If you’re anything like me you find the fucking machines used in porn extremely exciting. What’s not to love about laying back and letting something mechanical do all the work? Unfortunately, most of us lack the space and spare cash for one of these babies. The MiaMaxx bridges this gap by being a hand held thrusting fucking machine. I was lucky enough to be sent one by MEO to review. And because they are just about the most fantabulous people in Germany they also sent me an Arya sleeve to go with it.

The MiaMaxx arrived in a lovely sturdy black case covered with a purple and black outer sleeve. It’s quite a bulky bit of kit and so the case makes a handy place to keep it, I intend on keeping mine. Opening the case, I’m thrilled to see the Mia Maxx looking back at me.

Golf Club Shaped Handle

The shape of the MiaMaxx is quite unusual. The handle is almost like the head of a golf club, this leads to the concertina like hydraulic extension neck. Above that sits the shaft. The colour of the MiaMaxx is predominantly black with chrome coloured trim.

A three-button control panel sits on the golf club handle. This consists of a power button, a vibration button and a thrusting button. Even this excited me. The MiaMaxx is USB rechargeable and comes complete with its own charging cable. The charge port is situated right at the bottom of the handle and is covered by a small rubber plug which you need to pull out.

My MiaMaxx needed a full charge before I could use it, this surprisingly didn’t take very long, just over an hour. The control panel flashes red whilst charging and then lights up green when it’s done.

Soft Silicone

The shaft of the MiaMaxx is 5 inches in length, it’s shape is basic, a smooth shaft which graduates to a bulbed head. The head of the shaft is quite thick and this surprised me. The shaft is made of soft silicone. It’s very matt in finish but not at all sticky or grabby. The shaft is connected to the base unit by a chrome ring. This is where the shaft sleeve can be unscrewed.

At first, I struggled a little to remove the original shaft sleeve, eventually I got a little more forceful and felt it twist and unclick. Sliding the sleeve off I uncovered the white core shaft. It’s important to remember you mustn’t use the MiaMaxx without a sleeve over this core shaft. Applying the sleeves over the core shaft is as easy as lining the slots on the base up, sliding it down the core and clicking it around.

Three Inch Extension

The MiaMaxx’s extension is a full 3 inches, which is quite impressive. The thrusting has three speed options allowing you to pick up the pace as your excitement builds. The vibration button offers 7 adjustable settings allowing you to feel the MiaMaxx vibrating as it fucks you. I didn’t particularly need the vibration functions, in fact I hardly use it. However, if you do want the vibration on they’re quite solid and rumbly. They just feel a bit of a distraction for me.

Holding the MiaMaxx during use is very comfortable. The golf club shaped handle allows you to get a good grip on the weighty base and hold it against you close enough for the shaft to do its work. The controls are very accessible and I found no problem changing the speed or setting during use.

Slow Penetration

Using the MiaMaxx is an experience. As the shaft extends out it slowly penetrates me and I’m fascinated and aroused in equal parts. The delicious thick head of the original shaft really opens me up. As the MiaMaxx begins to speed up I can feel it hitting against my back wall in a most delicious way.

I didn’t struggle to use the MiaMaxx on my own though I can imagine it would be even better being brandished by someone else, maybe whilst you were tied up. Calm down Candy, you’re working now! At full speed the MiaMaxx does a remarkably good job of fucking me, it feels like a good, deep penetration as I push the shaft deeper inside me. I found if I put most of the shaft inside me the depth was perfect to make me cum hard. Maybe it was the thrill of being fucked by a machine but I achieve deep, intense orgasms from the MiaMaxx as it turns me into a make shift water fountain.

Arya Shaft Sleeve

Applying the Arya shaft sleeve changed the MiaMaxx experience totally.  The Arya is penis shaped, complete with veins and head. The length of the Arya sleeve is 5.30 inches and the girth is 1.30 inches. Black in colour and made of the same soft silicone as the original MiaMaxx shaft the Arya would make a pretty nice dildo on its own.

Watching the MiaMaxx fuck me with the Arya sleeve in place added an element of sci-fi reality to the play. It was like being fucked by a robot cock. I found it very thrilling to use the MiaMaxx in front of the mirror so I could watch the penetration whilst enjoying the sensations.

The Arya is slimmer than the original sleeve but has a slight texture to it. I found I enjoyed using the two different sleeves in different ways, this is a great way to enhance the variation of the MiaMaxx.

Bit of a Racket

The only downside to all the power the MiaMaxx packs is the noise level. The racket the MiaMaxx kicks up even on the lowest setting means this is very much an empty house toy only. The noise can be a little off-putting if you think about it too much. I didn’t find it hard to phase this out thanks to the pleasure.

Because the MiaMaxx sleeves are made of silicone you must remember to only use water based lube with them. Oil or Silicone lubes will damage the surface of your MiaMaxx. Cleaning the MiaMaxx is made easier by the removeable sleeves. This means you can take the shaft off to give it a good and thorough clean before returning it.

In Summary

The MiaMaxx is suitable for anal or vaginal use making it fully universal. The Arya is one of a few changeable sleeves sold separately, there is also a floor and wall mount available for added fun. I can’t lie I bloody love the MiaMaxx. It could well turn me into a totally lazy slut. I want to lay there and let all my toys do the work now.

MEO sell the MiaMaxx for 169,00€ at the moment, this is a huge reduction from the normal price of 199,00€. The Arya and other shaft sleeves are also available separately at MEO for 69,00€. This may sound quite a lot but for a hand held fucking machine that can be stored in your bedside drawer I think it’s a steal.

Thank you so much to the gorgeous folk at MEO for sending me the MiaMaxx and Arya sleeve for review. I was sent these items free of charge in exchange for an honest and impartial review.


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