The Perils Of Plus Size

Finding pretty lingerie as a plus size woman isn’t always easy. Companies like Lovehoney are a god send for us curvier girls, stocking not just their own amazing Plus Sized ranges but companies like Oh La La Cheri. Being a sucker for the pink and black combo, when I was looking for lingerie for a boudoir shoot on the Lovehoney website, I was instantly won over by the Oh La La Cheri Plus Size Black Suspender Basque.

I always think you can’t go wrong with pink and black in lingerie it’s such a stunning combination. The Oh La La Cheri Black Suspender Basque is black with baby pink trim. The main body of the Basque is black with light plastic boning running inside the fabric.

Baby Pink Bows and Black Lace

The front of the Basque is adorned with two lines of threaded baby pink ribbon running up to the cups and finished with a girly baby pink bow above where the front two suspenders sit. This is such a feminine touch. 20161112_164128

The hem of the Oh La La Cheri Black Suspender Basque is trimmed with a soft black lace, which isn’t at all scratchy and looks gorgeous. The Basque is quite a nice length and the lace is flattering, skimming over the top of your thighs.20161112_164100

These Cups Won’t Run Over

The cups are underwired and have a slight padding at the bottom to give you extra lift and create a stunning cleavage. Between the cups sits a little baby pink girly bow to match the ones on the hem. Around the top of the cups runs more threaded baby pink ribbon. The cups are generously sized and very comfortable to wear. Importantly they offer a decent amount of support and lift giving me the pin up girl silhouette I’m looking for. 20161112_163900

The shoulder straps are a good width and fully adjustable. They don’t cut into me and when adjusted properly they lift my boobs up perfectly. I have to buy lingerie in a bigger size than I need due to the size of the boobs so adjustability is important to me as I don’t want my lingerie baggy. The Oh La La Cheri Black Suspender Basque fits perfectly. 20161112_163931

Drama-Free Suspenders

There are four detachable suspender straps with the Oh La La Cheri Black Suspender Basque. These are fully adjustable in case you’re short like me. The suspender fastenings are rubber and wide meaning you don’t struggle to fasten them, let’s be fair fastening those back suspenders is always tricky. Once they are secure the suspenders stay fastened so no awkward pinging off during play. The suspenders are trimmed with small lengths of baby pink ribbon which is a lovely touch. 20161112_164032

The back of the Oh La La Cheri Black Suspender Basque boasts hook and eye fastening. Adding to this gorgeous Basque’s adjustability there are three rows of fasteners allowing you to cinch it in tighter to your curves if needed. 20161112_163809

Give Us Fuller Knickers!

Oh La La Cheri have included the standard tiny black G string with the Black Suspender Basque. This finishes the outfit but I will continue to bang the drum for more fuller knicker options with lingerie sets. Not all women are comfortable in a G string, particularly plus sized women. 20161114_145326

The Oh La La Cheri Black Suspender Basque is hand wash only, as with most lingerie, and will need careful storage so as not to warp the boning.

Feeling Girly

Wearing the Oh La La Cheri Black Suspender Basque makes me feel so unbelievably feminine, the lace and bows are the height of girly glamour. It’s comfortable and flattering, covering all my least favourite areas and accentuating my best bits. Oh La La Cheri’s uncomplicated style is classic and should suit everyone.20161114_145304

I teamed my Oh La La Cheri Black Suspender Basque with lace top black stockings and heels which Mr Snatch absolutely loved.  It wears very well during play and I feel so sexy wearing it that my confidence rocketed and I was almost purring.

You can buy the Oh La La Cheri Black Suspender Basque from Lovehoney where it’s currently on offer for £17.50. This is a crazy price for such a beautiful item of lingerie. I love Oh La La Cheri and the Black Suspender Basque will be a perennial favourite for years to come.


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