever had. The orgasms are super intense and often very fast.

So did the Satisfyer Pro Traveler live up to the Satisfyer hype? I was a little concerned about the smaller nozzle, but I needn’t have been as it fitted over my clit fine. However, if you have a particularly large clit this might be a consideration before purchasing.

It’s advisable to apply a slick of water-based lube across your clit before you use the Satisfyer Pro Traveler. This allows a seal to form around the nozzle and acts as a slight cushion to the extreme sensations of the air pulse. It helps to reduce the noise level too. Once a seal is formed the noise is much less pronounced and chuggy. Satisfyer say on the box the Pro Traveler is whisper quiet. I disagree with this, but it doesn’t affect my enjoyment of it at all.

Familiar Sensation

The distinction between settings is very subtle, I don’t necessarily notice the difference as I jump up one setting but if I click a few times, wow yes. I like to start around half way with Satisfyers and this is just as good on the Satisfyer Pro Traveler. Working my clit gently, waking it up and massaging it. Moving up through the settings I’m pleased to feel the familiar sensation flow through me as my orgasm grows.

One thing I do notice is using the buttons is a bit awkward. The Satisfyer Pro Traveler’s smaller body means the buttons sit closer to my actual clit and they find themselves pressed against my pubic mound. I have to wedge my fingers beneath it to change setting. Finding those buttons when I can’t see them is so difficult. I’d prefer some kind of raised icon I could feel at least to make this easier.

In Summary

I orgasm just as easily with the Satisfyer Pro Traveler as I do with any of my other Satisfyer devices. It’s powerful for such a dinky little device, and for reviews sake I carried it around in my handbag for a week and nobody even mentioned or noticed it.

I love the concept of the Satisfyer Pro Traveler. Its very clever and would certainly be easier to travel with than any of the other Satisfyers. Satisfyer sell the Satisfyer Pro Traveler for £44.95.

Thank you so much to Satisfyer for sending me the Satisfyer Pro Traveler for review. I was sent this item free of charge and in exchange for an honest and impartial review.


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