Spoilt Brat

I often say I’m spoilt. My other half would say this is reflected in my bratty behaviour so it’s not really surprising that I fell in love with the Lovehoney Spoil Me Chemise. Even less so given its candy pink and black colouring. It could have been made for me.

What really drew me about the Spoil Me Chemise was the unusual design. The Chemise has a beautiful racer back, something I’m not sure I’ve seen in a chemise before. This is made up of three straps accented with black lace and a pink bow. It’s painfully pretty. But would it be comfortable? 20170113_190042

Candy Satin and Black Lace

The Spoil Me Chemise is a vision of femininity. I’m guessing this is Lovehoney’s line for Valentine’s and it certainly is romantic in appearance. The centre of the Spoil Me Chemise has a candy pink satin panel. I’m usually not a big fan of satin. It’s unforgiving and can look cheap however here this isn’t the case and it gives a stunning pop of colour.20170113_185811

The candy satin panel is tapered to create an hourglass illusion to the eye, making the very most of your curves. Either side of the candy satin is black mesh, this is just see through enough to be sexy without feeling too revealing.

Outrageous Cleavage

The half cups are plunge and this gives an outrageous cleavage. They are underwired and half padded with pink satin to where your nipple sits, the rest is the remaining overlay of black lace. This allows a tantalising glimpse of your nipple without the full peekaboo effect. The Spoil Me Chemise fastens at the front, between the cups, with a hook. This adds to the dramatic cleavage and pulls your boobs together to great effect.

The straps are thin and back and trimmed with a cute little candy coloured bow and a silver Lovehoney charm on each side. This is so pretty and is the kind of thing I look for in a piece of lingerie. I have to say the straps are not the most supportive, it’s a good job the front of the Spoil Me Chemise is built the way it is as otherwise the support would be lacking. Thankfully this isn’t the case. Although it feels strange at first the racer back isn’t uncomfortable and I love how it looks. It’s elegant looking. 20170113_185936

Boudoir Feel

Underneath the cups there is a small cut out where the chemise fastens. This is a nice detail and allows a slight flash of flesh. On the base hem, there is a triangular black lace detail trimmed with a candy coloured satin bow. This adds to the boudoir feel of Spoil Me and again this ticks all my boxes. The suspenders are black and a great length, though fully adjustable. They are nice and wide at the rubber clips and this makes for fuss free fastening. The clips are trimmed with candy coloured ribbon tying in beautifully with the rest of the Spoil Me Chemise.

Lovehoney have included a little candy pink satin G String to complete the look. I do wish occasionally with the plus size variation of some of these outfits we could see a more substantial knicker.

Hollywood Glamour

The fit is great on the Spoil Me Chemise. The length is good for me, with the hem sitting on my thigh and it’s extremely flattering for my figure. I feel almost Hollywood glamourous when wearing my Spoil Me Chemise. I’m not sure if this is the beautiful colour, the decadent combo of lace and satin or just the cut but it makes me feel like a 50’s starlet when wearing it. 20170113_185712

I teamed my Spoil Me Chemise with black plain top back-seamed stockings and LOVED the look. It’s extremely sexy and it makes me want to purr. However, I don’t think I would attempt to wear Spoil Me under everyday clothes as I do some of my lingerie. This one feels like purely a bedroom look.

In Summary

Spoil Me Chemise is hand wash only and should you look after it properly this luxurious looking lingerie will last years. Mr Snatch absolutely loves the Spoil Me Chemise. I had promised I wouldn’t buy anymore lingerie but when he saw it and I asked him if he was mad his reply was “how can I be mad when you look like that?”

The Spoil Me Chemise is priced at £29.99 and is available in both a plus size and base size variation from Lovehoney.  This is a corking price for such a gorgeous item of lingerie. I love the Spoil Me Chemise, if a piece of lingerie embodied my inner boudoir diva this would probably be it.


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