Anyone who regularly indulges in anal sex will tell you the key to enjoying it for both parties is great lube. The anal passage, unlike the vagina, isn’t self-lubricating and so without additional lubrication the friction created during anal sex can be potentially damaging and painful. German sex specialists MEO offer an enormous range of targeted anal lubes which are aimed at improving the experience. When MEO offered me the chance to review one of these lubes I opted for AnalTotal which is a lube aimed at both anal and rimming. As always MEO were super quick and discrete with despatch and delivery, their customer service is really excellent.

First Appearances

I really like MEO’s bottle design for their lubes. The bottles are shiny and black with a flip top. The product title is written down the front of the bottle in pale blue and white writing. You couldn’t really disguise this product in your bedroom as it has MEO AnalTotal emblazoned on the front but that’s to be expected given that it is the product name. Opening the bottle, I sniffed the contents, I couldn’t detect any real scent to AnalTotal which was a good start. Nothing is as off putting as the strong chemical scent that accompanies some lube. I squeezed a small amount of MEO AnalTotal into my hand and was pleased to see how thick the clear liquid was. It spread nicely and didn’t run down my skin, making it perfect for self-application.

MEO AnalTotal is thick and clear.
MEO AnalTotal is thick and clear.

Using MEO AnalTotal

It is without doubt that I say MEO AnalTotal is one of the best anal specific lubes I’ve ever used. It’s thick formula lasts ages and provides almost a cushion of moisture preventing friction issues and allowing toys, plugs and cock to slide effortlessly inside me. Even using my most grabby toys AnalTotal made penetration a joy. There was no need to reapply as AnalTotal stays put through even my roughest play and didn’t evaporate or absorb into my skin. There was no sticky after feeling either, which is most unusual with a lube this thick. It’s very stimulating to stroke the cool thick AnalTotal gel over his cock before use and I really don’t need to use much as the spread is amazing. When applying it to myself it stayed put and was brilliant for vaginal play as well as anal, in fact it’s a great all-rounder.

MEO state that AnalTotal is also aimed at rimming, making the experience more pleasant for the person doing the rimming. I was slightly confused by the website claim that MEO AnalTotal is vanilla flavoured as I could discern no taste at all, whilst in use or even directly from the bottle, to me AnalTotal is tasteless. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, there is a very slight tang to the tongue when licking AnalTotal but it isn’t unpleasant and doesn’t leave your mouth feeling peculiar unlike some lubes I’ve tried. I’m not sure I’d specifically apply AnalTotal for rimming but if I was already using it, it certainly wouldn’t stop me from oral play. I experienced no staining issues with AnalTotal on clothing or sheets, which is another plus point.

About AnalTotal

MEO’s website says the vanilla flavour that I fail to detect mirrors pheromones, perhaps this is why it is so subtle. MEO AnalTotal is safe for vaginal and oral sex as well as anal. MEO say AnalTotal is suited to certain sex toys but don’t state which toys it isn’t suitable for use with, which is a bit strange. AnalTotal is a water based lube, it’s fat free and is dermatologically tested. Neither of us suffered any irritation or discomfort during use or after and I definitely noticed an increase in comfort during penetration, he was able to fuck my arse with as much ease as he would usually fuck me during PIV sex.

AnalTotal comes in 100ml bottles which will last a long time as it really does spread and due to the thick consistency you shouldn’t ever spill or waste any. 100ml will set you back £17.08 but I think this is great value for money as I would happily use this lube for all types of sex, not just anal.

I really love MEO AnalTotal it will be my go to lube for sex now, particularly anal as it just makes such a difference in the level of pleasure. If you are an experienced anal player this is a lube you need in your collection and if you are new to anal or considering anal for the first time I strongly recommend this lube as a great addition to play. Your arse will thank you for it.

You can buy AnalTotal and other MEO lubes at MEO

I was sent AnalTotal by MEO free of charge in exchange for an honest and impartial review.


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