Advent calendars are usually associated with a way for children to countdown to Santa’s visit. But recently adult companies have begun to dip into the trend for grown up advent calendars. Orion had two adult Advent Calendars on offer this year and much to my excitement they sent me one of their Fetish Advent Calendars to review!

When the Fetish Advent Calendar arrived, I wasn’t prepared for the size of it at all! This wasn’t going to be hanging on my bedroom wall that’s for sure. At a whopping 68 x 44 cm it takes up half of the width of my king size bed. But deliciously as I lift it out of the enormous box it comes in I can hear a gorgeous clinking metal noise from within promising fun times ahead. The Orion Fetish Advent Calendar is heavy too, suggesting the quality of the items within it.

Darkly Festive

On the front of the calendar there is a gorgeous picture of a female with a Christmas Tree bauble ball gag on. Emblazoned with the words “Silent Night, Merry X-mas” the image is darkly festive. There is definite Christmas feel to it but it’s also sexy.

There are 24 doors cut into the cardboard of varying varied sizes. Some are very small indeed and others stretch over two doors. This sets my brain ticking straight away. There is no way of guessing what is behind each door aside from the size of it.

For the purposes of this review Orion have asked that I don’t spoil the surprises behind each door of the Fetish Advent Calendar and I agree this would be horrible. Instead I’m going to review the content as a general rather than specifics.

Varied Content

The content is extremely varied, offering imaginative items behind each door, most of these are universal with a few notable exceptions. From restraints to clamps and impact play there is a lot of scope for use within the items included and they meet a wide range of fetishes and kinks.

Within this selection there were things I would never have imagined, which literally made me squeal with delight when I opened them. Out of the 24 items included surprisingly there were also a couple of things not in my collection already.

Despite expecting the items to be more of a novelty nature I can honestly say there are only 2 items within the Orion Fetish Calendar which I wouldn’t use. As a hit and miss rate I think this is damn good. The quality of the included items was very good. Some of them genuinely had me cooing over them.

Tardis-like Space

Also, I feel there is a Tardis-like quality to the spaces behind the doors. A few times I was stunned at the size of the item which unfurled from the space behind the door. There are no real duplications at all either, which is nice.

Orion state in the product blurb,

“There are lots of saucy items waiting for you and your partner to discover, e.g. floggers, restraints, nipple clamps and hot wax”

I can confirm there was a wide range of bondage accessories and BDSM toys of all types. Some to inflict pain and some to create pleasure. Mostly items were a smaller scale version but there were a few full-size versions which were outstanding considering they came out of an Advent Calendar.

Excitement and Anticipation

Opening the doors was easy and I didn’t destroy the image on the front of the Orion Fetish Advent Calendar doing so either. Just lifting the little tab on the side of the door and gently popping it out of place. For some reason not destroying the advent calendar has always been very important to me.

Thanks to the variety and quality of the items in the Orion Fetish Advent Calendar I think there is something to delight everyone within the selections behind the doors. The excitement of opening the doors is the same as when I was a child the only difference being I know the fun opening this door will lead to.

Orion have put a great deal of thought into the products included within the Fetish Advent Calendar. They’ve managed to create the best experience possible for the widest spectrum of their customers. There doesn’t feel like there is an orientation to this calendar making it perfect for all genders and sexualities.

In Summary

If I was going to suggest a change, there would be at least one item I would leave out and I’d like to see a little more product information within the little bags containing the items. I like to know the materials used for a toy, especially one used internally.

Orion are currently selling the Fetish Advent Calendar for 89.95€ this a reduction from the original price of 119.95€. This makes each item around 3.75€ which is brilliant value as they are obviously worth more than that at retail.

I love the content and concept of the Orion Fetish Advent Calendar. It sets it apart from other adult content advent calendars. A specifically BDSM advent calendar is a fantastic idea.

Thank you so much to the fabulous people over at Orion for sending me the Fetish Advent Calendar. I was sent this item free of charge in exchange for an honest and impartial review.

Orion Fetish Advent Calendar
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