Everyone knows what an absolute sucker I am for anything pink so when I saw the bright pink Nalone Rock Wand it was love at first sight. Purchasing my Nalone Rock Wand was an impulse buy and not the usual type, not the type where you regret it afterwards and are left with buyer’s remorse. I was introduced to the Nalone Rock Wand by the gorgeous Ruby L’Ace of Knicker Rocker Glory. During an Afternoon Tease event hosted by Ruby she was showing me some of her favourite items stocked at Knicker Rocker Glory, the instant she produced the Nalone Rock Wand I was in love. But before I gush about my new bedtime best friend, a little about Knicker Rocker Glory, in case you haven’t come across their gorgeous vintage site.

Knicker Rocker Glory is an online erotic boutique specialising in high end sex accessories and lingerie. Boasting a personal shopping service and a resident sex expert on hand for any questions you may have, the Knicker Rocker experience is personalised from start to finish. Ruby L’ace is extremely helpful and well informed on the products stocked by Knicker Rocker and can find a recommendation for even the trickiest of situations. Knicker Rocker Glory also host events and parties where you can have a go at making your own Kink Craft accessories or have a look at some of their beautiful products.


Getting back to the Nalone Rock Wand, the first thing that caught my eye was the colour. The Nalone Rock Wand is a super bright shocking pink. I already thought it was beautiful but once I’d touched it I knew I wanted to take this pink wonder home with me. The parcel from Knicker Rocker Glory arrived super quick and was extremely discrete on delivery. My Nalone Rock was wrapped in gorgeous deep purple tissue paper and I felt like a kid on Christmas morning unwrapping it. One of the best things about the Nalone Rock is the way it stimulates my senses. The silicone Nalone use is the most tactile silicone I’ve ever felt. It was like stroking silk. I found it hard to stop touching the buttery soft head of the Rock. The handle of the wand sports an almost quilted effect which adds a nice luxury detail.20161020_190627

The Nalone Rock is a traditional style of vibrating wand but at 7.5 inches long it’s a really nice manageable size. It’s cordless and USB rechargeable meaning you can use it anywhere and its perfect for travelling with. The Nalone Rock boasts 7 settings of vibration. 3 different intensities of vibration should please those who need constant stimulation while the 4 patterned settings add plenty of variety. The vibrations are deliciously strong for such a small wand; I was genuinely surprised when I switched the Nalone Rock on for the first time. The power is seriously strong and the size is deceptive. The vibrations themselves are good and strong, not at all itchy or irritating. Just feeling the Nalone Rock on my hand makes me excited to see what it could do to my clit.20161020_191021

When using it I found the head of the Nalone Rock to be a great fit for stimulating my entire clitoral area, but using a more precise stimulati0n than a larger wand. The silicone is just the perfect level of grab to apply the friction needed to make me cum. The patterned settings don’t really do anything for me but this is true with any toy. The constant vibrations were perfect for building to a delicious orgasm. The controls for the Nalone Rock are on the handle and are very simple, consisting of a power button and a plus button to scroll through the settings. One slight downside of the Nalone Rock is there is no ability to go back through the settings so if you want to lower the intensity you have to scroll through all of them. The controls themselves could be a little bit more obvious under the finger to make finding them during use easier.20161020_190951

I found the Nalone Rock to be one of the best wand experiences I’ve had outside of the Doxy. The smaller size and cordless design make this perfect to use on someone else and mean you get no problems with arm ache during play. The vibrations are deliciously strong and tease an amazingly intense orgasm out of me every time I use it without fail. It’s not left my bedside since it arrived.

The pin point hole charge point is on the base of the Nalone Rock
The pin point hole charge point is on the base of the Nalone Rock

The charging point for the USB charging cable is on the base and is a pin point charge hole. This means the Nalone Rock is totally waterproof making cleaning it after use a piece of cake, as well as being completely body safe. The Nalone Rock is also a winner in the discretion stakes as for a wand packing as much vibration power as this does it’s actually fairly quiet. I struggle to hear the Rock through my bedroom door and it could easily be drowned out by a television.20161020_191114

At the minute Knicker Rocker Glory are doing a promotion where you get a free wand attachment when you purchase the Nalone Rock. I chose the pebble which is a rabbit style double tipped attachment. The pebble is made of the same beautiful soft silicone and fits the Nalone Rock like a glove. The pebble is the icing on an already very nice cake for me.

I knew I loved the Nalone Rock on sight and in use I’ve been proved that my first impression wasn’t wrong. The Nalone Rock is a quality wand packing a hell of a punch in a small package. You can buy the Nalone Rock Wand at Knicker Rocker Glory for £50.0020161020_191049



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