Indulgence is defined by the dictionary as a synonym of satisfaction, gratification, satiation, or fulfilment. This explains why the new Lovehoney Lingerie range is named Indulge Me.

Lovehoney is a beautiful range of lingerie from the geniuses at Lovehoney. Coming in both base and plus sizes the various ranges are both beautiful and comfortable, whilst never sacrificing the style and sensuality found in quality lingerie.

Indulge Me is a stunning collection of damson coloured outfits to suit all tastes and sizes. I fell in love with the Indulge Me Basque as soon as I saw it and it accidentally jumped into my basket before I could stop it. Well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

A Classy Colour

Arriving in the usual super speedy fashion and discrete packaging I was seriously excited to receive my Indulge Me items. Opening the box, I was struck by how sophisticated the damson colouring was. The Indulge Me Basque even looked classy in the packaging. 20161112_164910

The Indulge Me Basque is a long line lightly boned Basque. The front of the Basque has an hourglass panel of damson lace overlaying the satin of the main body. This creates a flattering contoured silhouette and is enhanced by the satin cased boning running down the outside of the Basque.

Vintage Styling

The floral damson lace gives a real vintage feel to the Indulge Me collection. It adds a real feeling of quality and high end styling.20161112_164838

There is no trim to the bottom of the Indulge Me Basque and to be honest it doesn’t need one. The four detachable suspenders are fully adjustable and gorgeously trimmed with rose gold adjusters and fastening clasp which please me aesthetically. The suspenders are the usual rubber fastening ones, these are slightly smaller than the ones on the Seduce Me range but are still easier to fasten than many suspenders. 20161112_164741

Because the suspenders detach you can opt to wear hold ups or no hosiery with the Indulge Me Basque. I prefer to team it with plain top nude back seamed stockings as it compliments the subtle class of the Basque and adds to the vintage look. 20161112_163255

Flattering And Supportive

The cups are moulded and overlaid with damson lace. One of my favourite points about the Indulge Me Basque is the support given by the cups and straps. This Basque makes my boobs look incredible. There are two diagonal high apex straps starting at the centre of the cups and running over your boobs and up to your shoulders. These frame your cleavage in a cage effect20161112_164625

The underwiring to the cups is housed in the same damson satin as the boning and this gives it a lovely finish. The actual shoulder straps to the Indulge Me Basque are thinner than I hoped they would be and yet they are supportive. They don’t cut into my skin and alongside the cleavage straps add a modern cage look to the vintage glamour of the Indulge Me Basque. The adjusters are rose gold to match the rest of the detailing.20161112_164651

Between the cups sits a tiny delicate little Lovehoney charm in rose gold. This is beautiful and part of the little things which make the Indulge Me Basque special. The back of the Indulge Me Basque is fastened by hook and eye fasteners and there are three rows making it incredibly adjustable. 20161112_164558

Do G Strings Even Have A Crotch?

Lovehoney included a damson lace crotchless G String with the Indulge Me Basque, this compliments the outfit beautifully and the lace is a lovely touch. I’m not sure why this is crotchless as its barely there anyway and doesn’t require an open crotch.20161112_164503

 I would love it if lingerie designers would occasionally include a fuller knicker with their sets as not everyone is comfortable in the barest G String and I often swap the plain ones out for my own knickers to match the colour of the outfit. However, I would wear the Indulge Me G String as it does finish the look.

The Lovehoney Indulge Me Basque is hand wash only and like all boned lingerie should be hung to store or stored flat to avoid warping the boning.

Sophisticated Sexiness

So, what is it like to wear? Honestly it is very comfortable and easily the most flattering item I own. The lift is superb and the high apex straps frame my boobs in a way that made even me keep looking at them. Mr Snatch was stunned when he saw the Indulge Me Basque on me and I think I’m going to save this outfit for a special occasion as we both love it so much.20161112_163315

The Indulge Me Basque manages to combine a kind of quiet class with overt sexuality to make a captivating outfit. The long lines of the Basque cover anything I’m not happy to have on show and I was excited to see my corset training paying off as the bones dipped into my newly found waist.

What’s The Verdict?

If you would love to wear lingerie but are nervous of where to start or how you’ll look the Indulge Me Basque is a perfect starting point. It’s supremely flattering and wearable and I will be wearing mine underneath my everyday clothes. Available in both base and plus size ladies of all shapes will find this a joy to wear.

Lovehoney currently selling the Indulge Me Basque at £44.99 which is the most expensive item in the range. I felt this was a small price to pay to own such a gorgeous piece of lingerie. However, if you can’t justify this price there are plenty of other Indulge Me items in the collection which will damage your bank balance less.

You can find the Indulge Me collection at Lovehoney I know I will be adding other Indulge Me Items to my collection as I’m genuinely taken with this beautiful collection.


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