I spend a fair proportion of my nights out under black light of clubs and I never tire of seeing the UV glow. So, when Latex Leather and Lace sent me a couple of bottles of PaintGlow Glow Me Up nail polish I couldn’t wait to see how they looked.

Showing just how well they know me Latex Leather and Lace picked two gorgeous pinkie shades to send me. The first (and my favourite) is UV Magenta and the second is UV Violet. The bottles are a standard 10 ml nail polish size.

Brilliant Coverage

Because of the super bright nature of the polish I was fully expecting the PaintGlow Glow Me Up nail polish to be quite weak in colour as is often the nature with super bright neon’s however this wasn’t so.

The polish itself was thick and easy to apply. It didn’t drip off the brush and went on smoothly and covered well. One coat was well sufficient to cover the base of my nail. It’s worth mentioning my nails are currently in terrible condition as well from having fake nails on all over Christmas. But the PaintGlow Glow Me Up nail polish covered the destroyed surface of my nails perfectly.

I thought one coat would be fine at first and was very impressed with the coverage. The drying time was also quick. This is something I seriously appreciate as I seem to spend hours sat waiting for polish to dry.

Super Bright Neon Colour

The colours were very bright. Sometimes the colour in the bottle is not at all indicative of the colour on the nail. But with the PaintGlow Glow Me Up nail polish the finished result was exactly the colour in the bottle. This was very impressive.

The colours themselves were very similar, but you could tell them apart if you held them next to each other. The UV Magenta is a super bright neon pink of the pinkest type. It put me in mind of my flouro pink roller boot laces as a kid. I love the brightness of neon and there is a certain point during the cycle of my hair fade when it becomes almost neon pink.

UV Violet is a more purply pink. Deeper and more intense with purple tones. It’s still incredibly bright but lacks the neon pop of the UV Magenta. Both colours apply as well as the other, in terms of application there is nothing to choose between either of them. In respect of finish UV Magenta seems to have a flatter more matt finish. UV Violet looks more like your standard glossy nail paint.

Intense Glow

Now to check the glow. Using the little UV torch supplied with the PaintGlow Glow Me Up nail polish I was thrilled to see how epic the glow really was. However, the second the UV light caught them you could see the layers of nail paint where I’d only applied one coat. What wasn’t apparent to the naked eye become all too obvious once it was under the glow of UV.

I applied a second coat. This went on just as smoothly and dried to a beautiful finish. The colour became more intense with two coats. Shining the UV light on them again I was chuffed to see the familiar UV glow light up my fingers.

In the Club

Under club lights this is amazing. It makes your finger tips light up whilst you dance and draws attention to you. I had more than one person grab my hands. I must keep my nails short because of my job but I think this would look knock out on tips and the next time I apply false nails I will buy bare ones and paint them in the UV Magenta. It would look amazing on a nice long stiletto tip.

These also work brilliantly on your toes and I was mildly amused to see my glowing toes through the end of my heeled sandals. It’s very eye-catching and there is something quite sexy about it.

On the Beach

I also think as colours on their own the UV Magenta and UV Violet would work well as tan enhancing nail polish. You know in the summer when premium nail polish companies start releasing acid bright and neon’s to compliment a tan? These would do the same, particularly the UV Magenta. I can’t wait to see it glowing up in the clubs of Magaluf in the summer.

There is nothing I can fault with PaintGlow Glow Me Up nail polish. The colours are gorgeous, the application flawless and the finish beautiful. Add that to the epic glow under club lights and it’s all good.

In Summary

So, I was flipping stunned when writing this review and went to collect the link that Latex Leather and Lace sell these beautiful nail polishes for just £2.49! I was genuinely expecting more like a fiver a bottle. This is a total bargain and for that price you could splurge on a couple of colours and create Ombre looks or feature nails. They would make for a beautiful base for some diamante nail art too.

I’m totally sold on PaintGlow Glow Me Up UV Reactive Nail Polish. My daughter has already asked if she can borrow them, so I’ve hidden them away in my room. If you love a club look these are a brilliant cost-effective way to accessorise that.

Latex Leather and Lace sell PaintGlow Glow Me Up UV Reactive Nail Polish for £2.49 in a range of seven colours.

Thank you so much to the spanking gorgeous folk at Latex Leather and Lace for sending me the PaintGlow Glow Me Up Nail Polish for review. I was sent these items free of charge and in exchange for an honest and impartial review.


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