Being a sucker for all things girly and sparkly when I saw The Gleam Adam Dildo I knew it was a must have addition to my toy box.

Godemiche are a UK-based company which specialises in uniquely coloured handmade silicone toys. They have a wide spectrum of beautiful colours and unique bi-colour schemes.

Stunning Colourways

I was torn by noticing the Galaxy once I got to the website but remembering the picture that had hooked me I opted for my original choice of the Gleam Adam Dildo.

The Gleam is a collaboration between Godemiche and clothing company Yummy Gummy Latex, who inspired the colour scheme.


My Gleam arrived in super quick time just a couple of days from ordering, in a nice discreet parcel which would never have given away the contents.

Rose Gold Glitter

Inside nestled in a plastic bag was probably the prettiest dildo I’ve ever seen. I genuinely gasped when I lifted it out of the box and into the light.

The Gleam is a beautiful grown-up pink colour, not a bubblegum pink but a sophisticated dusky pink which reminds me of vintage roses.

Embedded in the silicone is a super sparkly rose-gold glitter. It truly is a thing of beauty as the glitter catches the light and sends sparkling twinkles flashing off The Gleam.

 Chunky Silicone

I was surprised by the weight, it was a serious chunk of silicone with a nice heavy wide base which will mean I can use it for anal play too.

This base also means The Gleam should be compatible with most harnesses and does indeed fit mine. My Gleam was the 6 inch variety but for those who need a real stretch there is an 8 inch version too. Both lengths come in a girthy circumference of 5.5 inches.

Amazing Girth

Even in my hand The Gleam looks thick and as I appreciatively stroked my hand down it I was surprised to find it felt similar to stroking my man in terms of size and I liked the familiarity.

The Gleam is a conventional shaped dildo, generally appearing like a sparkly pink cock. It has an impressively large head and a prominent collar where it meets the shaft, which made me wonder what it would feel like for thrusting.


The silicone was smooth to touch and as I handled it I made a mental note to use lots of lube as I could imagine the Gleam producing plenty of friction. Godemiche recommend using a water based lubricant with their toys to avoid damage to them.


The real beauty behind Godemiche products is their commitment to body safety. All their silicone is non porous, meaning it won’t harbour nasty bacteria. Both the silicone and colour pigments used are FDA approved.

This is a real peace of mind and alongside knowing I’m not putting harmful chemicals inside my body, I am also safe in the knowledge it’s not going to give me a bad reaction or melt in my toy box, potentially ruining other much-loved toys.

Fiddly Cleaning

Cleaning The Gleam Adam Dildo should be a doddle as it can be washed in boiling water, using a toy cleaner or even washed in a dishwasher (minus the detergent) apparently.

However my experience of this was slightly different. The design of The Gleam contains two features which required more attention during cleaning. Firstly that deep collar between the head and shaft is such a deep groove it just collects lube and bodily fluids like it’s life depends on it. I found using a cotton bud was a great way to really get this space clean.

Secondly the dent in the tip of the head which admittedly adds realism. But it is a pink sparkly dick so I’m not too bothered about realism. It’s fair to say I wouldn’t miss it if this feature wasn’t there and it would certainly make cleaning easier as it’s a narrow little space to get into.


Using The Gleam

Time to test my sparkly new plaything. I grabbed my lube and squeezed a healthy splodge onto the tip and smoothed my hand over that nice big head and over the thick length.

It would be fair to say I lubed The Gleam longer than I needed to. But I was enjoying sliding my hand back and forth over the length. It was sexy even in preparation. Laying back, I gently eased The Gleam inside me. Gasping as the wide head forced its way into my stretching folds. That deep collar rubbing against me.

Satisfying Sensation

Once the tip was inside me it was almost impossible not to thrust The Gleam deep inside frantically. I was right about the friction and it was so good. That width was delicious and the length was perfect for me. Long enough to hit the spot. Not so long it was uncomfortable as I aggressively fucked myself.

I found that although The Gleam wasn’t the right shape for rubbing my G Spot whilst I was laid on the bed. I could achieve this by either using my Liberator Wedge or by getting on my hands and knees.

Delicious Experience

However even without the G Spot stimulation it is still a delicious experience to be fucked by The Gleam. I came easily using The Gleam on its own and even easier when I combined it with some clit stimulation.

As I came for the first time I found it so satisfying to feel my hungry cunt contract tightly around The Gleam’s thick length. I found using The Gleam Adam Dildo whilst wearing a plug exceptionally tight. This was amazing. I can’t wait to let my man play with me with this particular dildo for some DP fun.


I really love The Gleam Adam Dildo. The visual aspect is fantastic. And I adore the deep filling sensation you get when fucking The Gleam. Godemiche have recently launched a G Spot Dildo called The Ambit. I’ve already decided I will be adding one of these to my toy box as soon as I can.

In Summary

If you enjoy dildo play you definitely need to check Godemiche out. They are shocking value for money given that they are handmade silicone. The Adam design comes in a vast range of colour schemes. So, if rose gold glitter isn’t your thing don’t allow this to put you off.

The Gleam Adam Dildo is a perfect dildo for those that love that “filled up” feeling. But like a more unique look to their toys. I give The Gleam a whopping 9/10, only missing a ten due to the fiddly cleaning.

You can find The Gleam Adam Dildo at Godemiche priced £30 for 6 inch or £40 for 8 inch.


Godemiche Adam Gleam Dildo
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  1. I love my Godemiche Adam – its a wicked beast of dildo and that head is quite something. I find I need to use lots of lube but its worth it. Cleaning I agree is a pain there is also the little G stamp on the shaft near the base that needs to be given attention. But it’s made it to my top 10 without any trouble, I’m glad I bought it a while ago from a store in Australia.


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