I’ve never tried a vibrating anal toy so when the lovely folks at FT London offered me the chance to review the G Plug I was so excited. FT London are the makers of the brilliant G Vibe and so I had high expectations of the G Plug.

When my G Plug arrived, FT London had included the G Ring with it. This can be used in conjunction with the G Plug, I’ll explain more about this later. The G Plug comes in a similar cylindrical container to the G Vibe. I really love the drawings on the FT London packaging. The tube had a sketch of what looks like an orchid on it, along with a picture of the G Plug.

The G Plug

I opted to have a pink G Plug but it comes in a lovely deep blue as well. It also comes in two sizes, small and large. I opted for a small which has a diameter of 3 cm, the large measures 3.9cm. Being vibrating the G Plug requires power, it’s USB rechargeable and comes with a magnetic charge cable.

This connects to the two little metal dots on the base of the G Plug. The magnetic connection is super easy and strong, meaning it doesn’t keep disconnecting. It’s advisable to charge the G Plug fully before first use. This took around 2 hours which is nice and quick.

Safe, Wide Base

Ok, so once I was fully charged I had a good look at my G Plug. It’s a good small size, the bulb is nice and wide tapering down to a blunt point for insertion. A narrow neck leads to a wide thick base. I’m happy to see that chunky little base, I simply won’t use a butt plug or anal toy without a significant flared base. Anal toys require this as a safety feature.

The anal passage has a habit of drawing objects inserted into it deeper than intended. This anal vacuum effect can easily pull objects without a flared base inside you. This can result in an embarrassing visit to the A&E to have it removed. For the sake of sparing your blushes, and your general well-being it’s always best to use anal toys with a wide base.

Vibrations and Control

As well as the charge points the base is where the power button is situated. To switch the G Plug on you press the button and the plug springs to life. There are 6 settings, including steady vibration intensities and pattern settings. These are varying in strength and feel nice in my hand. I can’t help but wonder how that will feel inside me.

To switch the G Plug off you must scroll through all 6 settings. It would be nice if there was a way to switch it off more rapidly but this is a minor issue. The G Plug is made of body safe buttery soft silicone. It feels amazing to touch and the colour is gorgeous.

Superbly Comfortable

Because the G Plug is made of silicone you will need lube for insertion. Make sure this is water based lube as silicone lube will damage silicone toys. I found just a small amount was perfectly sufficient to create a wonderful glide on the silky surface of the G Plug and insertion was a dream.

The size of the G Plug makes it very comfortable to wear. The wide bulb keeps it locked into place and I didn’t have any problems with it slipping out. Equally the base was wide enough that I was completely confident in its safety. Sometimes with wide bases you can find they dig in a bit, between your cheeks. However, I didn’t feel this at all with the G Plug.

Remote Control

Reaching back, I switched the G Plug on and gasped as it burst into life inside me. The stimulation was delicious! The vibration was strong and travelled through me. I found this extremely arousing. Wearing the G Plug whilst stimulating myself clitorally was amazing. Even more so when I used the G Ring to do this as I could use it to change the settings on the plug.

That’s right, the G Ring is not just a cute little finger vibe. It also acts as a remote control for the G Plug. You can activate this by pressing and holding the power button on the G Plug for two seconds. The LED will start flashing. This means the G Plug is in remote mode. Then when you press the + button on the G Ring it will control the plug.

Giving Him Control

This is such a clever trick it’s unreal. This enables either my partner to change the settings whilst I’m wearing the G Plug. Giving him more control over my submission, or me to change settings easily whilst wearing it. Having the setting change whilst I’m not expecting it feels great. An added frisson to an already fantastic feeling.

Using the G Ring as a control means it’s easy to use this to stimulate your clit whilst the G Plug does its thing in your arse. You can change the settings easily via the ring as it sits on your finger. You can alter the intensity to suit your arousal at the press of a button. The G Ring has three buttons, one to increase intensity, one to decrease and one to change setting. This makes controlling the G Plug easier using the G Ring than it is just using the button on the plug itself. 

Super Strong Orgasm

I usually find when I cum wearing a plug it’s much stronger than without, this just amplified this ten-fold. The vibration pattern seemed to become more noticeable as I got closer to orgasm, as I came I felt the pattern travel all the way through my arse and because the pattern was echoed on my clit it was a surreal full body feeling. I was left fully shook by the intensity and wondering why I’d waited for so long to try a vibrating plug!

Washing the G Plug is easy, especially as it’s totally water-proof. You can use toy cleaner or just hot water and antibacterial soap. Being water-proof means G Plug can be worn in the bath or shower for even more added sensation.

The G Plug and G Ring are both nice and discreet. The volume of both even at full power couldn’t be heard through my bedroom door. I’d like to experiment to see if the G Plug is quiet enough to wear in public at some point. G Plug comes with it’s own little storage bag, which is a nice touch.

In Summary

I really enjoyed using the G Plug and love the G Ring as a control. If you are going to invest in a G Plug I heartily recommend buying the G Ring to accompany it. This is especially great for a D/s relationship. There is an element of power exchange in letting someone control your toy which is so exciting.

Thank you to FT London for sending me the brilliant G Plug free of charge in exchange for an honest impartial review.