The Satisfyer Pro Penguin is one of the cutest sex toys I’ve had the pleasure to review. So, I was excited to see what the Satisfyer Pro Penguin Next Generation had to offer. When I opened the package, I was delighted with the Penguins makeover. Although the Satisfyer Pro Penguin had been my favourite Satisfyer aesthetically due to its pink colour. The Next Generation is super cute.

Sporting a new black colouring to resemble its namesake the Penguin Pro Next Generation is adorable with its little purple bow tie. There is no denying the reason the Penguin is named such now.

Subtle Changes

The remodel is the most obvious upgrade to the Penguin Pro, the other changes are subtle but none the less desirable. The main bug bear for me with the previous Penguin Pro was the controls. The former two button operation was awkward during use. When reviewing it I felt like I would benefit from the ability to dial the intensity back without resorting to a full scroll through the settings.

Satisfyer clearly listen to their reviewers! The new and improved Penguin Pro is boasting a new control panel offering a +/- type operation. To switch the Penguin Pro on you simply press and hold the upward fan on the button and it will spring to life.

Quieter Operation

As soon as the Next Generation Penguin Pro comes to life I’m immediately aware of the next upgrade. The noise level is significantly reduced. I always felt the top setting on the original penguin was a little on the loud side. It was never an issue which stopped me from using it but I’m extremely happy to see this has been addressed.

On each setting the Next Generation Penguin Pro is considerably quieter than the original model. This will make the Penguin Pro a hell of a lot more useable. So far so good… Satisfyer seem to have addressed all my main quibbles with what was arguably my favourite of the last wave of Satisfyers. But what will the Next Generation Penguin Pro be like in use?

Using the Satisfyer Penguin Pro Next Generation

I’ve always found that these clitoral air pulse type of toys can be a bit intense at first and this is always assisted by the addition of some lube across the clitoral area. When doing this it’s important to remember that the nozzle of the Satisfyer models is made of silicone. This is great in respect of it’s fully skin and body safe. However, it means it won’t be compatible with all lubes. Avoid using silicone or hybrid lubes with Satisfyer toys.

To achieve the best outcome from using the Penguin Pro it’s important to ensure the nozzle is fully over your clit. The addition of lube also helps to achieve a good seal here. Once the Satisfyer Penguin Pro is in place your body acts as a muffler. You’ll find it further reduces the noise level. Switching the Penguin Pro on I immediately noticed the next change. The intensity is definitely increased on the Next Generation.

Increased Sensations

I always enjoyed the narrow-walled nozzle of the original Penguin Pro so the familiar sensations feel amazing gently massaging my clit with air pulses. But without doubt it is much stronger. I have to build through the gradually increasing 11 intensities. I cum even more rapidly than with the first wave and it leaves me a shaking mess.

The increase in strength is subtle enough not to make the Penguin too intense but still makes a marked difference to the feeling during use. Add the new controls into the equation and using the Penguin Pro Next Generation is a much smoother experience.

For me the Satisfyer range are a guaranteed orgasm. However, this is user dependant and for some people the experience is too intense. For me they are toys I reach for over and over.

In Summary

The Penguin Pro retains its original water proof feature. Making it as at home in the water as its name sake. It’s also still USB rechargeable and I’m still impressed with the length of life after one charge.

The Penguin Pro was already a favourite. But the upgrade is a definite improvement. I’m impressed that Satisfyer have addressed pretty much all the niggles I felt the original Penguin had. The Penguin is a great size making it very easy to handle during use.  The rounded little handle sits nicely in my hand and the control placement feels very organic.

When I initially opened the Penguin Pro Next Generation I wasn’t expecting there to be much of a change. Yet I find the upgrade has given me a new appreciation of this little beaut of a clitoral stimulator. I am loving the upgraded Satisfyer models and really hope they extend the changes across the range.

Thank you to Satisfyer for sending me the Satisfyer Penguin Pro Next Generation for review. I was sent the Satisfyer Penguin Pro free of charge in exchange for an honest and impartial review.


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