The Rocks Off Atomic caught my eye on release. But when I selected a review item I had to opt for the Unihorn Stardust, because well it’s me isn’t it? But I was lucky enough to be given the Atomic by the lovely Tabitha Rayne at Eroticon. Tabitha was running the Rocks Off Sponsor Stall and was showing off all the beautiful new bullets. The metallic coloured recent wave was particularly popular.

The packaging for the Rocks Off Atomic is typical Rocks Off packaging, the dark box with a front window showing off the product inside. The Atomic is striking AF. Opening the box, I found myself stroking the smooth surface of the bullet.

Unusual Shape

First thing you notice about the Rocks Off Atomic is the shape. The Atomic is basically a bullet vibe but it’s bigger than a standard bullet. Flat and long in shape the Rocks Off Atomic boasts one of the most unusual tips I’ve seen on a bullet.

The tip has a dip in the middle effectively creating almost a rabbit ear effect. The two prongs are far apart and looking at it I wonder how that’s going to work on my clit. The Rocks Off Atomic is made of ABS plastic, its super reflective and shiny.

Jewel-Like Colour

Colour is something which often creates my first impressions of a sex toy. The Rocks Off Atomic is a stunning silver and teal colour combo. The tip of the Atomic is a gorgeous jewel-like metallic teal, this graduates down to a silver ombre effect. It looks icy and stylish. Cool AF.

The controls for the Rocks Off Atomic come in the form of one button on the very base of the Atomic. One button controls do depress me a little as it means you need to pass through every setting to go back to the lower ones. The Atomic comes with ten settings. As with most Rocks Off bullets this is three steady vibration settings in differing intensities and seven patterned settings.

Weak Vibrations

The vibrations on the Rocks Off Atomic feel less strong than I’m used to from Rocks Off bullets. I wondered if it was a poor battery so changed it for a new one. But the vibes still feel like they have less power to them. I had assumed a similar motor was used in most of the Rocks Off bullets, so I don’t know why this one would feel weaker. Unless it’s because the body is quite wide and flat, so the vibration maybe more defused.

The Rocks Off Atomic is battery operated and comes complete with a single AAA battery included. There is a small disc of paper over the battery when you receive it. This is to stop the Atomic going off in transit. Remove the disc of paper and the Atomic is ready to go. The battery compartment can be found by unscrewing the bottom portion of the Atomic.

Stylish Aesthetic

Thanks to a rubber seal around the battery compartment the Rocks Off Atomic is waterproof. This means you can take it into the bathroom for bath time fun too. But it also makes cleaning it easy. Being ABS, you can literally just wipe it clean and wash it in the sink.

The Rocks Off Atomic is 4.5 inches long in body and 3.5 inches around it’s thickest point. It sits in the palm of my hand beautifully. It’s larger than a standard bullet and again I wonder if therefore the vibrations don’t translate as well. The surface is smooth, shiny and mega reflective. The whole aesthetic is sleek and stylish. I’d go as far as to say it’s beautiful.

Nestling My Clit

When using the Rocks Off Atomic I applied a slick of water based lube first, but thanks to the ABS surface you can use any lube you prefer with the Atomic. I started off on the steady settings, traditionally I have the most luck with a consistent vibration.

I found the unusual two prongs tip a little awkward to work with at first, eventually I managed to work it at an angle, so the inner sides of the prongs were resting against my clit, kind of nestling it. This felt good. I just wished the vibrations were stronger.

I tried some of the patterns to build some sensation and found one of the pulse patterns felt great, I could feel the sensation growing towards climax, but it was a slow burner and I began to feel frustrated by the lack of sensation.


Eventually by switching back to the consistent vibration on its top setting I did manage to orgasm with the Rocks Off Atomic. But it felt a lot of work for not much pay off. I can honestly say this is the first Rocks Off vibe that I’ve felt this way about.

It’s such a shame because it really is a beautiful vibe, but annoyingly even though the vibrations feel duller the noise seems louder than the Rocks Off Joycicle which I was reviewing at the same time. It’s very odd.

In Summary

I so badly wanted to like the Rocks Off Atomic but the vibrations are just not getting me there how I like it. I’d love to see Rocks Off remake the Atomic but perhaps like the Ignition, make it a rechargeable clit vibe with a stronger motor. I think this would make it a total winner.

You can buy the Rocks Off Atomic from Bondara for £18.99.

Thank you so much to the awesome people at Rocks Off for letting me review the Rocks Off Atomic. I was given this item free of charge and in exchange for an honest and impartial review.


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