I’m not a fan of battery powered vibrators overall. Maybe I’m prejudice from the bad experiences I’ve had with previous ones. Either way Rocks Off’s new massaging vibe the Purple Heart knocks spots off any previous battery vibes I’ve used.

The design of the Purple Heart is different to say the least. It kind of looks like a paddle of sorts. A large purple heart sits atop a short-angled handle. The Purple Heart is a deep, rich purple, almost black in some lights. It reminds me of something out of Alice in Wonderland

Unusual Shape

The large heart shaped end is made of silicone and that means its body-safe which is great news. The large, wide paddle is contoured to make it perfect for running over the lines of your body. The silicone is super soft and matt in texture. It feels silky to the touch. Because of the silicone I don’t recommend using the Purple Heart with anything other than water based lube. Silicone or hybrid lubes will damage the surface.

The angle of the head makes using the Purple Heart easy, it automatically hugs the contours of your skin without you needing to bend your wrist at any awkward angles. The 4-inch-long handle makes it like an extension of your hand and when using it for clitoral stimulation the angle makes all the difference.

The batteries go into the handle. The Purple Heart requires 4 AA batteries, and these are included with the massager. Undoing the base of the handle is a bit tricky. You need to push it up and twist it and it kind of pings open. Inside the handle is a battery carriage which slides out for you to install the batteries.

Strong Vibrations

Controlling the Purple Heart is super easy. Two buttons on the top of the handle switch the vibrations on and move through the settings. The Purple Heart has ten settings to choose from. This included three speeds and seven patterns. The patterns are much as you would expect, various pulsing options of differing intensities. There is enough variety here to find something to suit everyone.

The vibrations are quite strong for a battery powered vibrator. I was genuinely surprised when I turn it on. Although they could be a bit deeper they certainly don’t lack power. There is minimal vibration travel via the handle and the silicone heart is a terrific way to deliver them.

Large, Heart Shaped Head

The head of the Purple Heart is 2.5 inches wide and in total the length is 7 inches which sounds quite big, yet the Purple Heart seems quite small in my hand. Its lightweight and great to manoeuvre.

The Purple Heart is fully waterproof, a rubber seal around the battery compartment means you can take it in the bath or shower with you no problem. This is great as it’s the perfect size for having fun in the bathroom. It also means it’s easy to clean. Just pop it into some hot soapy water.

Super Sensation

I found using the Purple Heart so much fun. The heart shape is perfect for rubbing across my vulva and clitoris. It’s pointed tip is great for switching it up between the wide flat stimulation of the paddle and more pin point direct stimulation.

I applied some lube to the super matt surface of the heart to make it glide easier. I found circling the heart across my vulva built layers of sensation which felt amazing. As I got closer to my climax I switched to sliding the point of the heart alongside my clit to tip me over the edge. It was deliciously intense, much more than I expected from a battery-operated vibe.

Universal Appeal

The shape of the Purple Heart makes it perfect for massaging the shaft of a cock, or placing under the head to stimulate the frenulum. Its pointed end makes it great for anal or nipple stimulation too and thanks to the strong vibes it creates some great sensation. Despite the fact it’s a heart shape the dark colour makes the Purple Heart universally appealing. I think the Purple Heart is great for foreplay as well as delivering some amazing orgasms.

In terms of discretion the Purple Heart doesn’t do bad either. It’s quiet enough to be able to be used with people in the house, although it might be advisable to put some background music on.

In Summary

I like the Purple Heart, it looks stylish and feels amazing. My only niggle is that its not rechargeable. I really hate the fade in power with battery powered vibrators and the constant need to replace the batteries. I’d love to see all sex toys move to USB charge. Apart from that I can see the Purple Heart becoming a favourite on those all evening lazy play sessions.

The Purple Heart Vibrating Massager is coming to Rocks Off soon!!

Thank you so much to the amazing people at Rocks Off for sending me the Purple Heart.

I was sent this item free of charge in exchange for an honest and impartial review.


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