Handcuffs are sexy. Manacles are sexy as fuck. When MEO sent me a set of their Wrist Manacles with Magnetic Closure I wasn’t expecting to describe them as beautiful. Sexy maybe? Or erotic but not beautiful and yet they are.

You’d be forgiven for not expecting such a luxury looking item looking at the no nonsense plastic bag packaging. Opening the bag and emptying the manacles out I was stunned by the quality. The highly-polished surface gleaming in my bedroom fairy lights.

Clever Locking

What makes these manacles special is the magnetic locking system. Hidden buried within the body of each cuff is a magnetic lock which operates by a small bolt. MEO include 3 bolts with the Wrist Manacles and I quickly figured out you can use the spare to unlock the manacles.

In the bottom of the closure of the manacles is a small hole. The tiny L shaped bolt slide into place in the hole locking the manacles closed. To open them again you need to use the spare bolt to push into the hole on the top of the manacles. This releases the magnet and the bolt slides out, freeing the manacles. This is such a swish, stylish locking system it makes padlocks look positively clunky.

Polished Steel

Made of highly polished steel the MEO Magnetic Closure Wrist Manacles look more like jewellery sat on my bed. They’re heavy and feel expensive. Even before I’ve had them on my wrist I was a little bit in love with them. I hoped they were comfortable.

The solid Manacles are separate, so they literally sit on your wrist like cuffs until you secure them. On the front of each manacle sits a thick O ring. This can be used to secure the manacles together or to other restraint systems. I attached a carabiner clip to each O ring to enable my partner to attach them to my head board.

During Use

The locking system is so easy to operate. I could lock myself into the manacles unaided and release myself without help as long as I had the key. However, when my man holds the key I can’t free myself at all.

When on the wrist, the MEO Wrist Manacles with Magnetic Closure are just amazing. They feel so sexy. The cold, smooth steel sitting against the soft skin of my wrist. Feeling them lock into place sends a shiver through me before he even touches me. It plays into all my most submissive fantasies.

Being secured by the MEO Wrist Manacles with Magnetic Closure feels very slave-like. I found this pushed my buttons so much more than leather restraints. The steel makes them very dominating and intimidating and the whole time they are on my wrist I feel compelled to behave.

Comfortable Submission

I found no chaffing or cutting in whilst wearing the MEO Wrist Manacles with Magnetic Closure, I had tried metal handcuffs in the past and strongly disliked them. This is not the same thing at all. They’re comfortable and sexy, submissive and stylish.

One thing that initially worried me was losing the spare bolt which operates as a key. How would I open them in this instance? I need not have worried. A little experimentation showed me I could use a hair pin to push the locking pin out just as easily. This is great news.

Sizing and Care

MEO Wrist Manacles with Magnetic Closure comes in three sizes. Small, Medium, Large. I was sent the Medium and they fit me perfectly. All sizes of the manacles measure 2.0cm in height. But in terms of inner diameter you’re looking at 5.5cm for the Small, 6 cm for the Medium and 7cm for the Large.

Being steel they are very easy to clean, just wipe clean and buff back to a shine. However, be careful when storing as they could easily get scratched and that would be a real shame. I have mine wrapped in bubble wrap. But I may invest in a storage bag for them.

I really love polishing the steel to a high shine, it gives me intense satisfaction both to look at and to wear. In fact, I love them so much I intend to wear them as fashion accessories alongside my collar. Cleverly the O ring unscrews to allow the cuffs to be worn almost like bracelets. I love this feature so much.

I imagine if looked after properly the MEO Wrist Manacles with Magnetic Closure will last years. Despite their beauty, they aren’t at all feminine and would look at home on any gender’s wrist.

In Summary

Although they look like they should cost a hefty price they are in fact a brilliant £54.08 for the pair. I think this is great value for money, especially given what an investment they are. If you love bondage and are looking for a stunning alternative to cuffs, then MEO’s Wrist Manacles are worth a try.

You can buy the Wrist Manacles with Magnetic Closure at MEO alongside a massive selection of other bondage accessories and sex toys. Mine have locked themselves around my heart and I can see they will be a favourite for years to come.

Thank you to the amazing team at MEO for sending me the Wrist Manacles with Magnetic Closure free of charge in exchange for an honest and impartial review.


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