For those of us who love a strong vibration a wand is usually a go-to-toy. So, when MEO sent me their Sex Shocker Electro Sex Wand I couldn’t wait to see how the electro stimulation would affect the wand experience.

When the MEO Sex Shocker arrived the first thing that struck me was the size, measuring a shocking (pardon the pun) 12.75 inches in length with a 2.4-inch diameter to the head. It challenges my Doxy in size and weight.

Swish Design

The design of the Sex Shocker is sleek and stylish. Jet black in colour with silver coloured accents it looks like a quality item. The head is wide and comfortable to use, the flexible neck makes for easy use and better direction for the vibration.

Controls for the Sex Shocker are situated on the handle and consist of five buttons. One to switch the wand on/off and then an individual set of controls for the vibration and electro stimulation. These consist of up and down arrows to change the level of intensity.

As you climb through the levels green and red lights indicate which level you’re at making the front of the Sex Shocker look positively awesome. There is a boost button on the side of the handle which delivers a wicked shock.

Strong Deep Rumbles

The first thing I should mention about the Sex Shocker is the plug. It’s an EU plug, luckily, I have an adapter, but it’s worth bearing this in mind if you’re ordering from the UK. Initially I expected the vibration to be secondary to the electro stim, don’t make this mistake.

The vibration is strong and rumbly on the Sex Shocker. It’s significant enough that I’d be very happy to use it simply as a vibrating wand. There are five levels of vibration available to the Sex Shocker, none of them are particularly low. I found even the bottom level vibration was strong enough to bring about a good strong orgasm.

Mix & Match Control Functions

You can use the two functions separately or together, so as just a vibration wand or just an electrostimulation device. There are five levels of electro stimulation. Do not under estimate this at all. Even on a low setting this issues a solid and painful shock!

Using the two sets of controls you can mix and match the vibration and shock to find your perfect combination. I found the top setting of the electro stimulation far too powerful for my tolerances. When playing with the settings the top electro stimulation setting was easily powerful enough to make me yelp in pain.

Conductive Lube

I used the Sex Shocker in conjunction with MEO E Shock Conductive Lube which is perfect for using with Electrostimulation. Without doubt using E Shock makes the Sex Shocker sensations much more pleasant.

So, what is it like in use? I applied a slick of E Shock across my clit and switched the Sex Shocker onto the lowest vibration setting. Pressed against my clit it felt divine. The rumbly vibration and easy positioned head allowed me to apply pressure directly to where I needed it. I turned the vibration up a couple of levels to heighten my arousal before I switched on the electro stimulation.

Shocking Moments

Starting very low I switched the electrostimulation on. A tingly sensation began to cover my clitoral area, occasionally this was increased to a sudden shock. The pain delivered by this shock was intense and stingy. It was enough to make me jump.

If you enjoy pain this wand is definitely for you! For the sake of the review I pushed my way up through the settings. Wincing hard by the time I reached the third setting anticipating the shocks was almost as bad as receiving them. The sensations when not being shocked were almost like pins and needles. A strange intense tingling under my skin.

I’m not going to lie the fourth and fifth settings of electro stimulation were very powerful. By the time I received my first shock of the fifth setting I threw the wand down the bed. I could not tolerate the electro stimulation of the top levels at all. The power the Sex Shocker wields is awesome.

Finding the Perfect Setting

For me the perfect level was level 3 vibration and level 2 electro stimulation. This allowed me to enjoy the pain of the electro stimulation whilst still building a deep and intense orgasm. I’ve decided since starting to experiment with electro stimulation that my climax from electro sex play is much more intense than without.

The sensation differs from using electrodes. I didn’t feel the deep muscular contractions I did when playing with the electrodes of the MEO Sex Box. The Sex Shocker feels more like it should be used for extreme Domination. I can imagine in the hands of an experienced Dom the Sex Shocker could torment some deep and painful orgasms out of a willing sub.

Using the Sex Shocker was easy, in fact I’d go as far as to say this is a very simple way to experiment with electro sex play. The wand takes care of the safety element of it and all you need to do is use it responsibly. The controls are well placed and self-explanatory and the lights on the control panel add a nice touch to the design.

In Summary

The MEO Sex Shocker is a must have for all electro sex fans and those who enjoy strong pain levels. It’s not for the faint hearted. Even on the lower settings the electro stimulation is intense. Because the two functions can be used separately essentially, it’s multipurpose and this offers great value for money.

MEO sell the Sex Shocker Electro Stimulation Wand for 149€. For mains powered wand of this strength with the added electrostimulation function this is a good price. And I think it’s well worth every penny. I wasn’t expecting such strength from the Sex Shocker and for once I feel I totally under-estimated this wand.

Thank you so much to MEO for sending me the Sex Shocker Wand for review. I was sent this item free of charge in exchange for an honest and impartial review.


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