Although I love lingerie one type I tend to avoid is body stockings. I don’t feel like they are particularly flattering for a larger woman and I’ve never had the confidence to wear one.

However when browsing on Lovehoney I saw a plus size body stocking I just knew Mr Snatch would love. The Lovehoney Plus Size All in One Sheer Dress and Stockings Set is a sort of body stocking/mini dress combined.

Figuring Out How To Get It On

When my Lovehoney All in One Sheer Dress and Stockings Set arrived in what looked like a stocking packet I was initially very sceptical about fit. Upon opening it this became absolutely convinced it wouldn’t fit. It looked absolutely teeny. 20161206_205029

Because the Lovehoney All in One Dress and Stockings is sheer it has a crazy degree of stretch to it. Gently unfolding the black mini dress set I was impressed by the strength of the material. It’s not as delicate as stockings but is just as sexy. 20161206_205056

If I’m being honest it took me a few minutes to figure out how best to get into the Lovehoney All in One Sheer Dress and Stockings set. There are three poppers to fasten the halter neck and the entire stocking literally is “step in and pull up”. This is where the stretch comes into play. Gently pulling the stockings up as you would normal stockings you can then just wriggle the dress up over your hips and fasten behind your neck.

Short And Sheer

The dress is deliciously short and I opted for no underwear under it for maximum effect. The hem of the dress skims the bottom of my arse and I feel very sexy as I survey my reflection. The suspenders are thick sheer bands of lace and are very soft and stretchy. They sit wide and comfortably on my thighs. 20161206_205217

The top of the dress is slightly see through as the sheer material strains to take the weight of my boobs. Although there is absolutely no support to the Lovehoney All in One Sheer Dress and Stockings set my fears proved unfounded. Seeing the dark outline of my nipples through the top of the dress I’m actually glad it’s so flimsy. 20161206_205117

The halter neck has lace trim and a lace collar. Although the halter neck is high and covers my cleavage I found it very easy to pull the flimsy material in between my boobs allowing perfect access and to take a few teasing pictures to hasten Mr Snatch’s way through the traffic. 20161206_204703

Quick Change

The beauty of the Lovehoney Plus Size All in One Sheer Dress and Stockings Set is it’s so easy! Instead of messing around with hooks and eye fastenings and suspenders and stockings it literally just pulls straight on in seconds. Creating a full sexy outfit with the greatest of ease.20161206_205132

I’m not sure how long The Lovehoney Plus Size All in One Dress and Stockings Set will last as despite how tough the material feels compared to normal stockings sheer items always have a limited life. I’d imagine with careful handwashing and some TLC you should get a fair few wears out of The Sheer All in One Dress and Stockings set.20161206_205158

However, if you love really rough sex and want to have your lingerie torn off you this is a brilliant option, cost effective and much easier to rip than regular lingerie.

Our Verdict

It would be fair to say Mr Snatch loved my Sheer All in One Dress. He loved the easy access and it meant I could keep it on throughout play.

Despite my concerns about it being unflattering I loved the lines of the Lovehoney All in One Sheer Dress and Stocking Set. It created a really flattering curvy silhouette and covered up everything I’d rather not show. I teamed mine with killer heels for a proper sex kitten finish.

I’ve totally changed my mind regarding body stockings and all in ones. They can be flattering and sexy no matter what the size.

My only improvement to the Lovehoney Plus Size All in One Sheer Dress and Stockings set would possibly be some light support for those of us with bigger boobs.

You can buy the Lovehoney Plus Size All in One Sheer Dress and Stockings set for £16.99 and other gorgeous All in Ones and body stockings of equally reasonable prices at Lovehoney

I will definitely be buying more of these to add to my ever-growing lingerie collection.


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