In terms of product names MEO’s ManCunt is by far the most shocking name for a lube I’ve come across. Man Cunt is a slang term for a man’s arse so I’m guessing before I’ve even checked the blurb on the bottle this is probably an anal lube. This isn’t surprising considering MEO are a male orientated supplier. German mail order specialists MEO have a huge labyrinth like website stocking just about every item of fetish wear and sex accessory you could ever need. Although MEO is aimed at men there are plenty of gorgeous items to please every gender.

What is ManCunt?

Despite being based in Europe MEO’s delivery times are always super-fast and the packaging is extremely discreet. Inside the parcel was the familiar black bottle style that most MEO lubes have. ManCunt Hybrid Lube comes in a hefty 125ml pump bottle. I like the pump dispenser and it seems a much less messy way of distributing lube. With the word ManCunt emblazoned down the side of the bottle you probably won’t want to leave this lube out for public viewing. However, I quite enjoy the graphic nature of the product and it makes it somehow more erotic.

ManCunt comes in a handy pump dispenser bottle
ManCunt comes in a handy pump dispenser bottle

Squirting some MEO ManCunt hybrid into my hand I could see it was a thick white, lube. At first the dollop sat up on my skin but with the heat of my body it slowly began to melt down into a small puddle. ManCunt is mainly tasteless and odourless, although there was a very slight chemical smell to it, almost like a hand cream. The white colouration of ManCunt makes it look very realistic, almost like cum. The texture is very similar being thick and slippery between my fingers. It’s a good likeness.

ManCunt is oil and fat free, contains no parabens and isn’t tested on animals {scoring itself some serious plus points in my book.} Safe for use with condoms, ManCunt is great for both anal and vaginal sex.

ManCunt is a hybrid lube, meaning it’s a mix of silicone and water. This means to some degree you get the best of both worlds. The silicone in ManCunt creates a beautiful smooth texture, it’s slippery and feels sexy just rubbing it between my fingers. The water base allows ManCunt to be washed off easily and means it shouldn’t stain your clothing or bedding.

One obvious downside with ManCunt is the silicone in the hybrid formulation makes it incompatible with some silicone toys, so bear this in mind if you’re playing solo or using it for inserting plugs. However, if you’re using glass or metal toys this will be a brilliant lube.

Using ManCunt

So, what’s ManCunt like in use? One of my favourite things about ManCunt Hybrid is how thick it is. When you’re applying it you can feel the silicone in the velvety texture, it glides over skin making it great to apply during foreplay. Applying it to myself was super easy, its very directional where it holds its form for a few seconds, enabling you to get it where you need it. 20161030_125821

ManCunt may be designed for anal sex however it is equally brilliant for PIV sex. The natural look creates almost a “cream pie” effect when used vaginally that’s incredibly sexy. On penetration, the silicone within the hybrid formula creates silky glide and removes all friction from even the most vigorous play. It feels very real during use, almost mimicking my own wetness on arousal.

ManCunt is very long lasting, it doesn’t evaporate thanks to the silicone and will stay put, working right the way through play time. ManCunt differs from pure silicone lubes, it leaves no sticky residue after use, you can literally wipe it away and wouldn’t know you’d used it. The Hybrid formula really is a clever twist to a classic lube.

When used anally ManCunt is very soothing, the silicone reduces pain and increases pleasure. Once again it didn’t need reapplying and stayed working right the way through the session. ManCunt is great for assisting insertion of anal plugs and toys. The texture of ManCunt improves the anal experience allowing anal penetration to be as smooth and enjoyable as vaginal sex.

In Summary

I felt no irritation after using ManCunt, there was no nasty after effects for either of us and I also found it removed the burning sensation I can sometimes feel after hard anal. MEO state on their website that ManCunt Hybrid wins recognition with porn producers excited both by performance and its cum-look, I can believe this as it’s one of my favourite things about ManCunt. It’s sexy as hell, the luxurious texture is not only erotic during play but it leaves your skin feeling soft after use.

 MEO sell ManCunt hybrid for £15.19 which may sound quite a lot of money but it’s a whopping 125ml bottle and that handy pump dispenser makes it very easy to control the amount used. A little ManCunt goes miles and there is absolutely no chance of spillage and minimal waste. 125ml will last a long time and given the quality of the hybrid blend I think £15 is a fair price. Silicone lubes are often more expensive than water based as silicone isn’t a cheap ingredient.

This is yet another MEO lube I’ve really enjoyed using. The sexy velvety texture is perfect for almost any sexy encounter apart from use with silicone toys ManCunt is a great all-rounder. I’d definitely keep ManCunt in my bedside drawer. I rate ManCunt Hybrid Lube a 9/10 it’s a perfect accompaniment to any type of sex.

You can buy ManCunt and other awesome lubes at MEO for £15.19 this is a must have for all anal fans.

MEO sent me ManCunt free of charge and in exchange for an honest and impartial review. Thank you to MEO.


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