Lube is such an important part of safe and fun play and yet it’s often over looked. MEO have an eclectic range of lubes to meet just about every need so when they sent me their Lube Shooter I wasn’t surprised.

The MEO Lube shooter arrived in a clear plastic packet, looking for all the world like an over-sized Calpol doser. Bright blue in colour and made of transparent plastic the Lube Shooter is very simple in design but clever none the less.

Pre-load the Fun

The long tube-like design has a hole in the tip, this is placed into the lube bottle.  Inside the tube is a withdrawable plunger which pulls a measured amount of lube up into the tube. The Lube Shooter comes with a removeable cap so you can preload and cap it for use later. Thanks to the rubber seal inside the tube the Lube Shooter is leak proof so can be used on the go as well as in the privacy of your home.

I found drawing the lube up into the tube very easy. There is a degree of resistance to pulling the plunger out but it’s nothing insurmountable. Once the tube is filled with lube it was very easy to wipe the tip and cap the Lube Shooter.

There is something about the Lube Shooter that makes me feel slightly medical. Brandishing it like a large blue syringe and letting a little squirt out the top. It’s quite a powerful feeling.

Direct Delivery

When it comes to delivery the Lube Shooter is perfect. The long tube is ample to be inserted deep inside either cunt or arse with minimum effort. Measuring 7.5 inches in length it will take the lube as deep inside you as you desire. Holding the Lube Shooter in place before pressing the plunger is a moment filled with anticipation.

I found it best to hold the Lube Shooter with one hand and press the plunger with the other if the tube was full. If the tube was only half filled I could do it easily with one hand. Watching the lube vanish from the tube and feeling it flooding inside me was a surreal moment. Like a fake ejaculation.

Trickles Out

Once the lube was dispensed inside me I began playing with a toy, sliding the dildo inside me I was fascinated at the ease of insertion and how the toy was coated in lube when I slid it out. Another exciting aspect of using the Lube Shooter is the way the lube trickles out of me after insertion. This is great for fantasy play as it very much does look like a “cream pie”.

Anally the Lube Shooter makes anal sex an absolute dream. It is without doubt lube makes anal easier but having it already inside you seems to reduce the friction ten-fold. I found my own personal preference was to only use half a tube anally as a full tube felt too messy. It felt like a douche when using it before sex.

Cleaning Up

Being made of plastic the Lube Shooter is perfect for use with any lube, water based, silicone and oil will all work brilliantly. However, remember if you’re playing with silicone toys to avoid using anything other than water based lube.

Cleaning the Lube Shooter was a bit of a faff. It can be washed in hot soapy water but getting inside that tube is hard work. Flushing the tube through with water works to some degree but it’s impossible to make sure it’s totally clean without using something like a pipe cleaner or small bottle brush. If you are going to use the Lube Shooter a lot I’d advise buying an implement to clean it out well.

MEO sell the Lube Shooter for the bargain price of 4,95€ now, which is 50% off the original price! If you like plenty of lube during play then this is a bargain you would definitely enjoy.

Thank you to the amazing team at MEO for sending me the Lube Shooter for review. I was sent this item free of charge in exchange for an honest and impartial review.

MEO Lube Shooter
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