Being new to electro sex I was thrilled when MEO sent me their Sex Box Complete Kit to review! For someone looking to begin exploring electro sex stimulation the Sex Box Complete Kit is perfect.

About The Sex Box

Arriving in a discreet plain box I was stunned when I realised the extent of the content of the MEO Sex Box Complete Kit. The main body of the kit is the MEO Sex Box, this is an electro shock unit, a tens machine of sorts. It has adjustable intensity and frequency and has 2 sockets for maximum effect. The unit itself resembles the tens machine I hired for my first labour. A small handheld box with dials on the front. There is a switch enabling you to change between 3 modes.

The Sex Box itself comes complete with 4 electrode pads, 2 supply cables with double connection to enable all 4 pads to be used at once, and a 9-volt battery to run the unit. The Sex Box is available on its own or as part of the complete kit.

If bought as part of the complete kit you also get a bottle of E Shock Electro Lube, a pair of Electro Alligator Clamps and an Electro Bullet.

Safety First

Armed with this array of equipment I needed to conduct a little research before beginning to experiment. I quickly found out that it isn’t recommended to use electro sex if you’re pregnant, epileptic have any heart problems or a pace maker.

It’s vital when playing with electrodes that you don’t pass a charge through your heart, so when applying pads, you need to think about placement. Try to determine the route the charge will travel through the body. For safety sake, it is best to avoid forming a circuit above the waist. Also make sure your unit is switched off when handling electrodes or electro toys when attached to the unit. This is to make sure you don’t inadvertently shock yourself.

Now possessing some safety knowledge, I felt confident in my ability to play with the Sex Box Complete Kit. Being a newbie to electro stimulation I decided to start with the Electro Bullet.

Using The Electro Bullet

Connecting the bullet to the Sex Box unit was easy, just plug it in and go. Whilst holding the Electro Bullet in my hand I began playing around with the intensity and frequency. I found on the lower settings it felt like a tingle under my skin, a tickle inside my palm. However, as I experimented moved it up through the settings I quickly realised how effective the Sex Box could be at administering pain.

Time to play… From the research I conducted I found it’s best to use a normal water based lube on internal electro play items. So, using a little water based lube I began to use the bullet to tease my clit. I was surprised how good it felt, the tickling tingling sensations crawled across my entire pubic mound. As the intensity was increased it began to contract the muscles and nerves under my skin making for some very intense sensations.

Deep Contractions

I slid the Electro Bullet just inside me and was stunned as my cunt contracted around the bullet with the current. It felt amazing. I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter. The feeling of not being in control of what was happening inside me was exceptionally horny. It was very easy to cum with the bullet inside me.

I had no pre-conceived notions of how I expected my first electro orgasm to be but it was very intense. It was great fun using the little bullet to tease my most sensitive parts. When turned up to full intensity the Electro Bullet delivered a powerful shock akin to being pinged with a rubber band.

My partner doesn’t enjoy electro sex but I can imagine the Electro Bullet would feel amazing run along an erect shaft or pressed under the head of a hard cock. Even against the perineum. Personally, I wouldn’t use the bullet for anal use as it’s got no flare to the base, although there is a wire attached to the bottom of the bullet.

E Shock Conductive Lube

Now I was keen to see what the Electrode Pads felt like during play. Having considered placement, I knew I wanted to fix them to the inside of my thigh where my legs meet my abdomen. Using conductive gel greatly enhances the sensation of electrodes. It allows a better spread of the current. If your skin is dry it doesn’t conduct the electricity properly and resists the sensations.

MEO E Shock Electro Lube is a thick and viscous clear gel. It works brilliantly when used in conjunction with the Sex Box’s electrodes. Without the conductive gel, I found the sensation of the electrodes to be quite irritating and concentrated. However as soon as I applied a thick layer of E Shock Electro Lube the sensation felt deeper and more enjoyable.

I found E Shock didn’t stain my clothing or bedding and absorbed into my skin after use leaving me non-sticky. The lube is thick enough that it doesn’t pour or run when you squeeze it out, instead you must spread the gloop of lube across the area. The electrodes attach well to the lubed up area.

Electrode Pads

The MEO Sex Box comes with four electrodes. These connect to the dual connector and plug straight into the unit. Remember to keep the unit switched off until the electrodes are in place. Once the electrode pads were securely stuck to my inner thighs I began to play with the intensity and frequency.

At a low setting, the entire of both inner thighs began to tingle, the sensation spread through my clitoral area and I felt like my abdomen was alive. This was thrilling! I felt addicted to the sensation and wanted to push my limits as I grew accustomed to the feeling. Turning up the intensity I played with the mode. When on modulate the sensation varied between a strong tingling sensation followed by what felt like a contraction deep in my muscles. This was deep enough to make me gasp and grab at my sheets.

Playing with Settings

Switching between the modes to experiment and play I was aware how aroused I was becoming. Feeling the electricity playing inside me left my clit tingling hard and after around half an hour of experimenting I was desperate to cum.

I came using a bullet on my clit and experienced what was probably the most intense, extreme orgasm of my life. The electricity added a completely new flavour to my climax. It made it longer and deeper. During orgasm, it felt as though the sensation was travelling all the way down my legs. Amazing.

The Alligator Clamps enable you to connect the current to other conductive items or they can be clipped directly to the body, ouch! I think this is a little above my current tolerances. But if you’re into extreme sensations and pain levels these little clips would make fiendish play mates.

My experience

It’s very hard to explain in words just how different an electricity infused orgasm is. It’s very addictive and now I feel confident in my tolerances for the Sex Box I can’t wait to let my man torture and torment me with the electrodes and bullet.

If I was giving advice to someone new to using electro sex equipment it would be do some research first. The information included with the Sex Box was basic. And using something as dangerous as electricity requires a good understanding of the safety requirements. I would love to see a bit more safety guidance included with the Sex Box set. However, in terms of the range of accessories and equipment the MEO Sex Box Complete Kit is a perfect starter kit.

Everything you could need is included within the kit and it’s made me thirst for more experimentation. I want to try further internal toys as the sensation of losing control of your own body is awesome.

In Summary

MEO sell the Sex Box Complete Kit for 229,80€ though it’s currently reduced to a very good value 183,84€. This is a great price as you literally don’t need to invest in anything else. The kit is such good quality it will last ages if looked after properly. The Sex Box itself comes in a nice storage case. I managed to fit all my additional bits within the case except for the E Shock.

I really am enjoying experimenting with the MEO Sex Box and would go as far as to say it has awoken a fetish in me I wasn’t aware I had.

Thank you so much to the amazing team at MEO for sending me the Sex Box Complete Kit. I was sent this item free of charge in exchange for an honest and impartial review.


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