Lazily scrolling Twitter a few nights ago I was suddenly met with an image that made me sit up on the sofa. One of my favourite bloggers, the amazing Scanderella, was tweeting a pic of her latest acquisition

Enlarging the pic I stared longingly at the pretty plug and immediately pestered Ella for info. Because she’s a total doll she was very forthcoming and even sent me a link to acquire one of my own and so it came to pass that I became the proud owner of a Blush Novelties Naughty Candy Hearts butt plug.

Now those of you that have read my previous reviews here or on will have probably noticed a theme. I like my sex toys pretty. In fact I like everything pretty and girly because I’m a massive girly twat.

Blush Novelties Naughty Candy Hearts butt plug come in three gorgeously edible colours. A beautiful candy pink, a delicious bright purple and a fresh lemony yellow.  All are stunning. The end of the plug is a heart shape, a kind of take on the famous LoveHeart sweets they have a little phrase stamped into the base of the plug.  Being predictable I opted for pink because I loved the colour, the phrase stamped into the pink plug was “Be Mine”, cute enough definitely. The other phrases include “Spank Me” on the yellow plug and “Do Me Now” on the purple one. It was a tough choice to be honest.

Blush Novelties also do a larger set of plugs called Naughtier Candy Hearts. These come in exactly the same colour scheme but the phrases differ ( purple – “Fuck Me” pink – “Ride Me” yellow – “Fill Me Up”). The size difference isn’t massive between the Naughty and Naughtier plugs with a 5″ circumference on the smaller ones and a 6″ on the large. The length of the plugs measures up as follows Naughty Candy Hearts are 3.25″ and the Naughtier Candy Hearts are 3.75″. Now this doesn’t sound too much but these plugs are sold as a beginners plug and objects in the arse often feel a lot bigger than how they look in the hand. I personally wouldn’t recommend the larger one for a beginner.
Blush Novelties Naughty Candy Hearts butt plugs are made of body safe silicone so there are no worries about chemical issues or reactions. The silicone itself is absolutely quality and feels very touchable and soft. However this could be deceptive as there is absolutely no give to the bulb at all. They’re seriously easy to wipe clean and can be washed, however the slight indentation of the lettering may require some close attention.

My Naughty Candy Hearts butt plug arrived in a nice little clear box which was cute and not at all sleazy and delivery from Amazon was super quick. Opening it up I was very impressed by the quality of the plug. It was sweet looking and very well made and it ticked all of my boxes. The silicone felt like it might be a bit draggy on insertion so I made sure I used plenty of lube to try my Naughty Candy Heart for the first time. Once lubed up the plug was no problem to slide inside me however there is a fair difference between the width of the bulb and the neck and this makes for a fairly strong suction down to the base as the plug slides home.
Some reviews I found whilst waiting for my Naughty Candy Heart to arrive suggest that the base can be irritating to some people due to the shape, but I found it very comfortable. Yes, it’s not the most ergonomic shaped base I’ve worn but the lovely soft silicone stops the heart from being too uncomfortable. It also gives me the reassurance that it hasn’t travelled anywhere unwanted as personally I would like to see a slightly wider base, however I am slightly anal about this issue (lol @ this terrible joke).

I was thrilled to see how pretty The Naughty Candy Hearts butt plug looked once I was wearing it. You can clearly read the message and its every bit as pretty as my Princess Plug only less heavy and softer to wear. Some people may see this as a downside if they enjoy the weight of wearing a plug but I found it much more wearable. I’ve yet to wear the Naughty Candy Heart during sex and I do wonder if the softer material than I’m used to may lessen the lovely tightening effect that I get from glass or steel plugs, but I think it would be very comfortable to wear during sex. It was certainly a joy to wear during a session with my Doxy Wand, increasing the intensity of my orgasm to great effect.

All in all this is basically a plug which could have been designed with me in mind. It really pushes my buttons design wise and I enjoy wearing it. My only real negative to the Blush Novelties Naughty Candy Hearts butt plug is the slightly small base though I accept from the reviews that a larger base may make this plug uncomfortable for some people, apart from that it’s a little dream of a plug. My man loves the way it looks when worn and the little message is a cute little touch for him.
Blush Novelties is an American company and I was quite shocked by how hard it is to obtain their stuff in the UK. I’m surprised one of the large online retailers haven’t got onto this as their products seem to be popular in the UK and shipping costs are a bitch. I bought my Blush Novelties Naughty Candy Heart Butt Plug from Amazon for a really reasonable  £17.89 and it definitely looks like it cost more. I would rate The Blush Novelties Naughty Candy Hearts butt plug a very good 8/10.

I’m very grateful to Scanderella for the recommendation, you can find her brilliant blog at

My only problem now is they’re so adorable I want them all! I’m already looking at purchasing the “Spank Me” one purely as an instructional device!


I have since worn my Naughty Candy Heart Butt Plug during sex and can confirm it was indeed a joy to use. The silicone is gentle enough to be comfortable but firm enough to tighten penetration in that delicious way butt plugs do. My man loved sliding the pretty pink heart inside me and we both found it added an extra dimension to what was already a hot play session. I have since purchased a second Naughty Candy Hearts butt plug, such is my love for my first one.


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