Few items of bondage equipment are as intimidating to behold as the anal hook. I definitely felt this intimidation opening the Rope Master Anal Hooks from MEO.

For anyone who is new to bondage or just unaware an anal hook is essentially a way of restraining your partner via a hook that is inserted into their arse. The hook is usually attached to bondage rope and then threaded into some type of predicament bondage. This means the submissive finds if they start to change position the rope will pull tight and the hook will pull up inside them.

This is not for new players to bondage, you require a degree of experience and lots of trust to successfully play in this way. So now you’ve had your introduction to anal hooks let’s talk about the Rope Master Anal Hooks.

About the Rope Master

The Rope Master Anal Hook comes packaged in a clear plastic bag, it doesn’t come with bondage rope so if this isn’t a staple in your bedroom (or dungeon) then you should invest in some at the same time.

Made of stainless steel the Rope Master Anal Hook comprises of a length of about 8 inches of straight shaft curving into 5 inches of insertable length. This is completed with a steel ball with a 1.1-inch diameter which sits up inside you.

The end of the Rope Master Anal Hook has a ring to thread rope through to apply tension on the hook inside you. I found it was very difficult to use the Rope Master Anal Hook without rope as the pure weight of the long shaft on the external part pulls the hook out of you.

Smooth Shiny Steel

It’s important when using any metal sex toys that the surface is entirely smooth and seam free. Even a small raised edge can be enough to cut or tear delicate skin so you certainly wouldn’t want to put that inside you. Running my hands all over the Rope Master Anal Hook I can confirm there were no raised areas or seams.

The steel is smooth and very reflective and shiny. The hook itself is much heavier than I expect and all this adds to the general exciting feeling of intimidation the Rope Master Anal Hook brings.

Using The Rope Master Anal Hook

So, what was the Rope Master Anal Hook like in use? Threading two lengths of rope through the eye, we were ready to try the Rope Master out. I advise using lube with this product as even though the ball isn’t very big there is no point to it so you’re inserting a blunt object inside yourself technically.

After applying a little lube, we eased the hook inside me. I can honestly say the insertion wasn’t at all uncomfortable and the hook slid deeply inside me with no problem.

The thin shaft of the hook nestled nicely between my arse cheeks as the hook wriggled into place and my partner threaded the rope through my headboard to apply tension. As he pulled it tight I suddenly realised I was totally restricted in movement. Any change to my position applied pressure deep inside my arse.

Intense Sensations

I wouldn’t describe this as painful as such but it wasn’t exactly comfortable. And I didn’t want to test exactly how far I could pull against the rope before I experienced pain. In essence it made me perfectly submissive. The intense sensations greatly enhanced my orgasm. I loved feeling my muscles tighten around the hook as I hit climax.

Whilst in position it offered him perfect access to fuck me whilst I wore the hook. He was extremely excited by this prospect. Loving removing the hook and re-inserting it with the improved view before proceeding to fuck me. During play he could pull the hook tight using the rope and render me totally immobile.  

Universal Appeal

Although the Rope Master Anal Hook isn’t thick enough to stretch the anal passage out I could still feel a difference during sex. He commented that he could feel the ball inside me. This turned him on immensely, alongside the control he could exert over me by using the hook.

I thoroughly enjoyed using the Rope Master Anal Hook, it tapped into every submissive fantasy I had. One thing I really like about it is it’s totally universal. I could easily use the Rope Master on him should he ever allow me to.

Such was my enjoyment of the Rope Master Anal Hook I now feel the need for some kind of D ring in the wall or ceiling. For ultimate expansion of the Rope Masters capabilities.

Easy Care

Washing the Rope Master is a breeze, being stainless steel you can literally pop it in the sink and wash it. Just avoid using any harsh cleaning materials in case you scratch the surface.

This was our first anal hook experience. Although I found it extremely intimidating to begin with I enjoyed it massively. The hook adds so many delicious dimensions to D/s play. It’s kind enough in size to be used by someone that isn’t used to anal sex etc.

In Summary

This might not be the anal hook for experienced users. They may find the ball a little on the small side. But for me this was perfect. I found no discomfort either on insertion or removal. If you have experience in anal play/bondage and are looking to try an anal hook this is perfect.

MEO sell the Rope Master Anal Hook for 29.00€ which is a fantastic price for a stainless-steel toy. As a beginner to anal hook play I can’t find anything not to love about this hook. It’s certainly made the world of predicament bondage more accessible in my bedroom.

Thank you so much to the fabulous people at MEO for sending me the Rope Master Anal Hook. This item was sent to me free of charge in exchange for an honest and impartial review.

MEO Rope Master Anal Hook
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