I received the Wild Rabbit from the great people at Nomi Tang just before Easter weekend. The irony of testing my very own bunny over Easter wasn’t lost on me. Rabbit vibrators tend to divide sex toy reviewers. Some love them, others simply can’t get on with them. I’m lucky in the respect my anatomy seems to work with most of them.

My first impressions of the Nomi Tang Wild Rabbit were based on the packaging. Primarily white, with an image of the black and gold Wild Rabbit, the outer box is striking. Inside sits a sturdy little case, this is also white. And nestled inside this is the Wild Rabbit. The contrast of the black and gold surrounded by white satin makes for a classy look.

Classy Contrast

At first glance the Wild Rabbit looks like other rabbits I’ve tried, the classic shaft and clit arm design. The body of the Wild Rabbit is black in colour, which in my collection is unusual. Although I do usually prefer something more colourful I feel drawn to the dark silicone shaft. The trims are gold coloured and they make a beautiful contrast.

Stroking the shaft, I notice that while the silicone is soft it’s not particularly grabby. I don’t find every time I put it down it attracts every bright pink hair in the vicinity. The silicone feels silky and smooth. Happily, being made of silicone the Wild Rabbit is body safe.

Curves and Comfort

The main shaft has a nice curve to it with a large bulb at the head. There is a groove running up the inside of the curve, this is echoed on the inside of the clit arm. The clit arm itself is solid, no split ears here. It has a narrow neck leading up to a nice chunky head. I’m happy to note how flexible the clit arm is. This often helps makes rabbits a better anatomical fit.

The handle has a nice finger loop for easy handling, it’s a small thing but I do like a finger loop in a handle. I find it makes it more comfortable to hold. On the inside of the handle sit the controls. At first, I’m confused by the controls. I can only see one button and I’m sure a vibrator like this wouldn’t be a one button operation.

Clever Controls

After reading the instructions and face palming myself for missing the obvious, I was impressed by Nomi Tang’s clever concept. On the handle, just under the obvious power button there is what looks like a long gold panel. I assumed this was decorative, but no. This clever little slider is how you control the intensity of the Wild Rabbit.

Because the Wild Rabbit come with a travel lock applied I needed to hold the power button for a few seconds to bring it to life. Once the travel lock has been removed a quick press will wake the Wild Rabbit. It’s immediately apparent the Wild Rabbit is a bit special. Pressing the power button scrolls through the ten different vibration settings.

Multiple Motors

The settings feature a multitude of different patterns utilizing the Wild Rabbit’s three motors. These are situated in the clit arm, in the head of the main shaft and in the body of the main shaft. Depending on what pattern you choose the motors stop and start independently creating all kinds of different sensations.

There is no denying the strength of Nomi Tang Wild Rabbit. The first setting just keeps all three motors on a steady vibration. To increase the strength of the vibration you simply push your finger up the slider and you can hear the power kick up. At full speed the Wild Rabbit has some serious vibration.

Intense Sensation

Working my way through the patterns I was amazed at the way Nomi Tang have used the motors to chase sensation around your body, almost like a lover moving their touch. As the stimulation changes place I find it leaves me breathless with arousal. Internally the curve on the shaft brings that lovely thick head up to meet my G Spot nicely. Some of the settings tickled it in a way that had me grabbing the sheets. A couple of the patterns were a bit busy for me but as with all pattern settings it’s a question of personal preference.

The clitoral arm settled over my clit nicely and I had no trouble achieving great clitoral stimulation from the Wild Rabbit. There is great flexibility in the neck allowing for bodies of all shapes to be able to use it.

Slippery Fingers

I really liked the controls and found them easy to use and novel. It was pointed out to me that the slider could be difficult to use with lubed fingers so I decided to test this.

It is harder to change the intensity with slippery fingers but I found I could remedy this just by wiping my hands. If I’m using a toy like the Wild Rabbit it’s unlikely I’ll be touching myself much anyway. There is already a lot going on.

About The Wild Rabbit

The Wild Rabbit is USB rechargeable and comes complete with a charging cable. The charge point is a tiny sealed hole at the base of the handle. You must force the jack through the hole to make the connection.

This may seem a bit strange but this is how Nomi Tang manage to make the Wild Rabbit waterproof. Being waterproof makes the Nomi Tang Wild Rabbit easy to wash. You can literally pop it in the sink as it’s good to submerge up to a metre in depth. Great if you own a hot tub.

With respect to volume I found the Wild Rabbit varies depending on which setting you’re using. Some settings are very quiet and totally useable even with people in the house. Some of the busier pattern settings I’d need to have music or a telly on to cover the volume. Especially at high speed.

In Summary

I’m totally sold on the clever chasing patterns of the Nomi Tang Wild Rabbit. I found it to be an unusual experience when playing with it and made for some very intense orgasms. You can buy the Wild Rabbit from Nomi Tang for $99.90. It is also available in pink and purple if black isn’t your thing.

Thank you to the great people at Nomi Tang for sending me the Wild Rabbit for review. I was sent this item free of charge in exchange for an honest and impartial review.