Satisfyer is a brand I’ve come to love so when I was offered the chance to review the Satisfyer Partner vibrator for Charlie Lee Sex Toys I was made up!

Charlie Lee are a relatively new online sex toy retailer offering a good range of vibrators, dildos, anal toys and accessories. Based in Ireland Charlie Lee offer great customer service and are very person centric. My parcel from Charlie Lee arrived in super-fast time and was very discreet. This was a great start.

About Satisfyer

Regular readers of my site will know I’m a massive fan of the Satisfyer toys. The Partner differs from these in two ways. Firstly, it’s a toy for couples. And secondly, it’s a standard vibration toy instead of the usual air pulse technology I’m familiar with from Satisfyer.

The Satisfyer Partner is bright purple in colour and made of body safe silicone. It’s a silky feeling silicone and doesn’t grab hair and lint unlike some silicone toys. Shaped like a “U” the Partner is intended to be inserted inside the vagina whilst having PiV sex with a partner.

Soft and Flexible

The internal arm of the Partner is slim, soft and flexible. When I first held it, I can imagine it being unobtrusive during sex. The external arm is where the vibration is at its strongest. The Satisfyer Partner has one motor. But if you feel this isn’t enough for your needs there is the Satisfyer Partner Plus with two motors.

The controls for the Satisfyer Partner are situated on the external arm, this is a no brainer really as they can’t exactly be inside you. A button situated on the outside of the clit pad operates the Satisfyer Partner.

Plenty of Vibration Choice

Offering ten settings there is plenty of choice whilst using the Satisfyer Partner. Starting with three steady vibration settings before moving to seven patterns. There’s a setting to suit most people. The vibration is strong but shallow.

Being USB rechargeable the Partner comes supplied with a USB charging cable. This is a magnetic charger and this connects to the two small metal points under the control button. I advise a full charge before your first use.

A Perfect Fit

The main problem I’ve had with couple’s toys in the past is them moving during use. After applying a little water based lube I slipped the Partner inside me and we decided to put it to the test. The first thing I noticed was how well the Satisfyer Partner fit my anatomy. The internal arm slid up inside me and pressed against my G Spot. Whilst the clitoral arm slotted snuggly into place between my labia and over my clit.

Pressing and holding the button the Partner burst into life. The vibration felt great against my clit, however the internal arm didn’t carry any vibration that I could feel. The first major difference I noticed was at penetration. Obviously with something already inside me this was slightly less organic than normal.

G Spot Stimulation

During sex, I found the internal arm added stimulation. As my partner moved against me it rubbed against my G Spot. He told me he experienced a slight degree of stimulation from the internal arm but it was nowhere near as strong as when I held the clitoral arm against him.

This said we still found the Satisfyer Partner offered a delicious added dimension to our PiV sex. I appreciated the clitoral stimulation. I found it much easier to orgasm and it was a much stronger, more intense experience, allowing us to climax together during sex. This bought a strong intimacy during sex, you can’t help but feel connected at that moment.

Lay Back and Enjoy the Sensation

Obviously, the vibration meant I required no additional stimulation, I could lay back and just enjoy the feeling of being penetrated whilst the Partner stimulated my clit in situ. I didn’t feel as though the Satisfyer Partner was in the way during sex and the soft flexible arms worked well with our bodies.

If I was to suggest an improvement to the Satisfyer Partner it would be the second motor boasted by the Partner Plus. Saying that I do feel like the importance should be on the clitoral arm as most men climax through penetration without any problems. It’s often women who need additional stimulation. The Partner itself is a well-designed toy adding to sex without being too obvious or awkward during use.

Added Bonus

The vibration could do with being a bit deeper but for me it was plenty. I found it made my entire vulva tingle with pleasure and this sensation added to penetration was amazing. At no point did the Satisfyer Partner come out of me during use and I found this very impressive.

I also found I could use the Satisfyer Partner during my solo play sessions. I’m always looking for how I can rinse more versatility out of my toys. I found the Partner worked just as well when I played alone as when having sex with my partner. This is a great bonus. I can take advantage of the shape to achieve hands free orgasms. This is great fun.

Waterproof and Discreet

Satisfyer say the Partner is fully waterproof enabling you to use it in the bath or shower however I can’t imagine many people feeling the need to do so. Shower sex is tricky enough to negotiate without knocking yourself out as it is.

In respect of volume the Satisfyer Partner is quite discreet. Even on the highest speeds it’s a struggle to hear it through my bedroom door. I also found once in use its further muffled by your body.

In Summary

Charlie Lee sell the Satisfyer Partner for 46.50€ which I’d happily pay. The Satisfyer Partner adds clitoral stimulation to penetrative sex and for most of us that’s an extremely welcome addition.

The Satisfyer Partner is a great couples toy and the very reasonable price makes it great for those who want to try a couple’s toy but don’t want to break the bank.

Thank you so much to Charlie Lee Sex Toys for sending me the Satisfyer Partner to review. I was sent this item free of charge and in exchange for an honest and impartial review.


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