Hot Octopuss Queen Bee Review


When I saw the Hot Octopuss Pulse I was gripped with intense jealousy. The sexy oscillation of the pulse plate made my insides tighten with anticipation of how good that must feel. I had the worse cock envy I’ve ever had.

At Eroticon I saw the Queen Bee for the first time. Hot Octopuss were sponsoring and they had the prototype model there for delegates to look at. I was hypnotised by the unusual feeling of the plate and couldn’t imagine how it would feel intimately.

When I arrived home recently to find Hot Octopuss had sent me the Queen Bee to review I was over the moon, and excited. I couldn’t wait to finally get to play with my own version of the Pulse.

Simple and Classic

The packaging of the Queen Bee is simple and classic. A nice dark grey box sporting a picture of the Queen Bee itself. You’d struggle to guess the intended use of the contents. It looks expensive and screams quality.

Inside the box was a plastic tray containing the Queen Bee, a charging cable and a storage bag. I was pleased to note the storage bag. For premium toys I think this should be a standard.

Describing the look of the Queen Bee is difficult. The best way to describe it would be like a bald hairbrush, or a small paddle, possibly a microphone maybe? The pulse plate is oval shaped and domed on either side. This leads to a solid thick handle.

Measuring 9.5 inches in length and 3 inches across the Queen Bee is a substantial bit of kit. It’s quite weighty as well. This adds to the solid feel of it.

Sticky and Grabby

The Queen Bee is made from TPE, this surprises me as I’d expect silicone from a product with this heavy a price tag. The TPE is phthalate-free which is good news and contains no latex but it’s not fully non-porous.

Ok, the Queen Bee isn’t designed for internal use which does reduce the importance here, but it will make good cleaning extremely important. My personal preference would be to see at least the plate side of the head covered in silicone. I get very wet and often squirt. This will be covered in bodily fluids regularly.

The TPE is sticky and grabby, the matt surface feels tacky to the touch and very soft. It’s unusual and I find myself slightly fascinated by it. Initially I felt like I would need a lot of lube to use the Queen Bee. But later, exploring the toy during use found I preferred the friction created with none.

Easy Controls

The Queen Bee is USB rechargeable and the cable is a magnet connection. The charge point is on the base of the control panel and is made up of two metal lines. The charge paddle sits over it and attracts to the terminals. It’s good advice to charge the Queen Bee fully before the first use.

The control panel hosts four buttons. These consist of a power button, a mode button, and a +/- to increase or decrease intensity. There are six patterns including a steady setting.  This is important because I found the patterns were no good for me whatsoever. The buttons are easy to use and changing setting during use is no problem.

Loud but Powerful Oscillation

The first thing I notice about the Hot Octopuss Queen Bee is the noise. Wowee this bad boy is loud. The pulse plate is operated by a piston mechanism and this generates a lot of power and a lot of noise to boot. So just like the beloved Doxy this isn’t going to be a toy which you can use discretely. For me this means it’ll be when I have an empty house. Sad face as this is quite rare.

I can’t help but be in awe of the oscillation on the pulse plate. It looks tantalising and as I switch the power levels up and down I’m oohing and ahhing all over the shop. The patterns are all the usual mixture of juddering pulses and I’m sure for some people this feels great.

I was so excited to try the Hot Octopuss Queen Bee that the minute my kids left for school the next morning I raced to the bedroom and prepared for some fun. As I said earlier, the drag from the TPE made me assume I needed lube so I coated the Queen Bee pulse plate in water based lube and switched it on.

Tapping Sensation

Holding it against my clit I was stunned to feel what can only be described as like a tapping sensation. It is very distinct and unique, I can honestly say I’ve never used another toy quite like this. I started played with the pattern settings and found that although the Queen Bee felt good it didn’t quite reach the pleasure level needed to orgasm.

Initially this was disappointing, but I’ve learnt from my time as a toy reviewer that sometimes changing the tiniest thing makes a dramatic difference. Looking at the Queen Bee I decided the lube was acting as a buffer. Much as it does with the Doxy and Satisfyers. I wiped the Pulse Plate clean and laid back again.

Massaging Pleasure

This time I started with a steady setting and cranked the intensity to half way. The thick handle of the Queen Bee allows you to really get a good grip and I started to gently circle the head against my clit. This felt completely different. The tacky surface of the TPE kind of grabs my clit and the oscillation massages it in a delicious way. The tapping feels more constant once I remove the lubrication.

This time I can feel the pleasure building in a familiar way and know I’ll cum. I turned the power up further and reached down to part my labia. Placing the pulse plate directly against my clit with a fair bit of pressure, allowing my labia to kind of hug the plate. Wow. This was how I needed it. This was amazing.

Strong Intense Orgasm

The tapping becomes blurred as my climax approaches and it seems to feel like one constant oscillation as I tip over into a strong and intense orgasm. If used right the Queen Bee is a knock out. I’ve found now I know how the Queen Bee works for me it’s a reliable source of powerful orgasm.

The Queen Bee is water-proof which means you can safely use it in the bath or shower. But beware the bathroom echo makes the Queen Bee sound even louder. It also means you can give it a damn good clean, which is important given the material.

In Summary

I suppose the main message of this review is just because something doesn’t work straight away how you expect, its often worth experimenting to try and find a different way.

I do really love the Hot Octopuss Queen Bee. It looks stylish and clever and feels amazing. But there are some slight issues. The noise level reduces the Bee’s usability which is a shame. The sensations need some experimentation to nail down the best way of using it for everyone. I have quite a sensitive clit and can cum relatively easy, so I imagine someone with less sensitivity will find it harder to climax.

You can buy the Queen Bee for £119.00 from Hot Octopuss.

Thank you so much to the awesome people at Hot Octopuss for sending me the Queen Bee to review. This item was sent free of charge and in exchange for an honest and impartial review.


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