I already own a couple of pairs of Funtasma shoes, this range from Pleaser specialise in fun, alternative shoes. So, when I was offered the chance to review the Pleaser Pin Up Wednesday 13 Heel by Latex Leather and Lace. I was dead chuffed. It also struck me as coincidental as I’m a huge Murderdolls fan and these shoes appear to be named for singer Wednesday 13.

The Funtasma box is a psychedelic blue and pink affair with deep purple cats all over it. The box is a good reflection of the eclectic nature of Funtasma shoes themselves. Inside my crazy box sat the Wednesday 13 black and white heels.

Tuxedo Influence

Straight away I can see the tuxedo style influence on the Funtasma Wednesday 13 heels. Black and white in colour they appear almost to sport spats with the striking white trim over the highly glossed black heel.

The Funtasma Wednesday 13 is a pump style heel with a fully enclosed back and front. A nice rounded toe makes for comfortable wear. The closed in nature of the shoe is necessary to carry all the detail. Make no mistake this is one eye-catching heel.

Being mainly black in colour matching the Funtasma Wednesday 13 heels to an outfit shouldn’t be a problem. Black and white goes with everything. The main body of the shoes is black, trimmed at the sides with a deep sweeping panel of white. This draws the eye down to the toe.

Dominatrix Style

Pump heels can be quite boring, and people often associate them with work. The Pleaser Funtasma Wednesday 13 pumps are very much shoes for play. They remind me almost of Dominatrix shoes. They strike a severe but sexy image and I feel like I should have my foot on someone’s head when I’m wearing them. God help the men of Gravesend.

The front of the Funtasma Wednesday 13 heel appears almost black and white striped. But on closer inspection it’s a white panel in the centre of the front of the shoe. Framed either side by the black this really does look very much like a mans tuxedo.

Add to this the finer details, two shiny black buttons and a large highly polished black bow and the look is complete.

Stiletto Heel

The sole and inner of the Funtasma Wednesday 13 heels are both black, making sure nothing detracts from the look of the shoe. The sole feels slightly cushioned and this makes for a very comfortable wear.

Boasting a 4 inch heel the Funtasma Wednesday 13 heels add some much-needed height to my frame and lengthen my leg nicely. There is about half an inch of hidden platform to the Wednesday 13 heels which makes them considerably more wearable than without this. The heel is stiletto and sports an intimidating shine, which on the black heel reminds me of latex.

High Gloss Patent

The heel is shapely. This might sound unusual but there is a real curve to them. It’s almost reminiscent of a kitten heel only much higher. A nice touch which is often missing on heels is a little grip on the sole. I was pleased to notice much more grip than many of my heels on the Pleaser Funtasma Wednesday 13 heels.

Finished with an exceptionally high gloss patent there is no denying the striking look the Funtasma Wednesday 13 heels create. They stand out and I found became the focal point of my outfit for the night.

Road Testing

I road tested these gothic looking beauties on a night out with my friends. And was surprised by just how well they did. I was more than able to walk and dance in them. In fact they were still firmly on my feet as I climbed into the Uber. Often by 3.30am my heels are slung over my hand and I’m dancing barefoot. I did have a little burn in my feet by the end of the night. But I went out at 8.30pm and got in at 4am. That’s not bad going.

They drew more than their fair share of admiring glances. And I was asked where I’d got them a few times whilst queuing in the ladies (don’t ask guys this is a thing that happens). I teamed them with a sexy black dress to great effect. But I’ve also found they work very well with black lingerie as bedroom shoes. They just have that super sexy Domme look to them and I feel this come out in me as soon as I slip them on.

In Summary

Being patent the Pleaser Funtasma Wednesday 13 heels will need a little TLC. Once scuffed they will be permanently damaged so try to avoid doing so. I found polishing them with a household duster bought the shine up brilliantly. There are lots of products you can buy to protect patent shoe shine as well. It’s worth investing as the shine adds to the sheer sex appeal of these bad boys.

Latex Leather and Lace sell the Pleaser Funtasma Wednesday 13 heels for £41.95 which is a great price for such versatile heels.

Thank you so much to the wonderful team at Latex Leather and Lace for sending me the Pleaser Funtasma Wednesday 13 heels to review. I was sent this item free of charge and in exchange for an honest and impartial review.


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