I adore my Godemiche Gleam dildo but when using it I really wish it had more of a curve to it. So, you can imagine my delight when I saw Godemiche had released a sparkly version of the Ambit. The Effulgence had such glorious colours. This had to be mine. IMG_20161216_155621

I selected my Ambit Effulgence in Magenta, which was a dark pinky colour. Using the Godemiche website is super simple and customisation possibilities are huge. One of the toughest decisions I had to make was how I wanted my Ambit.  Effulgence is available in 11 different colours, with or without a suction cup and with or without vibration.

Jewel-like Brilliance

Godemiche specialise in hand poured silicone dildos. You can choose from a huge selection of colours including the more unusual colour mixes like Galaxy. Because my Gleam was glittery I wanted the Ambit to match. 20170113_181420

When Ambit Effulgence arrived, I was beyond pleased. It was a very quick turn around given that my Ambit was made after I ordered. The silicone is soft and smooth to touch. What really makes Ambit Effulgence stunning is the colour. The dark jewel like Magenta tones flecked through with the most gorgeous light reflective glitter. Effulgence means brilliant radiance and this couldn’t be better defined than by the beautiful dildo that sat in my hands.20170113_181239

The Importance of Curve

Ambit is slightly less girthy than Adam. I really do adore the girth of Adam but at times it can feel a little much. The real selling point of Ambit to me was the curve. It has an absolutely delicious curve to the shaft. The head is smaller and flatter than Adam but perfect for G Spot stimulation. It’s wide, flat and curved to really assist in getting those hard to reach spots.20170113_181356

Ambit has a nice wide base and this makes it ideal for P Spot play too should you wish to try that and safe for any anal use. Wide bases don’t travel remember folks. You can have Ambit bullet compatible if you wish at the point of ordering to add an extra dimension. I opted not to as I enjoy dildos purely for penetration.

Effulgence Vs Gleam

So how does Ambit compare against my beloved Gleam? Slicking a coating of water based lube (silicone lube isn’t compatible with silicone toys remember?) across the silicone it was time to find out. 20170113_181321

One of the things I love most about Adam is the slight struggle to penetrate. Even with lube there’s always that delicious moment of making it fit. Ambit is nowhere near as thick and slides straight inside however it is certainly girthy enough to induce a deep moan as it slides inside.

Perfect Friction

The curve on Ambit could have been custom made for my body. It literally slid straight against my G spot. The silicone feels amazing rubbing against my insides and has perfect grab for friction. It’s fair to say the effect Ambit had on me was immediately apparent, within a few minutes I’d had a very strong orgasm and was lying in a puddle. 20170113_181337

The Ambit Effulgence feels amazing for thrusting. Its girth is perfect to make you feel well filled without uncomfortable and I found I could use Ambit for a prolonged period with no soreness. I find Effulgence has quite a realistic feeling during penetration despite its look. If I lay back and close my eyes it feels simply like the best sex I ever had. I very much enjoy my other half using both my Godemiche dildos on me during play as an additional element of stimulation.


Ambit, like all Godemiche products is made from pure silicone. It’s completely body safe and very washable. Ambit Effulgence is 5.6 inches from base to tip which is a great size. Although i opted not to have a suction cup base on my Effulgence I regretted this after I’d used it a few times. Godemiche dildos have such a good strength to the body that I imagine backing onto one would feel amazing. This will join my must have list. 20170113_181224

Effulgence is great for harness play, given the P/G Spot angle and nice wide base you should find this a very comfortable dildo for strap on fun. Being a handsome lump of silicone it’s fully waterproof and so can be used in the bath or shower.

In Summary

One of my very minor complaints about the Ambit Effulgence is how it loves to grab every bit of fluff and lint it meets. This is the price you pay for that wonderful friction however it can be a nightmare when you pop it on the bed. 20170113_181435

Given that each Godemiche Ambit is hand made to a very high quality I also think the price is fantastic. A standard Effulgence will set you back just £35. Add a suction cup and it will cost you £40 and £47 if you opt for vibration.

Given its made entirely from silicone this is a great price, if looked after well your Ambit Effulgence will last year’s.  I can’t emphasis strongly enough how much I enjoy my Godemiche products and if you’re looking for a stunning, well made, orgasm inducing dildo then I suggest you take a look at Godemiche.