Anal sex is nowhere near as much fun without lube. German company MEO have an absolute wealth of lubes for every need. I’ve reviewed a couple of MEO lubes before and found them to be exceptionally good quality so I was excited when I received a bottle of MEO FuckSlut Platinum Lube all the way from Berlin.

If you are new to MEO they run an enormous website aimed mainly at male sexual needs, however I can always seem to find something on there I want so don’t be deterred from having a look if you aren’t the owner of a penis. The lubes section is one of the most comprehensive I’ve seen and they all seem to be tailored to a particular set of needs. There is a lube for everyone at MEO.

About FuckSlut Platinum

FuckSlut Platinum Lube comes in the familiar black MEO bottle with the product name and MEO logo printed on the front in silver. The packaging is very masculine and reminds me a little of male toiletries. The one thing you could never accuse FuckSlut of is subtlety. With the tag line “From anal virgin to butt slut in seconds flat” emblazoned under the product name this isn’t one to leave laying around unless you’re particularly bold about your sexual choices. MEO label this range of lubes as “provocative lube” and I can understand why. Luckily I am in fact already a butt slut so I’m perfectly positioned to try FuckSlut out and love the graphic nature of the name. it makes an already sexy product sexier.20161029_233217

Opening the flip top bottle, I poured a little FuckSlut into my hand, you don’t need to squeeze this lube, it literally pours out. My initial thoughts on seeing the thin clear liquid in my palm was that I didn’t think it would be any good for me for anal. I like a thick gloopy anal lube, one that will stay put and not vanish halfway through play.

FuckSlut is a clear, colourless, odourless and tasteless lube. MEO’s website says FuckSlut is oil and fat free and this is confusing as spread around my hand FuckSlut felt like it was oil based. Further investigation revealed in fact this is a silicone based lubrication gel with all the glide and slide of oil.

FuckSlut has an incredibly light formulation, it’s like the silkiest body lotion and though I do usually look for the opposite in an anal lube, I loved the feeling of FuckSlut on my skin enough to suspend my doubt and wait to try it.

FuckSlut In Use

In use Fuckslut feels like giving a massage to his penis, stroking the silky liquid up his shaft gave phenomenal glide. Its enjoyable enough on its own and I imagine it makes an excellent masturbation lube for men. The thin ultra-viscous liquid is trickier to apply to myself, although just as much fun. Feeling the warm liquid trickle down my arse crack makes me shiver before he’s even touched me, it’s like a feather light tickle. It feels just as good dribbled over my clit and folds, but once again I wonder about the staying power of such a thin lube.

MEO FuckSlut is very thin in consistency and does trickle down the skin
MEO FuckSlut is very thin in consistency and does trickle down the skin

I need not have worried. MEO have created a real beauty in FuckSlut. Even though its super light it creates like a film over your skin and this stays put no matter how wet you get, no matter how rough you play. It didn’t need to be applied and once coated in FuckSlut our genitals slid together in perfect harmony with not a touch of friction.

MEO say FuckSlut is a great lube for anal stretching and I can well believe this as it simply takes much of the ouch out of putting things in your arse. I used FuckSlut with my largest most breath takingly stretching butt plugs and found it made insertion a breeze. It made anal sex much more pleasurable, and is also great for vaginal sex too. FuckSlut is almost impossible to wash off your skin unless you use soap, it feels like you’ve rubbed baby oil into your skin. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it left my skin super soft and means it can be used in the shower or bath. I often find penetration is awkward under water because you lose your natural lubrication, FuckSlut replaces that.

In Summary

FuckSlut is great for anal and PIV sex, brilliant for using with toys and for inserting plugs. My only real dislike about MEO’s FuckSlut Platinum lube is once it’s on, it makes oral sex a bit tricky as the lube is very oily in your mouth. There is no taste to it, it just coats your tongue and lips the same way it does your genitals and whilst this is great for friction free fucking it leaves your mouth feeling a bit weird.

Condoms are perfectly safe for use with FuckSlut and its formula has been dermatologically tested for skin and mucous compatibility, reducing the risk of it causing irritation after use. I found no irritation or after effects at all. In fact, I’d go as far as to say I’d quite happily use FuckSlut in place of a body lotion if I didn’t have one and needed one. It really does feel that nice on my skin.

Being clear and colourless there are no staining problems with FuckSlut though be warned it can be messy due to the thin, runny nature of the formula.

MEO sell FuckSlut in two sizes, the 100ml classic bottle costing £13.40 or the smaller crusing bottle at £6.20 for 30ml. FuckSlut has a crazy spread to it so a little goes a long way and you don’t need much, saying that controlling it isn’t easy and you may find you lose some in spillage and dribble. I do think MEO FuckSlut is worth the money as it’s an amazing lube, with a different texture to most anal lubes I’ve tried and the double bubble bonus of being able to be used vaginally as well.

I’ve yet to come across a MEO lube that hasn’t been good quality and great value for money so if you’re in the market for a new lube, or just about to run out get yourself to MEO and check out the amazing range. I’d give FuckSlut a slippery 8/10 it loses marks because of my penchant for oral during sex and that oily mouth feel, however if you can refrain from that this lube will make your genitals very happy.

I was sent FuckSlut Platinum Lube in exchange for an honest and impartial review. Thankyou very much to MEO for sending me FuckSlut to try.20161029_232953


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