As a woman, I can’t pretend to begin to understand how damaging the effects of sexual performance issues are for men. I fully take for granted my ability to have sex at any time the urge takes my fancy. I’ve seen virility supplements on the market and often wondered if they do make a difference.

I was recently approached by NuVirile, an American company selling male enhancement supplements. They asked if I’d consider trying a sample to review and in the interests of curiosity I couldn’t resist.

All Natural

The package arrived fast, considering the journey it had and was totally discreet. This is important as from my discussions with male friends, men are far less accepting of needing any form of sexual assistance than women. I was sent two small trial packs of NuVirile.

I was very impressed that NuVirile offer a trial pack of one or two capsules. Before you commit to buying a larger quantity, you can be sure they work for you. This is great. They also offer a 100% money back guarantee. Impressive confidence in the product there.

NuVirile is all natural. The ingredients for the proprietary blend are a list of things such as pumpkin seed extract, Siberia ginseng extract and white willow extract. There is a warning on the back to state that NuVirile shouldn’t be used if you take other medications, have had heart attack symptoms or high blood pressure. Also, it warns to consult your Dr before using.

Gold Capsules

The capsules themselves are gold in colour (snazzy) and about an inch long. My partner was not impressed at having to swallow these massive horse pills in order to conduct my research however he’s a trooper and cracked on.

NuVirile say that the capsules work within 45 mins and last up to 48 hours. This is a bold claim and I find my scepticism raising its head. Although the effects are meant to last 48 hours the pack warns not to take more than one capsule in a 24 hours period.

Impressive Claims

The effects claimed by NuVirile are certainly attractive. They say their supplement;

“Promotes harder, longer lasting, more powerful erections, heightens and enhances sexual pleasure”

Great news if it works! They also claim NuVirile is more effective than prescription drugs, despite also stating the FDA haven’t evaluated their statements. Ok time to see if the reality meets the hype.

Using NuVirile

Being that NuVirile isn’t a treatment and just a supplement it didn’t matter that my partner doesn’t suffer from performance problems, he should still be able to notice an affect with the capsules.

He took the capsule a little over an hour before we intended to have sex. This was a bit off putting as I’m not one for scheduled fun. However, if the NuVirile claims of 48 hour long effects are true, I suppose you could take them in the morning and still feel the effects that night.

I don’t fully know what I was expecting. Possibly his cock to start glowing like a souped up magic wand or something. I was very disappointed to notice no difference at all. It wasn’t even slightly glowy. However, he did say he felt different. A stronger urge, raised libido. That’s promising.

During Sex

During sex, I can’t say I noticed a difference but then again, I wasn’t really expecting to. To me his erection was the same as always. Not harder or stronger. However, he doesn’t have erectile issues so it would have been strange to notice a difference in that area

I did notice he seemed hornier, more aggressive and it is true that sex lasted longer than usual. He put this down to the lift in his libido and firmly believed it was the capsules. I’m not sure if this is a placebo effect but I do know whatever it was there was a difference. What was interesting was he didn’t feel any different at all after sex. I was secretly hoping I was going to spend 48 hours fighting off a raging hardon, but alas no.

In Summary

I feel like our situation probably isn’t best suited to test this product as we don’t suffer with performance problems. But he did feel they made a difference to his attitude during sex and I noticed this too.

NuVirile is sold for $30.95 for 12 capsules or you can buy the trial packs for $6.95 for a double capsule pack or $4.95 for a single. This is a great price for a trial and is recommended before splashing out.

I think if you are suffering from performance problems then a supplement like this might be beneficial, and certainly can’t hurt. However, I wouldn’t perceive it as a cure or treatment for erectile issues. It feels a bit like an energy drink with wings for sex.

Thank you to NuVirile for sending me the trial pack to review. This product was sent to me free of charge and in exchange for an honest and impartial review.

NuVirile Male Supplement
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