Sex furniture is under appreciated in my opinion. Basically a term for hard and soft furnishings designed for use during sex, there are a wide range of products to meet every need . The importance of positioning during sex can’t be over estimated. It makes all the difference to the level of internal stimulation achieved and injects variety and excitement into even the most stale sex life.

Flexibility can be an issue for some people and sex furniture is a great way to work around this and still enjoy an active sex life when suffering with mobility or back problems. Not to mention the total kink factor involved in using a furnishing made purely for the purposes of fucking.


I was asked by Cara Sutra  to review a Liberator Black Label Wedge for Velvet Fleurs and to be honest I wasn’t sure what to expect with this being my first try of a Liberator product. I was totally sold and will be looking to add other Liberator items to my collection. One of my favourite things about The Liberator Black Label Wedge is its total versatility. The options and variations using the Wedge introduces to sex are endless and it really would liven up any bedroom. I loved the Liberator Black Label Wedge and rated it 10/10.

My review can be found on Cara Sutra  at the link below.

Liberator Black Label Wedge Review



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