Massage is a wonderful way to explore your partner and warm up for a night of passion, I love both giving and receiving. MEO recently sent me a bottle of their AmoreMeo Kissable Massage Gel in Salted Caramel flavour.

Coming in a 125mls there is plenty of AmoreMeo Kissable Massage Gel in one bottle and a little really goes a long way. The bottle is a pump action dispenser issuing a measured glob of gel. The packaging is simple and understated with a pale-yellow label. It wouldn’t look out of place on your bedside table.

Strong, Sweet Scent

The first thing I notice about the AmoreMeo Kissable Massage Gel is the smell. The scent of Salted Caramel is very strong and distinct. There is a warmth to the smell and its certainly mouth-watering.

Dispensing a glob onto my hand I notice the AmoreMeo Kissable Massage Gel is clear and not at all like a traditional massage oil. For a gel its very viscous and thin, literally running across the skin as it hits it. This makes it spread very easily. I found the AmoreMeo benefits from a shake before you dispense it.

Smoothing it across the skin I notice the texture looks more like a liquid, beading as it thins out. It allows the fingers to travel across the surface of the skin beautifully. The AmoreMeo Kissable Massage Gel doesn’t leave an oily residue to the skin, which is great.

A Lack of Warming

The label for the AmoreMeo Kissable Massage Gel states the product is warming. I can’t say as I felt any warming effects at all during use, not even on sensitive thinner skin areas. This didn’t affect my enjoyment of AmoreMeo Kissable Massage Gel. But if you’re looking for a warming gel this isn’t a particularly strong one.

The lubricating effects of the AmoreMeo Massage Gel lasts for a little while before being absorbed into the skin. This still allows fingers to travel with ease, but not in the slippy slidey oily way we are used to expecting from a massage product.

I found AmoreMeo Kissable Massage Gel left my skin moisturised and soft, there was no oily feeling but I did feel a bit sticky. This is probably due to the glycerine content.

Delicious Flavour

Being called Kissable I took it to mean there was a degree of edibility to the AmoreMeo Kissable Massage Gel. The flavour of the Salted Caramel AmoreMeo is warm and sweet. The Caramel back notes set your mouth watering. It tastes good enough to be put on ice cream (though this isn’t recommended) It’s very nice licked and kissed off the skin that’s for sure.

Looking to the ingredients label I notice that AmoreMeo Kissable Massage Gel contains Glycerine and Sodium Saccharin. Both are sweeteners, and this means I wouldn’t recommend using this product internally. Sugars can turn to yeast in the vagina and this can lead to yeast infections in those prone to them. AmoreMeo Kissable Massage Gel is also not compatible with condoms.

Sensual Experience

I found using the AmoreMeo Kissable Massage Gel to be very enjoyable. The liquid lends itself to a smooth massage and the scent adds exciting elements to an already sensual experience. If you’re someone who doesn’t enjoy mixing food and sex this may not appeal to you. But I found the caramel scent far superior to the usual synthetic strawberry type scent.

A little AmoreMeo spreads a long way. A small glob of the gel spreads thinly across the skin and covers a fair expanse of skin. However, I did need to reapply it a couple of times during use thanks to its fast absorption.

In Summary

I had no problems with staining when using AmoreMeo Kissable Massage Gel, the clear gel washed off my sheets and clothing with no issues. Possibly because the gel is water based itself. This is great as massage oil can be very messy and ruin bed linen.

My only issue with AmoreMeo Kissable Massage Gel Salted Caramel is the lack of warming effect. It would be more exciting if the product had heated up on the skin as expected. Which is a shame.

MEO sell a vanilla version of the AmoreMeo Kissable Massage Gel if salted caramel isn’t to your taste. Usually MEO sell AmoreMeo Kissable Massage Gel Salted Caramel Flavour for 9,90€ but its currently on sale for 7,00€. Considering how far the product spreads and how lush it tastes, I think this is excellent value.

Thank you so much to the great people at MEO for sending me the AmoreMeo Kissable Massage Gel. I was sent this product free of charge and in exchange for an honest and impartial review.

AmoreMeo Kissable Massage Gel Salted Caramel
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