The Medium and Large Deep & Comfortable Butt Plug
The Medium and Large Deep & Comfortable Butt Plug

Butt plugs are a great way to prepare your arse for anal sex. Many people find a thrill in wearing a butt plug long term but finding the perfect plug for long term wear is not as easy as it sounds. Unyielding materials such as metal and glass can be too hard for long term wear and even though its important to ensure your plug has a flared base this can make long term wear uncomfortable as the base digs into your cheeks. When German mail order specialists MEO offered me the chance to review some items from their site I was curious about their 24/7 Deep And Comfortable Butt Plug. When the package from MEO arrived I was surprised how quickly it got to me and pleased with the discreet nature of the parcel. Inside MEO had generously sent me a Deep & Comfortable Butt Plug in each size and the differences were stunning. The Small 24/7 Deep & Comfortable plug is 100mm x 25, with a 6mm tip curving to a maximum girth of 25mm down to a 13mm neck. The base measures 2.25 inches. This is a nice plug for beginners with a gentle shape and not too much of a stretch. The medium 24/7 Deep & Comfortable plug is 100mm x 35 with a 13 mm tip curving to a maximum girth of 35mm and a 16mm neck. The large 24/7 Deep & Comfortable plug is 100mm x 45 again with a 13mm tip but this time curving to a girth of 40mm with an 18mm neck. And then there’s the whooping extra large Deep & Comfortable plug which is 100mm x 50 with a 19mm tip curving to a stretching 50 mm and a 28mm neck.

The Deep & Comfortable Butt Plug has a curved base to hug your body
The Deep & Comfortable Butt Plug has a curved base to hug your bod

Most of the MEO plugs I was sent were packaged in a clear plastic packet but the large was in a black box for some reason. The packaging is no frills and makes it very clear the item inside is a butt plug so if discretion is important to you don’t open this item in company.  The MEO 24/7 Deep & Comfortable plug is made of body safe silicone which is silky smooth to touch and has no discernable odour. The plug has a T shaped base leading to a narrow neck curving up to a large traditional bulb in the larger sizes and a gentler one in the smaller sizes, the Deep & Comfortable plug is totally seamless. All 4 plugs are solid black in colour and look all business. MEO is primarily aimed at men and the T shaped base on the Deep & Comfortable plug is shaped to stimulate the perineum which in some men can lead to G Spot stimulation. The insertable shape of the MEO 24/7 Deep & Comfortable plug is designed to sit perfectly in the anal canal and reach the prostate for additional stimulation during wear. The T shaped base is curved to nestle between the cheeks without causing discomfort but remaining perfectly safe and prevent unwanted travel.

MEO Deep And Comfortable Butt Plug medium

The size difference may not sound much in numbers but in size it’s astounding. Looking at the MEO 24/7 Deep & Comfortable plugs I felt pretty sure I couldn’t use the Extra Large but the Medium and Large looked perfect for me and the Small for him. The silicone feels grabby and I realise I’ll need plenty of lube, fluff and lint really love this silicone, this isn’t a problem as MEO also sent me a perfect lube for anal in MEO AnalTotal (review to follow) coating the plug in a healthy dollop of lube I found it slid home no problem at all. In terms of size the medium was a little too small and slipped out a few times but the large was perfect, stretching me almost to my limit on insertion and sliding home comfortably. Once it was in place the Large 24/7 Deep & Comfortable plug was pretty snuggly fitting and the base could hardly be felt at all which would be a definite plus point for long term wear. I found after a while I actually could almost forget I was wearing the MEO 24/7 Deep & Comfortable plug. It doesn’t hold a weight to it like a metal plug and just applies a gentle stretch inside which is very sexy as you go about your day to day business.  I would advise buying a slightly larger plug than you think you need to ensure it stays in place as nothing is more frustrating than the plug sliding out as you move around and whilst this happened with the Medium 24/7 Deep & Comfortable plug I had no such problems with the Large.

MEO Deep And Comfortable Butt Plug Small

I found wearing the MEO 24/7 Deep & Comfortable plug during sex to be very satisfying. It certainly enhanced the sensation by tightening penetration and I enjoyed this on my own with a dildo too. The T shaped  base didn’t get in the way which I was slightly concerned about. The MEO Deep & Comfortable plug is safe for use with any lubricant and is totally waterproof making cleaning super easy. The price for the MEO 24/7 Deep & Comfortable plug is size dependant but considering this is a silicone plug I think this is pretty good value for money. The Small plug is £15.25, the Medium £24.27, the Large is £26.98 and the Extra Large is £29.69. I think the 24/7 Deep & Comfortable plug is great for starters to anal play or lovers of plugs in general as it’s a no frills butt plug that’s extremely comfortable in use. I prefer a prettier plug for sex due to the appearance but for long term wear this is by far superior in terms of comfort.  I rated the MEO Deep & Comfortable plug and 8/10. You can buy this and other plugs at MEO

I was sent the Deep and Comfortable plug free of charge in exchange for an honest impartial review.



  1. On their website they say “Safe to use with any lubricant.” would that include silicone based lube too even though It’s a silicone toy?

    • Hi Hi!

      It’s not recommended to use silicone lube with silicone toys as it can damage the surface! Similarly with hybrid or oil based lubes! Water based lubes are always best with silicone toys!

      Candy 💋


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