When I saw Satisfyer were releasing a G Spot Rabbit stimulator I felt this could strongly go one way or the other. Dual stimulators are tricky little buggers at the best of times. Let alone incorporating the air pulse technology Satisfyer use. So, I couldn’t wait to try the Satisfyer Pro G Spot Rabbit and see for myself what it was like.

Arriving in the familiar exciting Satisfyer white and rose gold box I stared at the image on the front. The clit arm looked static and this worried me. Sliding the plastic tray out to have a look at the Satisfyer Pro G Spot Rabbit itself. Straight away I felt my heart sink. The clitoral arm was solid as I had suspected. I knew this was going to make the Satisfyer Pro G Spot Rabbit a tricky fit anatomically.

The Problem with Dual Stimulation

Dual stimulators have a difficult job. The two arms need to somehow be a universal fit for all the different and unique body shapes and sizes in the world. This is no problem if it’s just something going inside you or against your clit but managing to be the right size to hit both is awkward and often impossible.

Sometimes they feel great clitorally and don’t really do anything internally. Or maybe they feel great on your G Spot but sit half an inch off your clit. It’s a very thorny issue and one manufacturers have combated by making the clit arm flexible.

Soft Silicone

The Satisfyer Pro G Spot Rabbit is made of super soft white silicone, it feels very strokable in my hand. The Satisfyer Rose Gold is only present in accents and the control panel. It looks very medicinal much like the Satisfyer Pro Vibration.

Measuring 9 inches in total length the Satisfyer Pro G Spot Rabbit isn’t a small toy, but only around 4.5 inches of that is insertable, the rest is handle. The clit arm is very short, measuring just 2 inches. It’s completely rigid and houses a 1.5cm wide nozzle. This is to deliver the Satisfyer Air Pulse suction to the clit.

Lots of Choice

The control panel is on the handle and it comprises of 3 buttons. These are an increase and decrease button and a vibration button. To start the Satisfyer Pro G Spot Rabbit you press and hold the increase button and the clitoral pulse stimulator springs into life on the lowest setting. You can then control the intensity of this by clicking the increase or decrease button.

You have 11 different intensity levels to choose from and from lowest to highest the difference is substantial. Turning the Air Pulse off is as easy as pressing and holding the increase button again. Below this is the vibration button. This controls the vibration of the main shaft. Clicking the button repeatedly scrolls through the ten available vibration options.

Vibration Patterns

This encompasses three steady speeds and 7 staccato and waving patterns. The vibration is quite strong in the shaft but there is no way to increase or decrease this at all. Because the unit is covered completely in silicone there is some travel of the vibrations into the clit arm and although I think this is accidental I like it.

The volume of the Satisfyer Pro G Spot Rabbit is more discreet than some of its predecessors in the Satisfyer family. Even on its top setting it feels sleeker and quieter. With a seal made the air pulse noise is significantly reduced.

Because of the silicone body you’ll need to avoid using silicone or hybrid lubes with the Satisfyer Pro G Spot Rabbit. This could damage the surface of the shaft or nozzle. Water based lube is all you need with this beaut.

Problems with Fit

The silicone covering the shaft is very matt so after coating it with a little lube I impatiently slid it inside me to test the fit. The shaft feels amazing inside me. The head of the shaft has a nice bulb to it. And is just over 4 inches in circumference at the thickest point. The slight upward curve to the shaft brings the head into contact with my G spot beautifully and the matt silicone feels great rubbing against me. Now we get to the tricky point. The clit stimulator wasn’t meeting my clit properly.

I spent a little time adjusting the fit and found if I pushed the internal arm up and back a bit further the arm hovered above my clit. But even with this manoeuvring it was impossible to get the seal I’m used to when playing with Satisfyers.

Frustrating Clit Stimulation

I turned the clit arm on and found that the air pulse was still able to stimulate me, but it wasn’t great. It just wasn’t as deep a sensation as I was used to. The air pulse needs a good seal to work properly and I just couldn’t make that happen.

The vibrations feel great inside me, they certainly teased my G Spot till I was writhing in pleasure. But I felt frustrated by the weaker clit stim. It was this frustration which made me push the whole vibe a bit deeper and finally felt the connection I was looking for. Thanks to the build up almost as soon as I did this I came. But to make the clit arm reach I lost connection with the G Spot stimulation sadly.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

The problem I’ve got is playing with it since I’ve found I can never make this connection until I’ve been playing a little while. I don’t know if it’s to do with my body relaxing or my vagina stretching slightly. But I can’t slide the unit in deep enough straight away and seal my clit into the nozzle. My anatomy doesn’t seem to fit so I can achieve both stimulations at the same time

It’s not a massive problem for me as building to that point feels great and then switching to the clit stimulation to push me over the edge is ok. But it isn’t the intended use for a dual stimulator. I want blended orgasms with double stimulation! There will be people the Satisfyer Pro G Spot Rabbit doesn’t fit. My advice is take a little time playing with the fit before use. And if it doesn’t fit for you remember a one size fits all approach isn’t how sex toys work.

In Summary

I loved my orgasms from the Satisfyer Pro G Spot Rabbit, but I did have to work for them and they weren’t what I was hoping for. So, I doubt this will ever eclipse my beloved Satisfyer Pro 2 or my new favourite Satisfyer Pro Vibration. It could however be a great idea with a little tweaking and when it’s right its very right. If Satisfyer could find a way of making the Pro G Spot Rabbit with a flexible clit arm this would be a total winner.

You can buy the Satisfyer Pro G Spot Rabbit from Satisfyer for £52.95.

Thank you so much to the team at Satisfyer for sending me the Satisfyer Pro G Spot Rabbit. I was sent this item free of charge and in exchange for an honest and impartial review.


  1. I had the same problem with fit as you did but remembering how much fun the Satisfyer Pro2 is in water, where contact on my clit isn’t needed as the water pulses spurted out from the head onto me feel great, I tried the Pro G Spot Rabit in water and YUMMY, it works great. Still disappointed it is hopeless in bed butbeing able to go truely hands free in the bath with the shaft in me anchoring the pulser over my clit so the water jets get me off is a good consolation prize.


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