Lube is one of those essential things that I just can’t live without. It makes sex that little bit more enjoyable and is often overlooked in the preparation for seduction. When MEO offered me the chance to review one of their lubes I was really excited. MEO specialise in male products but the lube I selected to review was PlowGirl H2O sensitive touch, a lube developed with women in mind. MEO are one of the leading suppliers of bondage, S&M and fetish wear. Based in Germany their website is an Aladdin’s cave of kinky goodies. Trying to select a lube from the wide range featured was harder than I thought and I actually ended up opting for two, PlowGirl and AnalTotal {review to follow}.

As always the parcel from MEO arrived fast and was packaged extremely discretely. I was impressed by the packaging of PlowGirl H2O, it was in a slick black bottle with pink and white writing. It wasn’t immediately obvious what the product was unless you guessed from the name. I opened the flip top bottle and had a sniff, there was no real discernible scent. Pouring a small amount of PlowGirl H2O into my hand I was surprised how viscous it was, running almost like water, unlike the thicker, gloopier lubes I was used to. PlowGirl feels almost like a body oil when rubbed into the skin. It contains Aloe Vera and Panthenol to protect the delicate skin its intended for use on. PlowGirl is dermatologically tested and is glycerine free. MEO say PlowGirl H2O lasts longer between applications due to its yielding formula. I hadn’t used a lube like this before and wondered how I would get on with it?


The first thing I noticed when I used PlowGirl H2O was the viscous nature of the lube made it messier than I expected it to be. Pouring the clear liquid into my hand and stroking it up my dildo there was a fair amount of spillage down my arm, luckily it rubs right in and doesn’t leave any kind of sticky residue. Applying it to myself was equally messy but you certainly don’t need a lot of PlowGirl, as a little spreads a long way. In terms of lubrication PlowGirl was brilliant for PIV sex or playing with toys vaginally or clitorally. It provides a silky smooth lubrication and I found the dildo slid inside me with no problem. PlowGirl kept working all the through my play session. PlowGirl is safe for use with condoms and is water-soluble so washes off without any problem, I also didn’t encounter any issues with staining. It glides across the skin like an oil, despite being oil free, and gives your skin a gorgeous dewy glow which is very sexy.

PlowGirl is clear and very fluid on application
PlowGirl is clear and very fluid on application

PlowGirl H2O is safe for oral, anal and vaginal sex, though I found it to be too thin for anal really. I prefer a thicker lube. I tried using PlowGirl to insert a plug and found the silicone of the plug almost absorbed the lube, there was still too much friction for me to be able to insert the plug happily. Perhaps it’s because of the very liquid nature of PlowGirl but I found anally it just wasn’t thick enough. However vaginally PlowGirl is fantastic, I had no irritation or soreness after sex despite enjoying rough play. There is no unpleasant sticky feeling afterwards, the unused lube just kind of absorbs into your skin and leaves you feeling super soft.

PlowGirl is totally tasteless but like all lubes it does leave your mouth feeling a bit strange when you get it on your tongue. I found it left an oily type of residue in my mouth, a bit like kissing someone wearing suntan lotion. It wasn’t unpleasant or bad tasting, just weird.

PlowGirl leaves your skin with a glowy sheen.
PlowGirl leaves your skin with a glowy sheen.

My Verdict On PlowGirl H2O Sensitive Touch

I really like MEO PlowGirl H2O Sensitive Touch lube. I enjoy the silkier, less wet sensation and found the feeling to be very sensual in use. I loved the fact it didn’t leave me sticky and uncomfortable after sex and to be honest I’m not even bothered about the fact it wasn’t very good for anal. I’m quite used to using specific lubes for anal. I think PlowGirl H2O is really good value for money as £15.99 gets you 100ml which will last ages as it goes so far. I will definitely be buying PlowGirl again. If you would like to try MEO PlowGirl H2O Sensitive Touch lube you can find it and a huge selection of other lubes at MEO.

I was sent MEO PlowGirl H2O Sensitive Touch lube free of charge in exchange for an honest and impartial review.


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